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I Love Dahntay Jones!!

Chuck - Red's Army May 26, 2009 Uncategorized 25 Comments on I Love Dahntay Jones!!


I never condone dirty play….unless it's directed at Kobe Bryant. Nuggets guard Dahntay Jones continues to take his cheap shots. Last night during the Nuggets Game 4 victory, he blatantly tripped Bryant as Kobe cut into the lane. Kobe went sliding into the lane and, here come the best part, there was no call! This was Jones' second deliberate act (he pushed Bryant in the back in a previous game) and Phil Jackson is not happy:

“There’s another situation out there tonight that was unacceptable by
Dahntay Jones,” Jackson said. “Just unacceptable defense, tripping guys and
playing unsportsmanlike basketball.”

I thought my two-week old son cried a lot, but he's got nothing on Phil Jackson. Hey Phil, you want the cheap shots to stop? Have your team man up and play physical.

Chris Andersen (6 pts, 14 rebs, 2 blks) played a great game last night. I'd love to see this freak in a Celtics uniform. Danny Ainge took a look at Andersen last off-season but never pulled the trigger. Andersen made just $800K this season and is due for a sizable raise as he becomes an unrestricted free agent. I doubt the Celtics will have the money to sign him this time around.

The Sacramento Bee reports Tom Thibodeau will interview later this week for the Kings head coaching job.

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  • DRJ

    Thought y’all would get a kick out of this SI article by Chris Mannix about how the Nuggets are “taking a page out of the Celtics’ playbook to beat LA”. (For example, Dahntay = Posey on D.)

  • What is it? complex issues? why are the lakers so relevant to us? sorry, but it just doesnt make any sense to me, its the most annoying thing about celtics fans…Ah yes, condone a cheap shot, just because its kobe bryant, who also happens to be the most talented basketball player since michael jordan, and actually has to earn his stripes, unlike lebron james.
    Sorry, but I just dont care about the lakers, it makes us no different then every other fan who hates us…why spend precious time giving a shit about a franchise that we have beaten 9 times in the finals most recently embarrasing them last season….
    Maybe you guys were teenagers when the lakers beat the celtics twice in the finals, I dont know…but get over it

  • Disagree 100%…The nuggets defense is absolutely nothing like ours of last season, its not even that good at all, except extremly overrated, if it wasnt for kobe getting older and being exhausted, absolutery noone on the nuggets can stop the guy.
    that and james posey continues to be the flavor of the year….Both ray allen and paul pierce defended kobe better then posey in last years finals, yet posey still gets the undeserving credit for a few decent possesions on him…how did posey guard kobe this season with the hornets?

  • Alex

    You are clearly not a Celtics fan if you do not understand the history of the Celtics-Lakers rivalry.

  • Classic response. yes im not a celtics fan because I dont spend my time hating the lakers. ha!
    Actually, I know everything about the rivalry, but I dont understand why some celtics fans act like we were the team who got beat 9 times in the finals by them instead of the other way around and a rivalry that was nonexistent for years until we embarrased them in the finals last year.
    who gives a shit about the lakers

  • stoolsArmy

    uhh since when do you not hate your teams rival in sports? if you don’t, the rivalry is not as good. you don’t have to hate them, but don’t tell me not to.

  • You might not like our (and 90% of the country) hatred of the Lakers “but get over it”

  • ToTheRuins – you bitch more than any woman I know.

  • CFH

    The other day, I looked at a Denever Nuggets site that had linked to “Issel’s Army.” It talked about how Celtics fans were backing the Nuggets because the Nuggets are playing “their hated Lakers.”
    OUR hated Lakers. The Celtics are ours to root for, the Lakers are ours to root against.
    It’s not complex at all. Celtics = good, Lakers = bad. It may not be fun for you, but it is for a lot of us. No one is making you play.

