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The Cavs Take Another Beating


“They create so many matchup problems for us,” Mo Williams said. “I know it.
They know it. Everybody knows it.”

Dare I say it, but is this series is over? This one reminds me of last year's finals. One team simply cannot stop the other.

Mo Williams is pulling out his best Ray Allen impression – shooting 18-for-56 against the Magic.

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  • Declaring a 2-1 series over? Man, you know better than that, look at game 2 and think again. Sure Orlando are looking good, but the Cavs are only down by one. It’s looking a lot like the Lakers-Rockets series, and remember the Lakers actually prevailed. I’m thinking it will be a game 7.

  • cavs are the better team, but the magic cause greater difficulties in matchups with their bigs. does that make the magic a better team, or just the team that can win because of matchups and not because of more talent/ability/skill? ultimately, does it matter who is better in this debate? the magic apparently have what it takes to win.

  • G4L

    Wow I think the ref hate any team going against LBJ. There was some pretty horrible calls. Its so obvious the NBA wants a Cavs vs Lakers Championship.

  • I made about 3 posts last night talking about the refs, and I don’t wanna keep complaining. I’ll just say this officiating goes beyond Lebron getting special treatment. The mindset of refs has completely changed for the worst and they are controlling the basketball game. And instead of watching two great playoff series, this is what I’m talking about.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I don’t care who wins this series, but who poses a greater threat to the Flakers? I’m thinking its the Magic. Go Magic!
    After watching these first 3 games, I have even more respect for Perk. He kept Howard off the low post, made him shoot awkward jump hooks and slowed down his put back dunks. Zydrunas just looks old.

  • I personally think the Magic pose worse match-up trouble for the Lakers. I don’t think L.A. can guard Rashard Lewis. I also see Howard doing better against Bynum then Nene’. I guess as long as L.A. loses, that all the matters.(when the C’s are out of it..)

  • Odom can guard Rashard Lewis.

  • Whoever wins the series is the better team. why are people still trying to make excuses for the magic winning big game after big game?
    Hello, I dont give a shit if its mathups – they are a good basketball team and those matchups arent going away.
    Orlando is the better TEAM, Cleveland has the best player.
    The only reason I can see the cavs winning this series in poissibly 7 is because of the fucking hype already surrounding a Kobe/Lebron Finals(ugh kill me already)
    I also think the magic have a much better chance against the lakers should they get past denver then cleveland, you can look directly to the regular season to the magic going 2-0 against the lakers and the cavs 0-2…that and Kobe will kill lebron james head-to-head