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Offseason Questions: Gabe Pruitt

Pruitt and armand hill

The Celtics have turned to Sam Cassell and Stephon Marbury to back up Rajon Rondo during the Big 3 era.  Meanwile, Gabe Pruitt has pretty much just hung out on the bench.  He did have a stretch through January and February where he got some playing time… and his best game of the season was probably a 9 point, 4 assist, 3 rebound performance in a blowout of New Jersey. 

But Gabe seemed to still get lost in the offense some times.  And he hasn't exactly torn it up on the defensive side of the ball.  But with the Celtics in a big-time pinch with cap space issues and a lack of draft pick (Minnesota has our 1st rounder because of the KG trade.  The Celtics only pick is 3rd from last in the entire draft) Pruitt has a chance to make his move.

A shooter is on Doc's wish list this offseason, and it's possible… POSSIBLE… that Gabe can fill that role.  Gabe IS a good shooter who could be a good compliment to Rajon Rondo.  In the few flashes of good play, you can tell Gabe can shoot the ball.  We've seen him show an ability to penetrate and finish at the rim.  But the question is when will he do it consistently?

Gabe will get one more chance in the summer league to prove he can run this system… IF the Celtics pick up his team option.  The team has until June 15 to decide if it wants to exercise the $729,000 option on Gabe.  The summer league begins July 10 in Vegas.  Is $729,000 a small enough amount for you to think the C's should roll the dice on Gabe for one more year?  Or do you think the C's should save every penny they can to spend on a veteran?

After the jump, LeBron's sick game winner with one second left in last night's game (after the Cavs blew a 23 point lead to fall behind by 2).

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  • Let’s get a little conference finals chat goinnnn. I don’t remember the last time we got two series like this. LeBron just took a huge step last night and elevated to a new level. We have to talk about this.

  • 6-10 Rashard Lewis was not pressuring the inbounds pass. Seems like a bad decision to me…would have made it a lot tougher on Mo Williams.

  • I think Gabe has some potential, but Doc clearly doesn’t believe him and played that awful TA instead… with more time, I think Pruitt could have developed into a more productive player (like Scalabrine) to put into the rotation when needed. I’d resign him, but only if Doc will play him… otherwise it’s just wasted money.

  • I say keep Stephon and get rid of Gabe. I know that we didn’t see a lot of time from Gabe but there’s prolly a reason for that, like he just isnt that good. I’ll spend more to keep Stephon who I definitely think will get better next season and we can rely on to be our #2 PG and step up if (when?) Rondo gets hurt.
    This Scal contract absolutely destroys us next year to make a real big move and sign someone that would want the same kind of money. This team can still make get far in 2009 but next summer (hmmm summer 2010) is when our real moves will take place.
    Especially with the the question mark that is Ray Allen.

  • I’m with Ryan-keep Steph and let Pruitt go. I like Marbury’s chances of having a good year. It seems like the C’s run ended just as Steph was heating up. I know he struggled quite a bit, but people forget that up until the C’s grabbed him in the middle of the year, he hdan’t played in a full 12 months. I KNOW that Steph still has another great season left in him-the question is, can he get used to being a bench player? I also really believe that some team with the need for a starting 1 is going to offer him a 2 or 3 year deal. Maybe Minnesota, who

  • Gabe is better than Marbury right now and will continue to get better. Pruitt is a better shooter, defender and passer. Marbury is the better driver.

  • How did lebron step to another level? lol his team should have by 40, and needed a miracle with 1 second left to avoid there 2nd straight loss at home to the magic, where they only lost twice all year.
    If anyones made the step, it is the Magic, they are playing extremly mentally tough, arent scared of lebron at all, taking all his teammates out of there game, and they will win the series

  • Lol….um no, Im so sick of this pruitt kid getting credit for being a total scrub who cant contribute whatsoever to this team. and it has nothing to do with being a 2nd year player, he was picked before glen davis in the same draft, and look what baby has given us.
    Pruitt is an absolute waste of a roster spot, and shot 30% from the field and 29% from 3, so this inclination that hes some great shooter or a better shooter then marbury is loony

  • thetitleisours

    I like Gabe, but his confidence has been squashed. It is really all a mental aspect with him. he has the talent, but does he have the mental toughness
    I think he should be given one more shot. But my feeling is he probably will need a change of scenery

  • AMP

    A pure shooter…maybe a good shooter. It seems that no one is interested in developing this kid. And with that said, he has not taken advantage of the coaching staff like others have. Get rid of him, and hopefully he’ll shine elsewhere. He’s certainly got skills.

  • LBJ was choking until that shot. How about when Pietrus jammed a shot back in his face? Or that travel with :30 left?

  • OK, maybe I’m biased from what I have seen in person but I watched every game this season including pre-season and can’t remember Pruitt coming into a game and doing poorly. I was at the pre-season game in Manchester and witnessed him completely out play Aaron Brooks of Houston who ended up being their starter and giving the Lakers fits in the playoffs. Brooks just flat out could not get around Pruitt. In the last 2 games of the preseason with Rondo out was the only time Gabe got any significant minutes. I know, it’s preseason but… avg 38 minutes. shot 35% from the field but 45% from 3s got 7.5 rebounds gave out 5 assists avg and committed 3 TOs avg. For what it’s worth, we won both games.
    I’m frankly surprised by the low shooting % but then again a lot of really bad ‘shooters’ have very high %s. Depends on the shots you are expected to take. He shoots with confidence and has a very pure stroke. Gabe seems to me to be a player who understands basketball, has a good attitude, doesn’t make stupid plays, works hard and will be a starter for someone if not here. I think the Marbury experiment was worth a try, but I would go with Pruitt.