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Chauncey makes a fool of Kobe

That’s first-team all defense in action right there.

(Via TheHoopDoctors)

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  • BigMck

    I love it. Had that happened to Farmar or Sasha, you know Kobe would have bitched him out in front of everybody.

  • eggs-ACTly! That was awesome. The competitiveness (sp?) of these 1st couple Conference Finals games has been great-takes a bit of the sting out of the Celtics not being in it.

  • haha

    Is this a new Lakers Blog? Seems like there is more Lakers news than anything else. HAHAA..hows fishing? catching anything big lmao…losers

  • Lance Hendricks

    This is from last week’s Outside the Lines article from
    “Next, they go over all of the team’s plays. Chauncey nods, but, inside, he has a sick feeling. For instance, the Nuggets don’t have an underneath-the-basket out-of-bounds play. This isn’t high school. He can’t throw the ball off someone’s back and dunk it. What’s going on here?”

  • Lakerhater

    SCHOOLED!!!!! LMAO, thanks Kobe.

  • Joe Laker Fan

    Yeah, wow, Billups sure did make a fool of Kobe. The whole basketball world now sees Kobe as a fool. That was a play for the ages, and one that will certainly enhance Celtic glory. Nice work, fellas.

  • LakersFirst

    God, you guys are losers. Posting Laker videos on this site. What’s next the Suckdic fans are going to chant MVP, MVP, MVP for Kobe too, oh wait, that already happend – HAHAHAHA
    How’s the vacation Suckdics? I love the curse of Marbury, I hope it stays with you guys. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer tem.