  • Its not like I like the lakers, because I dont, I think Kobe is generally unlikable (although one of the most gifted basketball players ever), and I dont want them to win the series against denver…I just dont understand the typical celtics fan obsession about it. its not important, its hardly even relevant. right now the celtics have bigger and better fish to fry starting next season in the eastern conference…again- who gives a shit about the lakers, a pathetic franchise with dweeb fans doesnt deserve any attention from the team that has won half of thier championships at the lakers expense

  • Lakerhater

    In fact, he bitches so much I’m begging to believe he is Phil Jackson’s sock puppet.

  • Reason #287 why RedsArmy rocks: fakes are exposed…lol

  • Ryan (UNH)

    It’s awesome to hate the Lakers cause
    a)The history of these teams
    b)They’re good
    If you dont wanna root against the Lakers fine, but don’t tell us that we shouldn’t care about this rivalry.

  • It’s awesome to hate the Lakers because
    a)The history of these teams
    b)They’re good
    Honestly no one cares whether or not you care about this rivalry, but don’t say that we shouldnt care about the biggest rivalry in our historys franchise.

  • DRJ

    Ruins– This is fun, is all it is.
    I don’t know about everybody else, but I don’t REALLY hate the Lakers. The Mannix article, btw, says that the Nuggets’ defense is NOT up to the level of the 08 Celtics, but that they’re trying to get there, using the Finals as their blueprint. I think that’s pretty cool, and smart of them. I like the Nuggets. They have some nutjobs on their team, just like the Cs, they have Billups, whom you gotta respect, a smart coach, and a lot of fire. Gotta like that.

  • The reason why the Lakers are so relevant to Celtic fans and all other NBA and sports fans is that they are the most successful franchise in sports over the last 30 years, by far. If they make the finals this year, they will have made the finals 15 times in the past 30 years (that’s 50% of the time for the mathematically challenged) going 8 – 6 in the finals. No other major sports franchise has even half that success in finals appearances over that span i believe. We are looking forward to playing the celtics in the finals in 2029 after your next 21 year absence.

  • I might be mathematically challenged but if they’ve been in the finals 15 times in the past 30 years how are they 8-6? Was there a tie?

  • Why do you care so much about a rivalry that until last year was nonexistent for 20 years?, and even then we embarrased the lakers in the finals, so i just dont see why they matter. I dislike the cavs and last year the pistons more then I do these lakers, these lakers have nothing to do with the 87 lakers, they just wear the same laundry

  • did he not say IF they make the finals this year?
    Just makin sure

  • Im beginning to think celtics fans have a serious complex issues, or most are just diehard homers which is different then diehard fan….you know theres a happy-medium? my fanhood is all to do with the celtics, and nothing to do with the lakers…if we lose I dont give a flying fuck about the lakers, simple as that
    I dont like the lakers, but I dont hate them anymore then the next opponent because of there fucking laundry, who gives a shit

  • My bad. Apologies San Andreas.

  • CB

    Yeah, ’cause only women bitch. Whatever.

  • Alex

    Inferno, please don’t even start. I’ve been at Lakers Nation and MOST of the Laker fans there are bashing at their team whenever their team is losing.
    You should stop by at TheLakersNation.com and see how pathetic your “fans” are.

  • Good point Alex. Alex made a valid point and you go the “real fans” route..? Clearly a troll. That’s the only justfiable reason why you’re here. I do not like the Lakers or the Yankees, therefore I have no desire to hang-out at there sites. There is a name for people like that: troll.

  • bostonBleedsPURPLEandGOLD24/7

    Yeah I know why you love Dahntay Jones? cause like all yall at this SHITTY site…Jones busting the BOW DOWN on MR. MVP KOBE BRYANT from the pic above!!!! All yall keep bowing down on Mr. Bryant and the LOS ANGELES LAKERS NUTTS all day, everyday, 24/7 through this shitty site. Love to see yall keep the LAKERS in mind through this shitty site, I want to give yall PROPS keep it up with the negative and some what news on our LOS ANGELES LAKERS!!!! To the rest of the commentators who visit, dont forget to also check out more postive and exciting new on our LAKERS at THELAKERNATION.COM, oh and I must warn yall don’t expect to see news on Garbage man garnett and the Boston (SuckDicks)Celtics there!!!!