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The difference maker in the Nuggets-Lakers series?

That there is Trina.  She's a rapper.  She's also Kenyon Martin's fiancee.  And last year, Trina put out a song with the following lyrics.

This n***a thinkin' I’m sweatin' his Rolex watch

You need more than that, to get in my thighs

A car that's fly, maybe a house in the sky

I know you wanna beat it up right quick

And I was the first b*tch Kobe cheated on his wife with

Well then. 

This has exploded all over the inter-tubes.  Now everyone's wondering if this is going to make things a little more heated in that series.  For the record, here's what Trina's people had to say:

“Trina does not know NBA player Kobe Bryant in neither a personal or
business manner,” her publicist Krystle Coleman told
“Please note, the 2004 Trina song entitled Heated was for
‘entertainment purposes’ ONLY! As any other rapper/raptress in today’s
society, Trina’s rap lyrics are a result of entertainment and a
fabricated ‘image’ and Not real life experiences or matters.

What?  A rapper has a fake persona?  You mean 99% of rappers don't live the lives they rap about?  You stop it right now.  Next thing you know, you're going to start telling me Santa Claus isn't real. 

By the way… one element to this story that no one is talking about:  Trina's music sucks.  But if it adds a little drama to this series… then at least it's not totally worthless.

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  • wow

    hahaha kenyon is gonna beat her if she is the reason Kobe has a big night

  • Hahahaha this could perhaps be my favorite story ever posted.

  • thetitleisours

    The Laker’s fans will make any and all excuses for their “hero”

  • What’s funny about that? Some people consider me a cynic but laughing about domestic violence?