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Another Trophy for the Celtics!


Who needs another O'Brien trophy? The Celtics were just named the 2009 Professional Sports Team of the Year by the SportsBusiness Journal and SportsBusiness Daily.

Playing to 100 percent capacity at the 18,624-seat TD Banknorth Garden,
the Boston Celtics set a record for attendance. The team also doubled
its full-season ticket base to more than 10,000 in one of the country’s
most competitive sports markets. All of this, plus the addition of
Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, culminated in a return to glory, and the
Celtics’ 17th NBA championship.

Suck on that, Cleveland and Los Angeles.

Speaking of Cleveland, the Cavs came thisclose to blowing a 22-point lead last night against the Magic. But it was LeBron's all-around domination that held off Orlando in the 4th. What was the common denominator in both the Lakers and Cavs wins in Game 5? Their superstars passed the ball, while the role players made big shots (Boobie Gibson still plays for the Cavs?).

Danny Ainge is watching rookies work-out at the pre-draft camp in Chicago. The Celtics might not even use their 58th selection:

“We might have to use that slot on a free agent this summer,” said Ainge.

The Celtics don’t need to get younger. With a number of intriguing
players about to hit free agency, they need veteran help. They also
have one of two second round picks from last year – Turkish center
Semih Erden – under contract in Turkey for one more season before he is
eligible to make a stateside move.

It looks as if Philly is taking their time interviewing candidates for their head coaching job, keeping Tom Thibodeau on ice.

After the jump….some love for the Cavs dancers.


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  • I do have to say we have the best fans in the NBA.

  • I take that back…we have the best fans in the WORLD. It’s pretty sad that the Quicken Loan’s arena’s p.a. guy has to play a “defense” computerized voice to get the crowd going. And don’t even get me started about Staples Center-those people are about as lively as the Heaven’s Gate mansion.

  • Im not a lebron hater, but am I the only one that thought his performance was just drastically overrated? they kept slurping over it, but helllooo, if you actually watch the damn game, it would be harder for him not to get the stats he got, the ball is in his hands the entire damn game, the guy he passes to shoots or he charges the lane scores and if not, gets a phantom foul everyyy single time. im sick of hearing about it being the greatest performance ever, quite frankly I cant even believe people would say that. its embarrasing.
    even barkley was sitting up there saying hes never seen anything like it! lmao! a guy who played against michael jordan?
    this is how you know how dumb barkley is
    Game 5 of the 1993 western conference finals
    barkley: 43 pts/10asts/15 rebounds
    really chuck, never seen anything like it huh?

  • I have to agree. Went to the Staples Center for the first time ever this year. Their crowd is one of the weakest I have ever seen.

  • Chuckle. The people who care more about obsessing over some obscure bum than the Celtics winning will just explode when they read that quote from Ainge about the draft.

  • I don’t like the fact the Lebron has been crying alot this series, but I regretfully admit that he just made the Magic look bad during the 4th quarter. They had 3 guys on him in the paint and he muscled right through them.

  • Yeah, The Garden is louder for “Toy Story On Ice” than Staples is for the WCF and last year’s Finals.

  • I dont like the fact that ainge isnt looking for any help through the draft if i was him i would be looking to trade and get rid of all of the players left on our bench with the exception of baby, powe, house, and scal
    the guys on our bench haven’t proven anything, i don’t believe they can get the job done

  • Actually, I LOVE the fact Ainge isn’t going to eff around with the draft. Our bench is suspect-heavy as it is. We need veterans to make a run next year, not draft picks that other people would have passed on, anyway: See Giddens, J.R.

  • As good as he supposedly played, I thought lebrons play in the 4th quarter was ugly, stand in the middle of the floor for the duration of the shot clock, step back and take a jumper, drive and kick, or drive and get a whistle blown if he so happens to miss
    The gushing over him scoring or assisting on 32 straight pts is somewhat laughable, it would be literally impossible for him not to do that! when the balls in his hands, and hes either shooting, running the clock down and passing to a shooter…um, why is this stat so suprising to the announcers? lol

  • with the exception of baby, powe, house and scal? isnt that basically our entire bench? lol
    first of all, powe = bad idea
    secondly, its hard to trade players nobody wants

  • Ihavetoagree

    im a lakers fan and i have to agree…the people in there does not scream for crap…they waste their money to go there and sit. At least give the seats to die hard fans who will scream.

  • Joseph

    ahhh, and who gives a sh*t about this trophy? Lets face it Suckdic fans. We are losers!!! Our team played like sh*t in the playoffs and weren’t hungry all year. Who cares about this trophy?

  • Eggs-ACT-ly!!

  • Shawn-cvd

    At our expense Magic are on the cusp of advancing to the NBA Finals. You think they would give the Cavs as much trouble if the C’s had “played like sh*t” ?