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Nike’s gonna need new puppets

A funny thing happened on the way to Kobe vs. LeBron in the finals.

The Orlando Magic figured out how to play good basketball.  Actually, they figured it out during the Celtics series when they stopped just bombing from 3 and got aggressive.  Now, Orlando is one win away from eliminating the Cavs, and giving David Stern and Phil Knight massive strokes.

I personally have nothing against LeBron James.  I like him, actually.  And I'm trying to appreciate his greatness.  But the thought of Denver vs. Orlando in the Finals is just too delicious.  I know Nike probably had to launch their campaign early just in case LBJ vs. Kobe didn't happen… but it's actually doing more to drum up anti-Laker/anti-Cavs sentiment than anything else.

As for the Magic… they're doing exactly what they should be doing:  forcing LeBron to take jumpers, and taking everyone else out of the game.  Who cares if he scores 40 when no on else can get a rhythm going?  It's a perfect game plan… and one that "Coach of the Year" Mike Brown can't adjust to.  Hey Mike, how about posting LeBron up while Mo Williams initiates the offense?  Isn't that what you got him for?  How long are you gonna go with "give LeBron the ball 35 feet from the hoop and get out of the way?"

There's no doubt in my mind that if Cleveland loses, Mike Brown is gone.   

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  • Danno

    Lebron James is the single most overrated pro athlete in all of professional sports.

  • BigMck

    Hubie Brown is blaming Cleveland’s coaching staff…he says they aren’t drawing up enough plays for Mo Williams and the other guys. Having every single possession go through LeBron is bringing their offense to a standstill.

  • Alex

    I wouldn’t say that. He isn’t overrated. He IS an amazing basketball player.. in my opinion, a lot better than Kobe.
    Lebron James is the one who gave the Cavaliers a chance to reach the Eastern Conference Finals. Now that the “Coach of the Year” realizes that you can’t always depend ONLY on your best player to do everything, he will try to change it up for next game. Sadly, it will be too late.
    Mike Brown… coach of the year… hell to the no.

  • I can’t wait for the Hedo Turkeyglue puppet!

  • It’ll just be 30 seconds of a droopy eyed puppet eating pizza… while the Carmelo puppet is lighting a joint in the background.

  • Danno

    Lebron is the A-Rod of Basketball. He can’t finish.
    Mr. November.

  • Bill

    I would not be shocked at all to find out Bron was juicing. He does things on the court that border on the physically impossible. After losing in the closing seconds of Game 7 to the Celtics, he comes back from Beijing really wanting a ring. He’s been so close for several years now. My theory is he feels he’s gotta juice to get his team over the hump, and he started once he got back from Beijing.
    And that thing on his jaw is fucking huge. It gets bigger each time I see him on TV. I could definitely see that as some sort of hormonal side effect.

  • This series easily should have been a sweep. A lebron prayer is the only thing that saved it for cleveland. And how good does this Magic performance in the ECF make the C’s look? I guess perk was right…with KG they had a repeat championship on lockdown. And good for stan van finally out-coaching somebody. Also a funny note. lebron is having trouble finishing over d-howard while rondo put him on like 3 posters last series…C’s 2010 baby

  • I wouldn’t be shocked.
    It is just unfair the type of stuff that he is able to do.

  • Lebron is better than Kobe. Anybody who watches both play and still thinks Kobe is the better player is being ignorant in my opinion.
    Think about it this way. Give Lebron James Pau Gasol Lamar Odom Trevor Ariza Derrick Fisher and Andrew Bynum. Lebron would have already swept the Magic and be sitting around waiting for the finals.
    Look, the results of this series doesn’t take away from Lebron in my opinion. It simply shows us that Orlando is a great team that is able to force tremendous match-up problems on 99% of their opponents. I still am not counting the Cavs out of this series.

  • Is Mike Brown or John Kuester the Cleveland coach, anyway?
    And is there a more immobile human being in the association than Z?
    The downside of Cleveland losing is no more Marv Albert intoning “Ziiiidruuunnas Illlllgowskus.”
    That’s worth staring at Delonte West’s horrid tat collection for two hours, all by itself.

  • Even though the Cavs seems out of it being down 3-1 and I want nothin more than to see them burn, this DOES set the table for a “King James ultimate comeback for the ages”. And if it were to happen, you KNOW the media love-fest would NEVER end.

  • Jp

    Can anyone explain to me Delonte on Hedo all series? the first game I thought it was a novel idea, and had potential allowing LeBron more freedom on defense. But if Brown has an ounce of sense, being down 1-3, he has to go back to more conventional matchups.
    Brown is failing his team terribly in this series. The Cavs have much more talent than they are showing, his job was to use it.
    And I agree, LeBron is just other worldly out there. The first half of game 1 was absolutely fantastic watching him.

  • I was at Game 5 of Orlando-C’s and heard the most right-on comment ever: “ look like a vagina!!!”

