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Which One of Us Works for the Celtics?


Deadspin has this story of the stealth Warriors PR director who's been spreading cheer on the blog – Warriors World.

It got me thinking – which one of our readers is a spy for the Celtics?

KWAPT? Danno? Flavio? Come to think of it, the most optimistic guy on this site is….John!

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  • its definitely not baron or to the ruins

  • FSantos33

    Spy for the Celtics would be an awesome job.

  • you guys caught me, congrats i am not a drinker at all i am a Danny Anige. Jester00 would say “8 beers before 3pm is good”

  • DEfinitely not! LMAO…!

  • Nope, not me either guys-wish it was though. I’d kill for access to the locker room to get some jerseys and kicks..(and maybe a sniff of some Dancers’ costumes…..) whoops-T.M.I…

  • It’s Tim FD. Think of it, whys he always getting in fights with Chuck? It’s because Chuck always makes a negative comment about the team and then Tim fights back always supporting the team.
    The whole Fire Doc thing was just a ploy so he could get on the inside before the team actually started doing well.
    I’m onto something here.

  • Gotta be one of the Laker fans. That would be the intelligent cover… did I just say Laker fan and intelligent?
    Forget it, I take it back.

  • Yes you are.. because it’s definitely not me. Nope. Definitely not. It’s Tim. Everyone look at Tim.

  • G4L

    Its Tim for sure!

  • digging that avatar G4L…P.I.A.B

  • if your danny, it would go a long way to explain last offseason, you were too drunk to give a crap what the hell was going on lol

  • How much does it pay?