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Gasol Calls Kobe a Ball Hog….Kinda


"I wish we would take more advantage of our height and the inside
game, because it's pretty effective. It's unfortunate that we don't
recognize it enough," Gasol said, according to the Daily News.

frustrating because we lose games," Gasol said, according to the
report. "I don't mind when we win, because the bottom line is, I want
to win. But I feel like we have an advantage, and I'm effective, we
should stay with what works and what's effective and not get away from
it. It just doesn't make a lot of sense."

Tough to argue with Gasol when he takes only four shots in the 2nd half of last night's game while his teammates jacked up three pointers (9-31 for the game).

In case you're wondering, Kobe shot 10-for-26 (2-for-10 from 3) in the loss.

Looks like Pau's Hollywood honeymoon is over.

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  • YEEEESSSSSSS!!! Keep adding fuel to that fire GaSOFT. Now lets just keep crossing our fingers that the implosion comes full circle!

  • Down the stretch last night Kobe Bryant took bad shot after bad shot as he always does late in close games. Sometimes they fall and the media (especially Kobe’s PR department at Disney)rides his jock. but often they do not and he just kills his teams chances to win like last night. The media will NEVER say Kobe is killing his team right now with these shots. If Kobe shoots his team out of a game it’s Gasoft’s fault for not getting offensive rebounds. Kobe and Le Bron are beyond blame at this point.

  • Alex

    And this is why Laker fans get bashed here. If you can’t be appropriate with your comments, expect us to bash you.
    Go back to and join the other Laker “fans”. They seem to love to talk trash about their team every time they are losing. Oh and they blame the refs on everything… claiming Stern doesn’t want the Lakers to win because of the money… Which is plain retarded, no?

  • NineSevenEight

    You could see Kobe was clearly trying to force things after he was called for a foul to the delight of the crowd. They started chanting “kobe Sucks” and the camera panned over to him nodding his head, sticking out his chin and saying “Ok…ok.” I expected him to go off after that but I’m glad he bricked.

  • Like every other Laker fan I see literacy is a problem for you.
    Sometimes they fall and the media
    This statement would seem to suggest that I acknowledge that Kobe has on occasion hit some of the terrible shots he takes down the stretch while completely ignoring his teammates.
    My point which I knew was far too nuanced for you to grasp was that if The announcers are going to go on air and jerk off to their Kobe posters when the shots fall they should have the ballsack to point out that Kobe is being selfish and killing his team when they do not.
    I don’t care what your name is not looking for your teammates and just hoisting up 28 footers with 22 seconds left on the clock is bad basketball.
    Now “Inferno” you better go back to work trying to get those pages of your Laker media guide unstuck.
    Why are Lakers fans so incredibly ignorant?

  • topper

    and you guys arent? give me a break

  • Lakerhater

    Wow…so much anger…was your scout master named Matty?
    Lakers suck, which is why you and other trolls, sockpuppets, douches, and of course magic Johnson frequent this site.

  • Ahahhah so funny dude. I’m glad you come here to bash us and have SO many constructive things to say about your team like “look at this one game when Kobe didn’t brick”…
    But what is funnier is that the Lakers SHOULD be out of this series if it wasn’t for two bone headed inbound passes from the Nuggets down the stretch in games 1 and 3.
    Good luck cause you’ll need it bitch. Ya lost by NINETEEN last night bro. It’s not looking too good for ya.


    i dont see kobes name any where!!!!!!! you celtics fans have nothing else to do so you make up bs cuz ur team will not win a title for another 20 years

  • celticcc

    come on….. you guys cant say shit about the lakers when we’re already out…

  • celticcc

    they lost by 19, but we lost in the 2nd round?

  • LAKERSFAN said…
    i dont see kobes name any where!!!!!!! you celtics fans have nothing else to do so you make up bs cuz ur team will not win a title for another 20 years
    Good Lord!

  • JD

    Inferno, I think you’re just frustrated because this Nuggets-Lakers series looks exactly like last year’s finals: The Nuggets playing better D, the Nuggets playing with a tougher mindset (despite your Lakers having two 7 footers; its been said here before, but Andrew Bynum is no more than a glorified Kendrick Perkins, and Perk has actually outplayed your savior in this postseason, in every facet of the game).
    Back to the series comparisons: and Kobe is taking bad shot after bad shot because he’s frustrated as well. The Lakers may make it out of this series, but one thing has become evident: there is not going to be any sort of Laker dynasty/ title-run in the next few years. Kobe has shown that age and playing many, many games over his career is finally catching up to him, Pau Gasol is and always will be soft, Lamar Odom is still disappearing in big moments, the bench is overrated, Bynum is still very much a work in progress, etc. So I can understand why you would want to come on this site and vent your frustrations because the Lakers still haven’t done shit since Shaq, and there are clearly no guaranteed championships in the future. You can obviously say the same about the Celtics, but the 3 year window for the C’s has already been established. Its just tough when you see your own team not playing as well as you thought they would.
    And as for the Celtics already being out, they had plenty of excuses and made it as far as they could on fumes. KG out, Leon Powe out, Paul Pierce might need surgery, Perkins might need surgery, Ray Allen had a hamstring issue, Rondo’s ankles practically snapped in half a couple times over the course of the second half of the season. And all 5 of the Celtic’s playoff starters were in the top 6 in minutes played during the first two rounds of the playoffs. The odds were always against them, and looking back, I’m proud of how hard they fought. Can’t really say the same about your Lakers, seeing as how they are at full strength this postseason.
    Go Celtics

