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Why The Olympics Are a Pain


One thing that's caught my attention in the conference finals (aside from the dramatic finishes and clutch shooting) is that LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are exhausted. LBJ had to be helped off the court after cramping up in Game 1. Kobe looked like he was going to pass out during last night's post game interview. He could barely stand upright.

Looking for a reason? Look no further than the Olympics. I'm sure neither of these guys are enjoying their gold medals right now. This is something Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins and Glen Davis should not before making their decisions to train with USA basketball this summer.

I took a glance at this list of 2009-10 free agents and picked out some players the Celtics might target (in no particular order):

  • Juan Dixon
  • Jake Voskuhl
  • Michael Finley
  • Drew Gooden
  • Grant Hill
  • Matt Barnes
  • Robert Swift
  • Keith Bogans
  • Jamario Moon
  • Fred Jones
  • Antonio McDyess
  • Chris Andersen
  • Lorenzen Wright

None of these guys will blow you away, but there's enough out there to fill out a bench. Drop us a comment and give us your picks.

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  • Wow that list is pretty terrible.

  • zauer

    Where is Gortat? He’s the best big man available taking for granted that Birdman stays with Nuggets. I would take Gortat over Mcdyess. Wright and Voskuhl are no contest

  • No way the Celtics can afford Gortat.
    This is a list of free agents the Celtics might be able to sign.

  • Paul

    I want no part of Gooden. He’s terrible.

  • How so? If we could get, lets say Mcdyess and A Barnes Bogans, or Moon we would be good.

  • I think the being tired because of the olympics is nonsense..they basically play a few scrimmages, and these are guys that would be playing basketball in the offseason anyways…its just an extremly overrated concept. Lebron is just a prima donna, thats all that was, Kobe on the other hand is just getting older.

  • either matt barnes, or two guys that aren’t on this list, linus klieza and anthony parker for the backup 2/3 spots
    and for the backup center rasho nesterovic would be perfect, then a guy like mcdyess, or joe smith
    im afraid robert swift is coming, danny loves him

  • I’d say look at the league schedule more than the olympics. 82 games is way too much, IMHO… 58 games would be better, so each team would still face each other two times, games, especially at the beginning of the season, would matter a little more and they would not arrive at the playoffs too tired. Not mentioning the fact that the chance a star gets injured in the RS and misses playoffs. Get rid of those stupid an mostly useless back to backs, and see what a difference it would make.

  • zauer

    I don’t know exactly how much money we can spend… Can you break it down so it would be little easier chosing potential candidates?

  • zauer

    Robert Swift is to ugly, i don’t want him on our bench

  • We need YOUTH. We don’t need anymore older guys. I believe Ticket, SugarRay and Truth are all the veteran leadership you need, and more. Off of that list, I like Matt Barnes. He comes off as a punk sometimes, but his defensive toughness and willigness to hustle are there. He’s not extremely young, but 29, which means he still has a few good years left IMO. I also like Gooden, who is only 27, still somewhat young, and this guy has quietly averaged at least 11 ppg over the last 4 or 5 years. I know names like Grant Hill and Mike Finley jump off the page, but these guys are both 36! I still think we need to get a bit younger. We have two good, solid young guys in our starting rotation (Perk and Rondo) and Baby and Powe (?) off the bench, but I’d like to see someone who can come in and keep the crowd into the game and really push the tempo. Bill Walker was that guy during some blowouts and other misc. games, but he is not proven yet….

  • Jp

    I think serious talk should go into Grant Hill coming to Boston. He has proven he wants to win a championship, he should be eager to get out of Phoenix and is still an able, very smart, player.
    Drew Gooden would work too. In limited minutes in San Antonio he was productive.
    Matt Barnes I think would be too expensive.
    There was a time when Larry Bird said Fred Jones had all the tools be be a great player. I don’t know what that means today, but still…
    Antonio McDyess Would be a great addition.
    Chris Andersen will probably be too expensive.
    Of course I am the final expert on this matter so everything I say should be considered fact.
    Thank you and have a nice long weekend (if you’re lucky enough to get one).

  • Jp

    I think the idea though is we need some players on the cheap who can fill the gaps until we have some cap room and we keep developing what young talent we have. It seems unlikely we are gonna get a young guy outside of a trade, and if we trade away big talent to get youth, they had better not be someone off this list!

  • I agree JP. We’ll see what Danny does on draft night-he may finagle some
    young talent our way…

  • A dam

    Chris Andersen seem to be good pick, but i don’t think we could afford Birdman either.
    But we should try to get (the Pole) him to our bench. He does not behave like a Streetfrom Star, he is more like hardworking, humble diamond to polish.
    I think he also would take less money only for joining the legends.

  • No, we dont need youth actually, look what youth got us this season. nowhere. doc didnt play them, and rightfully so…and we do have good youth sprinked in already, rondo, perk, and if we retain bbd are all 24 or younger . we want to win now, and next year should be balls to walls trying to do it before the window is offically closed for the big 3…no more youth needed to attain that goal

  • Angry Turk AKA ssshady35

    I like Gooden Moon and Anderson. I don’t think we could get Anderson after the season he has had with Denver but Gooden and Moon should be available. Moon is a great young player with inside and outside game. Gooden brings toughness on the boards with vet leadership. We should have some good options this offseason in my opinion.

  • Gotta say I like Simmons idea of Trevor Ariza. We really lacked a strong wing player off the bench. If we had advanced to play Cleveland, Paul would’ve been riding the pine quite early due to foul trouble and then who would guard LeBron? We need to fill Posey’s shoes because that was a glaring weaknes this year. Would we be able to re-sign Baby and sign Ariza? I’m no expert on the salary cap (I’m hearing that will be tough) but if a veteran with playoff experience such as Antonio McDyess was willing to come here for relatively cheap money and less years than Davis (which seems sensible due to age difference), then we may have to let Davis go, as much as I’d hate to see that happen.

  • Man, we seriously don’t need youth. Pruitt, Giddens, Walker, Rondo, Perkins, Davis, Powe… We have all the youth we need for now. As Doc noticed, we got really young really fast when KG got injured. We need a veteran, a backup for PP and probably a big man. Grant Hill fits the first two needs, and Gooden or McDyess would be excellent options for the frontcourt. If we resign Baby or Powe, we should be about set.

  • rcry

    too bad he would never agree to play here. Trevor Ariza hates everything about Boston. And I don’t think we’d be able to offer him enough money to overcome that hatred.

  • I here ya’ Mauritz. I guess maybe I should’ve specified what I meant. The
    list that was posted with Grant Hill, Finley etc. was loaded with older
    guys. I understand we have Pruitt, Giddens etc. My point is that if we sign
    free-agents, or make a draft-day trade, we should avoid grabbing another 35+
    guy. Giddens and Pruitt don’t play and Powe is out until at least February.
    I’d like to see us sign some role players that are a bit younger…I didn’t
    mean unload everyone and pick up a bunch of young guys.

  • Angry Turk AKA ssshady35

    These guys understand it’s a business and Ariz does the same. They are not “fans” of the game they are employees so when LA does not give him what he wants and Boston wants him bad enough to give him what he wants what do you think Ariza would do or say, I hate the Celtics so tell them to stick it? I don’t think so he has a family to feed just like Sprewell did.
    And my thought about Mcdyess is that he can go to hell!! He didn’t wanna come here a couple years ago so why should we want him know when he’s older and lookin to get out of Detroit.