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Marbury begins exploring his options


Washington may just be where aging former Rondo backups go to rest.  Sam Cassell is now an assistant there, and Stephon Marbury might be interested in playing there.

According to the New York Daily News,
Stephon Marbury contacted Wizards head coach Flip Saunders nearly every
day during the playoffs. The Daily News reported, Saunders “would
strongly considering adding Marbury to the roster if there is a
vacancy.” Saunders coached Marbury, as well as Cassell and Kevin
Garnett, during his tenure with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

71% of you said you wanted Steph back in Boston
Steph is probably looking for one last payday and to be a starter…
which makes this report a little confusing.  The Wiz already have a
big-name point guard and they're over the cap.  If he's interested in
them, then he's interested in some portion of the mid-level exception
and he's open to being a back up.  So if the Wizards are in play, then
the Celtics should be in play too.

Bottom line for Steph: if you want a ring, you're probably going to have to be a back up.

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  • Glibert Arenas and Stephon Marbury? yeah, dont see that working

  • Agreed…

  • On another note…are we not speaking about the Cavs being down 3-1 here Reds? Is this just us being nervous and not jumping the gun in fear of a Lebron-staged comeback?? I want to talk about this!!! When Lebron scores 40+ they LOSE. This NEEDS to be mentioned!

  • CFH

    Excellent. I hope the Wizards are also able to pick up Allen Iverson and maybe Ron Artest to add to the Arenas/Marbury mix.

  • Yes, we will. I wanted to get the Steph news out first.

  • Fair enough sir. I do know this is a Celtics blog first and foremost. Its just crazy what has been going on in these conference finals!

  • Danno

    My Wife’s comment about Lebron James last night:
    “He’s like Ricky fucking Davis, but on steroids. If he’s not going in for a flashy highlight reel dunk, or taking an ill advised, off balance 3, he’s turning the ball over and blaming someone else, or crying to the refs.”

  • G4L

    Yeah these have been a very good/entertaining post season.

  • Lebron James was amazing last night, and is an amazing basketball player who doesnt belong in the same sentence as ricky davis. He turned it over too much last night, happenes to everybody, happens to pierce, rondo, allen and everyone on our team on any particular night, happened to them against the magic.
    Lebron was still amazing last night, and he obviously does alot more then take off balance 3s and dunk the ball..
    He does cry to the refs way too much, but who doesnt?

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing Steph stay on as a back-up. I think with a full training camp, he can have a great year. We saw just a taste in that Orlando series…

  • AMP

    I think Marbury was hoping to prove his value in the post. With that said, when the choice is between being a role player on the C’s or W’s, C’s seems like an easy choice. However, I am not sure C’s bench feels that way. They are put in the game during awful scenarios and at ineffective times, and seem underdeveloped compared to nearly every other teams’ bench. Between the C’s and W’s: C’s. Between Doc and Flip: ???. Please stay Marbury!

  • Lakerhater

    He’s all yours flip!

  • Joseph

    I don’t know about you guys but I want to the curse of marbury to stay. I mean when he joined the team KG went down, our GM had a heart attack, we got eliminated from the playoffs, it was a great year! HE SHOULD STAY!! Perhaps next year, the curse of marbury will stay and Rondo will blow out his knee and Ray’s ankles will fall off. GO SUCKDICS!!!!