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Look Who Showed Up

Chuck - Red's Army May 28, 2009 Uncategorized 10 Comments on Look Who Showed Up


Every now and then you get that wow-this-guy-could-be-really-good performance from Lamar Odom and last night was the night.

Give the Lakers credit – they played defense (12 blocked shots, Denver shot 38%) and Kobe (8 assists) passed the ball to guys who made plays (Odom 19 pts, Ariza 12 pts, Fisher 12 pts).

Denver may have enough to win Game 6 at home, but I can't imagine them taking a Game 7 in LA.

Referees are taking a beating for their performance in the playoffs, and rightfully so. The league office isn't doing them any favors by over-turning their calls or non-calls.

Here's a list of the most recent calls made by Stu Jackson and co.:

The goal is to "get it right," but the league is going overboard with these reversals. And how can a player (Jones) get a flagrant foul when a foul was never called on the play? What's next? Giving technicals after the game?

In defense of the refs, it's been a rough and tumble playoff season. We've seen Howard elbow Dalembert, Rondo slap Brad Miller and squaredance with Kirk Hinrich, Derek Fisher forearm bash Luis Scola, Ron Artest vs Kobe Bryant, Dahntay Jones trip/push Kobe, and Anthony Johnson elbow Mo Williams to name a few.

Philly has interview Dallas assistant Dwane Casey for the second time for their head coaching job. I guess that's good news for anyone who wants Tom Thibedeau to stay with the Celtics.

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  • Yup, Lakers are clearly going to win it all…Denver had there chance to get a close out game on their floor and literally blew it, now they have pretty much no chance in my opinion.
    And as good as the magic are playing, I dont know if theyre actually ready to win the championship, or just get there, kinda like the 95 magic who just got there, and that was good enough.
    I dont know, unfortuantely my money would be on the lakers winning it all at this point. the sad part is they arent any better then they were last year, hell they might actually be worse…this denver team isnt anything special as far as im concerned and none of the teams left are even remotely good as last years celtics

  • Orb

    There should be a stat for guys who show up every OTHER game (lets get the Elias Sports Bureau on it). Odom would be in the hall of fame for that. No way he does anything in game 6, he shouldn’t even take up space on the jet. Then of course he’ll be good enough in 7 for the Lakers to take the series. Ugh. Then we’re guaranteed to have to see his stupid tongue-wag at least a few more times.

  • Hopefully we get to see Howard elbow Kobe too. lol..So are we going the DeVos’ Army route if the Nuggs get eliminated..?

  • Hopefully we see a howard elbow to kobe? I mean…really? no hopefully not, otherwise dwight will be suspended.
    By the way, besides chauncey billups, the nuggets are every bit as unlikable as the lakers, probably even more so…theyre just a dumb team with a bunch of dumb players…. rooting for them because they arent in laker laundry doesnt make sense…quite frankly I will be rooting for whoever comes out of the east…

  • Oh, and a huge reason the lakers won last night was because of the officials…..woo, whats new right? phil jackson whines about the officials, he does get fined but he also got what he wanted.
    Lakers got away with murder on nearly every possesion in the 4th quarter, nuggets getting called for touch fouls…I mean the NBA has a serious fucking problem with their blind rat officials

  • You forgot to call him a moron

  • Not sure if you’re being sarcastic but Denver is responsible for this loss. There were certainly bad calls (the sixth on Nene was terrible but this should teach him not to flop) and I actually think that offensive foul on Billups early in the game (with the knee) had a big effect. They had momentum and I think they could’ve pushed it up to a good lead if Billups stayed in the game.
    I do think the game was called differently on each end and the Lakers were allowed to be much more physical than Denver. Maybe this is why the Nuggets stopped attacking and settled for what seemed like jump shot after jump shot. I thought Billups chucked up a lot of bad shots as well which is discouraging because I look to him to be the team’s rock. I think this goes 7 but Denver needs to get back to attacking the rim like they did in game 4.

  • celt r pathetic

    you guys are stupid. lakers would have won in 4 if the calls were correct and in game 2 jealous that u losers are out of the playoff thats right ! u better wtach the lakers win bitchassnezz

  • So Intelligent. This is why I am convinced the average Laker fan’s IQ is about 6.

  • Joseph

    How pathetic are we Boston Suckdic fans. We’re cheering for Denver of all teams. This sucks. We should be in the finals, but of course, the Lakers would beat us in a 7 game series, even with KG. Speaking of KG, he’ll never be the same again. We’re done. It will be another long 22 years 🙁