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They don’t teach this stuff in journalism school

That’s Cleveland’s Newschannel 5 team at the tail end of their news cast the other night… just as the Cavs won the game.  I’m impressed at the way they kept their composure.  Too bad anyone who cared about the game was actually watching the game.

(Via Ball Don’t Lie)

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  • Wow, as a diehard Celtics fan I watched that game with the one second left and told the girl next to me it wasn’t over yet. I couldn’t help but think about Baby’s buzzer beater against the Magic.

  • I wonder if Leon got a quick help-me-out under the desk from blondie afterwards

  • C’mon Leonnnnnnnn

  • Nora

    I thought the Cavs would have no problem with Orlando. Boy I was wrong. Choking as we speak.

  • I like to apologize to ToTheRuins before he calls me out on my Cavs in 5 pick even when the series was 1-1. How come the Magic didn’t play liek this against the Celtics?
    More importantly, I don’t care if LeBrons getting special treatment since there is absolutely no consistentcy by the officials. It’s terrible. It’s not like LeBron is getting special calls then the rest of the game is being played out regularly. Unnecessary technicals and just plain stupidity by the refs is almost overshadowing this entire nba playoffs and Im fed up with it.

  • Loved the guy dancing in the right-side window.

  • The NBA: Where ruining our playoffs by not letting the players actually play basketball happens.
    The Celtics arent even in the playoffs anymore, and this is the most frustrated Ive been about anything all season. I’m not even checking the stat but there was 100 free throws that game I bet. And this was in a game where there were at least 30 3 pointers so how are this many fouls called in one game. Nevermind the 5 technicals that were called for players simply playing playoff basketball. It’s men playing a game where theyre going to run into each other, so I think its ok to get emotional for 5 seconds. I hate the league for making me this mad.

  • Upon further review, there was 86 free throws and 43 3 pointers taken.

  • The magic beat us in 7, and are 4-3 against us the last 2 regular seasons as well…so they actually do play us good if you paid attention…hellllo they beat us on our homecourt in a game 7..
    And theyre playing the cavs tough because theyre the better team, they also grew alot in this postseason and have been through the adversity, the cavs have not.
    as for this video, LMAO, it pretty much sums up how lucky the cavs are not to be in a 0-3 hole right now on the verge of getting swept

  • The saddest part of the officials in this series has been the fact that theyre fouling out dwight howard in 28 minutes of actiom, because if you breathe on lebron its a foul, yet when the magic played the celtics, dwight could do no wrong and could lay people out and go over the back on ever posession without being called for it

  • Yeah, NBA officials sucks..its old news really…dwight fouls out, lebron goes to the line 24 times! the magic shoot 51….the refs sucked both ways and ruined a great playoff atmosphere for the fans in orlando

  • LMAO..

  • Lol the funniest part is at the end when they are all going crazy and Leon says “Somebody took the shot. I guess somebody took the shot”