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We Greeks are a crazy bunch

If you think just because you've seen a few fights in the stands that you've seen fans get out of control when emotions run high… then you need to see this video from game 1 of the Greek league finals between Panathinaikos and Olympiakos.

Yes, that's a flare being thrown at the :08 mark.  It bounced around the court and into the scorers table… injuring a time keeper.  He wasn't the target.  The Panathinaikos players were.  I guess in the Greek league, home court advantage includes someone firing roman candles at the other team.

Panathinaikos vs. Olympiakos is kinda like Greek version of Celtics vs. Lakers.  They're pretty big rivals.  But this takes it to a new level.  Josh Childress, who is playing for Olympiakos, says this might just push him back into the NBA.

"The violence we saw today, will make me think real hard over my future in Europe."

Oh… it didn't stop with the flare, either.

Enraged fans were trying to storm the court and would not listen to the
pleas of Olympiakos players for calm. Riot police moved in to contain
the supporters. About 200 fans clashed with police after the game and
even tried to storm the locker rooms and interview room where the
coaches were meeting with the media.

You gotta give us Greeks credit for one thing.  We're passionate.  Did anyone HERE try to storm the Magic locker room?  No.  No you didn't. 

And you call yourselves fans.

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  • FSantos33

    European basketball and Soccer fans in general make us American fans seem like a boring bunch. I love to hear those fans break out in team songs and chants. Gives me goose bumps and fired up. We need new chants and singing material in the NBA. Chanting of “Lets go Celtics”, “Defense”, and “Bull Shit” gets old sometimes. Maybe one day we will see and hear the whole Boston Garden erupting in a team song, now that’s being the 12th man and some.
    Sing it John

  • Working with greeks…no easy task. Take it from me.

  • FSantos33

    Has John ever chucked a flare across his living room during any Celtics games?

  • ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    And you didn’t post any videos of games that pit a Serbian team against any Greek team… THAT’s violence…

  • I want to see a Turkish team play a Greek team. That would be nuts.
    Funny story from my days in Greece. One game go to out of hand on the court, that one referee left in the middle of the game. He just left. I don’t even think it was halftime. Craziest thing I’ve ever seen.
    So yeah, Greeks are fucking crazy

  • I’ve been looking for this footage the last couple of days-thx. Josh Childress says he was horrified and that this will weigh heavily on his decision to continue to play in Greece.

  • JD

    Hopefully Josh Childress will come back to the NBA, because we could sure use a player like him. He’ll probably command way to much money, but it’d be fantastic to have a player like him on our bench.