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Reassessing: JR Giddens & Bill Walker

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Chuck's Take:

Expectations were low for Celtics rookie class of 2008. Good thing, because we got very little in return.

Walker is loaded with talent and potential. He has a bigger upside than
1st round pick J.R. Giddens. Walker didn't see much court time until KG
went down in February. When he did take the court, he occasionally
treated us to a flashy and powerful dunk. I also love this guy's moxie.

I know very little about Giddens (other than the fact he needs to
buy some new sportcoats/suits). He played in just 6 games this season.
The highlight coming Feb 23 when he logged 4 minutes and scored 4 pts
in a blowout win against the Nuggets. Statistically speaking, Giddens
did play rather well in the NBDL – 17 ppg, 57%FG.

Both have guaranteed contracts for next season. Walker at $736,420
and Giddens at $1,028,880. But young, raw players on a veteran team
with championship aspirations rarely see significant action. If either
see more court time next year, it will be because of their work on the
defensive end. Look for Walker to stick on the roster, while Giddens
has a less certain future.

John's Take:

The hardest thing for hometown fans to judge is the quality of their
young talent.  We always fall in love with their promise and athletic
ability… which is always exhibited in situations that don't exactly
test the young fellas.  As much as we'd like to make judgments, summer
league, pre-season and garbage time don't exactly tell you what you
have with your rookies.

But with the C's in salary cap hell, Giddens and Walker will be
looked at as
potential contributors this summer.  I might have higher hopes for
Giddens than Chuck, but I agree that it looks like Walker has more of
the mentality that will makes him work in Boston.  Walker is clearly a
finisher, but his defense will be the reason he sticks around.

Giddens, on the the other hand, has the potential to slide into an "off
the bench scorer" role as next season progresses.  I think Giddens' has
the potential to eventually be a go-to guy in this league.  He's still
got a lot of learning to do, but I'm going to really keep a close on
Giddens to be the big surprise for the Celtics heading into next season.

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  • Fsantos33

    I don’t really have an accurate assessment on Giddens and Walker because I haven’t seen them play enough. I agree with Chuck’s take on the two guys. John’s take was too optimistic “Gidden’s has the potential to eventually be a go-to-guy in this league”? I don’t know about that one.
    I can’t believe Giddens is making more money than Leon Powe. Any guesses on what Ainge is planning to do in the draft this year? We don’t have many chips to play with at all. Having only the 58th pick overall isn’t going to do us any good. Maybe try to bring back the big Turkish guy we drafted in the 2nd round last year see if he can help. Ainge has his hands full this summer that’s for sure.

  • Giddens is a joke guys. hes older then half of our starting lineup in the playoffs, and he has the potential to be a go to guy in the NBA? then why at lebron james age, can he not even play for a depleted team desperate for help at his position.
    Get rid of him somehow, someway

  • Giddens looks like he has all the tools, he is long, can jump, rebounds and plays defense well, and supposedly can shoot well
    walker looks like Tony Allen with more size, no shot, defends well, jumps out of the gym
    i have a problem depending on either of these guys when they got absolutely ZERO shots at any playing time this year, if there was ever a time to sneak into a rotation last year was it and neither of them could capitalize, i say drop one or both and move on
    and if i could only keep one it would be giddens, even knowing how popular walker is amongst the celtic nation

  • I’d keep Walker. Way to soon to judge either though. So when do we become DeVos’ Army…?

  • Jon

    Why would you even mention Lebron James in this conversation? About 1% of all NBA players ever have been at the same talent level as Lebron at his age. We were depleted at the forward position, not the guard position. Tony Allen didn’t even play and he’s clearly higher on the depth chart than Giddens. Your comment/thought process makes no sense.

  • Actually, saying he could be a go to guy in the NBA…that thought process is the one that doesnt make any sense…
    And Im not saying he should be lebron james, Im saying hes the same age as the MVP of the league, older then the DPOY, and yet he cant even play yet…the kid isnt a special talent

  • I think Giddens’ has the potential to eventually be a go-to guy in this league. WOW Losing some street cred there brotha I know the key word is potential. key free agent this year for us Kevin Pittsnogle

  • what!?!?!?!? kevin pitsnogle? what did you play with him in the local YMCA or something? please explain why the celtics would want that bum

  • Joseph

    Our GM sucks. Anybody who thinks Ainge is a good GM is smoking some major weed. The only reason we got KG was because Frankenstein McHale was a Suckdic. I mean Ainge didn’t even want to hold on to Posey and look us now. The Boston Suckdics are done!! B-O-O-H-O-O