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Bird vs LBJ

Chuck - Red's Army May 28, 2009 Uncategorized 32 Comments on Bird vs LBJ

Birdvslbj's Jess Camerato takes a quick look back at Larry Bird's 1986 season and compares his regular season numbers to LeBron James.

Larry Bird (1986)
Boston Celtics: 67-15 (won NBA Finals)
Points: 25.8
Rebounds: 9.8
Assists: 6.8
FG: 49.6%
3PG: 42.3%
FT: 89.6%
Steals: 2.0
Blocks: 0.6

LeBron James (2009)
Cleveland Cavaliers: 66-16 (down 3-1 in Eastern Conference Finals)
Points: 28.4
Rebounds: 7.6
Assists: 7.2
FG: 48.9%
3PG: 34.4%
FT: 78.0%
Steals: 1.7
Blocks: 1.1

Edge: Bird, 6-3

The Chosen One my ass. Bird was the best.

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  • My name’s John Karalis, and I approve this message

  • Chuck you completely ignore the fact that Lebron James is 24 years old and Larry Bird was 30 during that season. You also ignore the fact that Bird had a great supporting cast. Give Lebron Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, Dennis Johnson, Danny Ainge, and Bill Walton off the bench and see what happens.
    I’m not trying to say Lebron is better…. I’m just pointing out the many flaws in Chuck’s opinion. But hey, that’s just what I do.

  • Reason #236 why rocks: Blatant favoritism for the Boston Celtics and their players…lol..All BS aside, Bird and ‘Bron are 2 different players from two different eras. I feel it’s pretty clear that A)Bird is the better pure shooter/scorer and made his teammates better and B)Lebron is the better athlete, better at getting to the hoop and is cut from a Dominique Wilkins type of cloth.

  • Danno

    Lebron James is the single most overrated chump in all of professional sports.
    and it will be my complete pleasure to watch him, nad the band of misfit toys and other team’s table scraps who play with him Choke on National TV tonight.

  • G4L

    Man, Chuck cant catch a break with Tim. I think Chucks going to closeline him at the B-Ball game. FD you better show up in a Rip mask.
    I’m going to have to disagree with you Danno.. Lebron is as good as advertised in my eyes. He might check for blood everytime someone looks his way but he’s not even in his prime yet, and thats the scary part, he can still get better.

  • You are a tool, and anyone who thinks lebron is overrated is a tool.
    who said lebron was better then bird? noone

  • agreed..
    its homerism at its finest…theres a very good chance LBJ goes down as the best ever, period. to hold onto bird being better….what would you say if lebron was in celtic laundry….hmmm?

  • AMP

    I think the things you point out put Bird even more over the edge. Bird could do all that in his aged years with plenty of others to spread the wealth around.

  • Would be all for it. All superstars are “cry-babies” “hackers” etc if they aren’t playing for your favorite

  • If Lebron played in Bird’s era he would be terrible, because he would spend all his effort on crying to the officials when they didn’t call the bullshit fouls he gets in today’s game

  • G4L


  • This argument is flawed…so what would happen if Larry played in todays game? would he even be able to keep athletically?
    and the fact is, neither you nor I know how lebron would be in that era…if he grew up in that era, he couldve been a completly different person…and to be quite honest he wouldve dominated that era, absolutely noone wouldve been able to stop him, especially with the worse defensive schemes and defense in general

  • You just contradicted yourself there doc. “Neither you nor I know how lebron would be in that era”….”and to be quite honest he wouldve dominated that era.”
    To use your favorite phrase, “you’re a moron.”
    You’re argument is flawed. Lebron back then wouldn’t have been so big and strong because we didn’t know as much about nutrition and working out. And if he was that big, strong and fast, then he probably would have taking up boxing with Ohio celeb Boom Boom Mancini.
    So as you see, any argument is flawed when comparing athletes that are from different eras. But since you’re always right, Lebron would have dominated back then, but Kobe would have destroyed everyone, because Kobe is the greatest player ever.

  • Even though I don’t disagree with him on this one, their is nothing I love more than to see To the Ruins get shut down like that. What a jerk.

  • Based on this flawed argument, if Lebron had that team, his FG% would likely go up several points because he would have to take less shots. His assists would likely go up. HIs 3 Point % would go up. And certainly his regular season record would go way up. THe only thing that would go down would be points. That would give him the edge.
    But my main point is that you can’t judge players like this…. which is exactly what Chuck tried to do.
    Again, I’m not necessarily saying that Lebron is better. I’m just saying its not fair to judge at this point. Compare him to a 24 year old Bird.

  • Here’s a thought:
    Any all-time great NBA player would be great in any era. There’s no possible way a hall of famer isn’t going to be a hall of famer because those players have such an insane drive and desire, they’re ALWAYS going to be the best.
    So while I love being a C’s fan and saying Bird is better than ‘Bron… LeBron would still be fucking awesome in the 80’s… and Bird would still be fucking awesome now.

  • well said…well said.

  • G4L

    Haha!! Funny Stuff. I saw this one as I checked out that clip

  • wow!! G4L’s link is even funnier!! Awesome.

  • truth

    Larry Bird is God.


    Magic> Bird

  • Jp

    I just finished watching the cavs eek out the win tonight and it occurred to me how this cavs team might be the worst best team we’ve seen in a long while. They do not impress me at all right now. A while back I christened LeBron as the new best player, I have to rescind that comment. Though I am not sure who I would pick as the best player, LeBron (in my mind) has to raise his basketball IQ significantly before I am convinced. Jordan, Russell, Bird, Magic…these guys all had extra-ordinary basketball smarts. LeBron is clearly not there…yet. Until then, of course, he is still phenomenal to watch.

  • I like that fact that my favorite boxer of all time got a mention on Red’s Army. That is all I have to add to this discussion.

  • Tim…you make some good points. Quick question: How old were you during Bird’s prime – in the mid 80s?

  • Bird averaged close to 10 rebounds playing alongside two hall of fame big men. I’d say that makes his 9.8 rpg avg all the more impressive.

  • YeaH OKAY
    Lebron would be unstoppable in that era, thats my opininion…he would already be known as the greatest ever…yeah id just love to see larry defend lebron james…lmao

  • Jerk?
    And shut down? how so? ah yes, by telling me lebron wouldve been a boxer back then? so what if I said larry would be nothing other then a YMCA player in this era? are you getting shut down?

  • What does my age have anything to do with this? I’m not trying to take away from Bird and I’m not judging either one. I’m just saying that you cannot judge who is the better player from a snapshot like this.

  • Contradicting yourself is what I was referencing.

  • Just wondering if you saw Bird play. Didn’t know you were so age sensitive.

  • Lakerhater

    Lebron would take less shots? Lebron shoots because he WANTS to.
    The rest of your argument is good, but Lebron and Kobe have a similar trait, the offense flows through them because they WANT it to. And when they rack up 40+ points in play off games their teams don’t fare well.
    Superior atheletes, inferior team players.
    I’ll take Larry Legend any day of the week and twice on Sundays.