  • So the fact that you can jerk off to Kobe continuously for hours some how makes you some sort of super genius?
    I did get a kick out of this statement.
    I have no use for brainless fans in general, Laker or Celtic-so of course I would not defend those comments…
    Yet you are a representative of the most ignorant fan base ever. Again compared to other Laker fans with their average IQ of 20 you might qualify as a super genius but that means nothing to me.

  • JD…let me know when the Cliff’s notes come out and I’ll read it and retort..
    Like I said…illiterate. I keep waiting for an “NBA Cares” segment where Luke Walton invites Laker fan to a special retreat and teaches them to read.

  • Oh know I pissed off a Loser fan. And since it’s obvious you are a Loser fan I never have acknowledged you as a human.
    BTW Inferno how are you god with numbers? How about these…

  • good

  • You start to argue with Loser fan you start to type like them.

  • He isnt calling kobe a ballhog, he just wants more touches, thats on everybody whos a part of the lakers. He will get more touches in the next game, and the lakers will more then likely win this series against the nuggets

  • What do the scores, games and series totals have to do with anything?
    They tell the story of one team kick the others ass on a consistent basis. That’s what they have to with anything.
    If losing all of the time while sucking your own cock makes Loser fan a winner I agree you always win.

  • What sucks more NBA officials are Inferno’s posts? Tough call.

  • Are Or. Damn.

  • topper

    this count guy really thinks ALL laker fans are ignorant? wow… and our lakers have been winning on a more consistant basis than your celtics

  • Topless said…
    and our lakers have been winning on a more consistant basis than your celtics
    40-27. Guess not.
    Anyway Le Bron is pissing away all of the good will he built up after game 2 with this performance down the stretch tonight.

  • Magic up 3-1 in there series against LeBron

  • JD

    Now I don’t feel so bad about the Celtics losing to the Magic.

  • Just like with Kobe will anybody point out that Kobe made mistake after mistake down the stretch in Regulation and OT? Cleveland is on life support.

  • NickV

    2 words…Matt Barnes. We would have beaten Orlando had we signed him last summer. Lets not make the same mistake again this summer. Sign him and hope Walker and Giddens can develop behind him. Lets also bring in Mcdyess and on a lesser level Robert Swift..Dont laugh, Ainge has had a man-crush on him for years. Cheap money and if he sucks you cut him, Very Simple. A solid back-up PG would also be great. I am for bringing back Marbury.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Last time I checked this is a Celtic site. Also last time I checked hard core C’s fans enjoy a cheap shot at our rivals. These Faker trolls have been flaunting their team’s ongoing superiority and how the Celtics triumph was a one and done while Lakers will be winning for years.
    Now we learn Houston and Denver have been taking pages out of our book to compete with Kobe and CO. We have every right to talk trash when remaining teams are doing doing their best Celtics impression to beat our hated rivals…

  • johnny

    i wanna see what kind of stuff this site post after the lakers win the title. eh the celtics will be back in about 22 years, the big three is dead!

  • domz

    of course this site will be posting more anti-lakers articles here when we get the o’brien.

  • Blah blah blah…the big 3 is dead. 22 more years?
    dude, the lakers have to win this season or else they arent winning a title anytime soon, and the celtics will be right baack next season, you can count on it.
    Anyone else see that ridicoulous technical foul on dwight howard last night when he flexed after a made layup? I just dont get why different players have different standards to live by, doesnt KG do that in nearly every game and they let it go? doesnt make sense

  • BigMck

    The site’s spam filter must have taken a break for the holiday weekend. Sorry for all the trolls.

  • Aw, Fifi’s got his jock in a wad.
    Oui, oui mon cheri.

  • Jerkweed

    and this is calling kobe a ballhog how? LOL DID THE THUMPING THE MAGIC GAVE YOU RATTLE YOUR BRAINS?

  • Celtic”fans”

    I hate how you celtic “fans” think your all smart and crap. hahaha at the comments of calling lakers fans bandwagoners.. seriously, back in 07 there were no celtic fans. oh and SUDDENLY in 08 the garden is packed? LOL Staples center has had laker fans go even back in 04 during the 34-48 season. even back when the trashbags kwame brown and smush parker were in LA. So to all you celtic fans stop trying to act all “smart”

  • Rob

    Larry Bird said Kobe Bryant is his favorite NBA player. How do you fools like them apples?