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Perk, Rondo pass on Team USA

A few days ago, Chuck expressed a little concern over Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins and Glen Davis participating with Team USA.  So he, and we, will be happy to hear that our starting PG and center probably won't be expending any energy in 2010 and 2012… because they're going to skip this summer's mini-camp.   

Several sources close to the situation said yesterday that Kendrick Perkins and Rajon Rondo would not participate in USA Basketball's minicamp in Las Vegas because of Perkins's wedding July 25 in Houston.

The USA Basketball mini-camp includes a meeting July 22, practice July 23-24, and an intrasquad scrimmage July 25.

Perkins is marrying his longtime girlfriend and Rondo is one of the groomsmen.

and Rondo originally thought the minicamp was in June, but after
recently learning the actual date, they had representatives contact USA
Basketball to turn down the invitation.

Isn't that special?  Big Baby was invited, but he's going to the camp. I think it's because Doc told him it was fat camp and he had no choice.

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  • dumb decision, especially for rondo.
    It wouldve made him a better player, and anyone who thinks this is a good thing is selfish and/or kidding themselves…look at the 4 teams remaining…dundundun…all have big time contributors from team USA, and almost everyone who participated became a better player

  • BigMck

    Perk needs to rest the shoulder.

  • Perk and Baby would have had no chance to make the team… maybe Rondo would have made it.
    Anyway, one for John: Brandon Jennings is returning to the USA, much angered from the fact he did not play in the playoff because of an “injury”, he will have a press conference about it soon. I don’t think there will be many who’ll want to follow his route across the ocean, at least in the short period. The NCAA is safe…. for now.

  • stoolsArmy

    i disagree. they all have big contributors from team USA because they were all already the best players from the USA. while the team USA games probably can help your game, a dedicated summer of hard work can do just as much if not more. i’d rather see rondo work on specialized things, such as his jump shot or free throws.

  • Dude, why would it be better to practice alone, then to practice against and with the best basketball players in the world all summer? sorry, but carmelo, lebron,wade and dwight all made major leaps in there game in every category from playing and practicing with team USA
    I dont like the decision not to be involved. practicing in the offseason against the greats in the NBA will do nothing but make them better and benefit them.
    Perk does need to rest his shoulder, ill agree with BigMck there, but I honestly think it would benefit rondo greatly

  • Practicing makes you better, not worse, doesnt make you tired, all those paranoid theroies are whack. playing and practicing with team usa makes you a better player, simple as that
    Davis is making the smart decision if he does go

  • stoolsArmy

    you are talking as if you’ve played on team USA before. how do you KNOW it makes you that much better? rondo has shown he can distribute the ball the other all stars. how much practice will he get on his jump shot or free throws with lebron and kobe jacking them up? playing on team USA would make him better, but so will practicing hard. true, all those players still in the playoffs improved this season, but so did their teams. i think you are over-praising their experience on team USA

  • stoolsArmy

    he wouldnt be practicing alone. you’re crazy if you don’t think so. ray allen is helping him with his offensive skills. KG is honing his defensive skills. pierce is helping him to run a team/offense. thats three hall of famers he would not have worked with on team USA. AND he will actually be trying to win an NBA championship with them, something i personally care way more about than any team USA victory.

  • Huh? rondo cant take jumpshots at a camp because of lebron and kobe? dude, are you talking out of your ass? if anything, he practices his jumpshot much more if he went to that camp, because he clearly didnt take enough last offseason.
    And how am I overpraising experience on team usa? I think people overrate being tired because of it…fucking anybody should be able to figure out, the more you practice and the better players you practice with and learn from ,the better you get. period end of story

  • Oh, and I dont know how you could think im overrating what a team usa experience can do for a player….Um just go ahead and ask melo, lebron, dwight, wade…they have all fucking said that it made them better players and they grew as players…so why dont you tell them theyre overrating it? afterall you would know shooting jumpshots alone in a gym is better then practicing with the best players on the planet

  • lol, how naive are you? you really think KG recovering from surgery and Pierce and allen are going to be working with rondo in the offseason? well I got news for you bud….no they arent…that will happen in training camp, not in the offseason.
    that, and how selfish do we have to be, oh no! rondo ! dont practice with anyone other then the big 3! No rondo! dont play basketball unless its for the celtics!! hello, hes already played, watched, and learned everything hes going to from those guys, its not going to hurt to become a better basketball player and learn and watch other great players and coaches other then our own…seriously a summer in the gym with team USA would make him a better player, any argument to that is just…I dont know, delusional?

  • stoolsArmy

    “if anything, he practices his jumpshot much more if he went to that camp, because he clearly didnt take enough last offseason”
    don’t say im talking out of my ass, that doesn’t make sense. don’t get so defensive either, i’m not saying you’re wrong. it would make him a better player, but you’re making it sound like he won’t progress as a player if he doesn’t go. he can improve his game just as much by working with his ACTUAL team, which includes 3 hall of famers. he is a good team players already. he needs to work on individual aspects of his game. the players who will benefit most from this summer camp will be stars like danny granger or devin harris who are 1-man shows on their team and need to learn to play with other options

  • disagree 100%
    Practicing with the same guys over and over isnt gonna do anything, same practice, same results.
    rondo has got to take it on himself to become as good as possible and reach his full potential, not the big 3, and hes passing up an oppurtunity to learn from other players and coaches and compete regulary against other great players..just the wrong decision…sure he can still get in the gym and practice his ass off, but hes not going to be pushed like he would be in a TEAM USA MINICAMP

  • stoolsArmy

    yes because if someone says it, it must be true! in that case i guess there are no problems with referees and kobe doesn’t rape white chicks.
    stop twisting what i say. rondo practicing on his shot with his team does not mean shooting jump shots alone in a gym. and ONCE AGAIN i know playing with team USA would help him, I NEVER SAID IT WOULDNT. i just said he can improve his game by working on more specialized parts of it.

  • ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    Replying to ToTheRuins’s first post…
    Well, I didn’t mean that. If you look closely, in the other post I replied by saying to look at the insane regular season length if the players are tired, not at the olympics.
    And furthermore, who do you think USA basketball would send to the olympics? The overhyped stars, like Howard and Bosh, who could sell millions of jerseys all over the world, or the hardworking Kendrick Perkins? Same for Rondo, same for Baby. It’s more of a marketing team than a real USA national team.

  • G4L

    I agree with totheruins that it will benifit Rondo to play & practice with allstar players, but with that said I dont’t think It will make or break his career so its really not the biggest deal in the world.