  • Sal

    With Mike Brown and Stan Van Gundy in the conference finals, you know Jerry Sloan’s gotta be watching the games and punching himself in the nuts over and over.
    Lebron is not overrated. People call him the best basketball player in the world, and he is. That said, his 4th quarter and overtime skittishness killed them. He certainly doesn’t have the Jordan killer instinct, but, who does? Lebron simply isn’t an ELITE clutch player. The Cavs haven’t had any clutch to worry about until this series. What Lebron needs is a solid #2 scoring option to help him out at the end of games like this. Mike Brown’s refusal to actually call any offensive plays hurt badly as well.
    As for the fouls at the end of regulation…everyone and their dog is saying that Lebron got a superstar call. I don’t see it that way. Oh, he got a gift, but it had more to do with the situation than who he was. Down by 2 with a second left, he loses the ball, and there is contact. The refs called that weak foul to give the Cavs a chance to keep the game going. I think the refs call that for any player on any team in that scenario.
    The Varejao/Howard “non-foul” with 0.5 left and the game tied? The refs didn’t want the game to end that way, and I suspect Varejao knew it. If the Magic were down two, I guarantee that would have been whistled a foul.

  • KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    I will probably be ridiculed and laughed at, but I really don’t think Cleveland is that good. I still think w/out KG we may have beat them. They just don’t scare me, and it’s so obvious that if you throw even the smallest wrench in their machine, they get real discombobulated real quick. They remind me alot of those Bulls teams right before they picked up Pippen and the rest of MJ’s “helpers.” I do believe though that they are one big man and one more perimiter player away from a team capable of winning multiple titles. If you’re a Celtics fan, when the C’s are out of it, it boils down to one thing: as long as the Fakers lose, that’s all that matters.

  • He isnt better then kobe, and hes every bit the jerk, self-loving egomaniac kobe is as well..
    This is thing about Kobe, hes the greatest talent of all time in the NBA (he doesnt have the heart or brain of MJ, but certainly the talent) but for whatever reason, probably because of the public rape charges, the NBA doesnt go out of there way to help kobe, they dont endlessly hype him anymore like they do a lebron, and the refs Wade, Kobe has to legitamately earn everything he gets, any other person who posseses the talent kobe had, would have won multiple league MVPS, what does this league do? give MVPs out to steve fucking nash and dirk nowitzki

  • Lamar Odom is an idiot, Pau Gasol is soft, Derrick fisher is done, andrew bynum is nonexistent…for someone who watches all the games, you should know this right? kobes teammates have been just as bad in this round as lebrons….and no lebron had another all-star, the coach of the year, and a cast of players around him that got the cavs to the leagues best record and most dominant home record, now all of a sudden lebron doesnt have teammates, when all year the cavs were the best TEAM? pretty irrational.

  • Lebron james may not be overrated, but jerry sloan certainly is, what the fuck has he ever done? seriously, the praise this guy gets, for what, holding the same job for a long period of time? its all a myth…if sloan was such a great coach, he would have won something by now..
    Its always the coaches fault when you lose, except if you are jerry sloan, i guess? I mean both Mike brown and stan van gundy are terrific coaches, sorry

  • Nah, cleveland was expecting us, knows us like the back of there hand, and we dont present them with any matchup problems..none..
    they wouldve beaten us in 5, maybe 6 without KG. with him, who knows

  • Lakerhater

    Holy sh*t, I can’t believe I’m agreeing with ruins on something, but he’s right on this. Danny Ferry built a team to compete with the Celtics. They practiced for it and expected it right up to the 4th quarter of our game 7. Mike Brown is horrible at adjustments and the match ups are killing the Cavs. That and Lebron is a douche.

  • I somewhat like LeBrawn, but that has changed with his incessant whining this postseason to the refs.

  • There’s no doubt in my mind that if Cleveland loses, Mike Brown is gone.
    Has somebody ever been named NBA coach of the year and fired in the same season?

  • LOL..that would be a first. It all brings me back to one thought..can’t wait for the Celtics 2009-10 season to start…

  • Sal

    You got me there. It was my lazy way of saying “these coaches aren’t very good.” Mike Brown’s helping kill his team. Van Gundy isn’t having a bad series at all, but I love tooling on him.

  • Sal

    “The Coach of the Year voting committee meeting has begun. Alright, guys, we have a bunch of great candidates this year. Some coaches took great strides with their young players. Some coaches willed big victories out of their veterans. What should we consider in making this important, highly relevant decision?”
    “Um, who has the most wins?”
    “The Cavs.”
    “Okay, that guy.”
    “Meeting adjourned.”

  • hilarious

  • So when do we become DeVos’ Army…?

  • “Give Lebron James Pau Gasol Lamar Odom Trevor Ariza Derrick Fisher and Andrew Bynum. Lebron would have already swept the Magic and be sitting around waiting for the finals.”
    Good point. I think everybody really realizes that LeBron is the better player. There’s just no way Kobe would have taken these Cavs to where they are now.

  • Well, the deal made between the Olympic comittee and the NBA concerning not testing NBA players during the Olypmics probably wasn’t made for no reason. Those were the NBA’s terms for allowing their players in the Olympics back in ’92, and they are still in effect.

  • Good point To The Ruins. Kobe got absolutely no help from the rest of the Lakers last night. He pretty much carried the team on his back the whole way.
    Oh wait…