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Chris Ford interviews with Philly

Chris ford

Here's a name we haven't heard in a while.  Former Celtics player and head coach Chris Ford has interviewed for Philadelphia's head coaching job

Ford was the head coach in Boston from 90-91 to 94-95.  He was here for the tail end of real Big 3's time here.  And a funny thing happened as time went on.  He went from 56 wins in his first season to 51, 48, 32, and 35 before he was let go.  He's been a scout in Philly's organization.  It's funny… I was recently wondering what he was up to. 

My favorite tidbit about Ford is that he hit the first ever 3 pointer in NBA history

By the way… Philly… I say you pull the trigger on Ford right now.  You don't want Tom Thibodeau.  He's got no head coaching experience.  You want a guy like Ford who's been there.  Definitely.   

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  • guys do NOT want Tibs-I heard he yells real loud on the sidelines-it may scare off some of the season tix holders who are courtside. Bad for business.

  • KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    Ok, this is way off topic, but you guys gotta do a story on this. This punk is from Massachusetts and he’s wearing a Laker’s jersey! C’mon:,getty:20050301:nba,photo,54be311105655bf9b3948cf1726719e0-getty-87745952ng075_nugts_lakers:1

  • This can’t be serious haha so the home team offers John Cena courtside seats and all he has to do is wear the hometeams jersey? It happened with the Magic and now the Lakers.
    Tell me where to sign up for this deal.

  • Yeah… the WWE probably made him wear that because of their feud with the Nuggets. I actually feel bad for Cena. He had to watch his hometown team in the opposing team’s uniform (even though he flashed the Powe jersey for a brief momenht)…. now he’s being forced to wear the hated Lakers jersey.

  • Exactly! What a life…

  • LOL @ the cavaliers and mad props to the magic, yes yes I know the cavs won and lebron made a buzzer beater, but the magic clearly have the cavs number and will win in 6.
    The cavs had confetti fall from the rafters, and got lucky to win a game on there homecourt where they couldnt lose all year and tie the series at 1, when they were up 23!..
    0 chance cavs win it all, theyre front running frauds

  • Oh and cavs fans are the literally dumber then lakers fans, they are so clueless to whats going on, they just know they have lebron, and if theyre team isnt up 20 theyre fucking silent little front running pricks.
    Oh, and the cavs won by 1, anyone who watched the game knows this comes down to the refs , the magic played through it all game but obviosly it caught up to them…for example, why the fuck doesnt mo williams get a tech for throwing as ball at dwight howard? dumbass refs

  • Nora

    Well, won’t be able to watch ESPN or TNT now for a couple of days after this game, the amount of drooling over Lebron will be insane.

  • Yeah I know, its already ridicoulous, theyre calling it “the shot” …and its actually borderline hilarious, the cavaliers were up 23 on their homecourt where they barely lost all year trying to avoid an 0-2 hole, and needed a miracle to win the game, and then acted like they won the championship after 1 win in a 7 game series. lmao.
    Magic in 6

  • Cavs in 5

  • LOL!!!!!! dude, have you even watched the series? the cavs are not any better then the magic, if the cavs win it will be in 7
    Magic in 6