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“Well, what do we do now?”


Those are the words of Doc Rivers as he and his staff figure out what to do in the short term (golfing) and long term (adding some veterans to the roster).

“We clearly have to add to our team,” he said. “One regret — the
one thing I look back on this year, though you obviously can’t predict
injuries — is that our real team has still not been beaten.

“It bothers me, because now I don’t know if we were good enough or
not,” said Rivers. “That’s the only thing — not knowing — but I loved
our team.

“But every team we competed against this year — the ones at the top — added to their team, and we didn’t.”

He's right. And since no local writers (where are you Ron Borges?) used this quote as a springboard to criticize Danny Ainge, I'll do it. The guys Ainge brought in this season failed miserably. It's no secret. The problem is, when you have limited funds, there's little margin for error.

Here is Doc's wish list:

  • Add a veteran
  • Add a big man
  • Add a shooter
  • Get a backup for Paul Pierce
  • Add to the roster this summer

One free-agent who could fill several of those needs – Grant Hill.

The Magic are growing up before our very eyes. They followed up their Game 7 victory in Boston, with a gutsy comeback win in Cleveland

Dwight Howard (30 pts, 13 rebounds and 1 shot-clock-breaking-dunk) destroyed Cleveland's big men. DH must have been thrilled to roam the paint without Perk banging and challenging his every shot. I was happy to hear TNT's Marv Albert complement Perk's defense (on Howard in the Boston serires) a couple of times during last night's game

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  • rcry

    “Half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb about” – a message from my fortune cookie yesterday.

  • its a travesty that perkins didnt make the all-defensive team, he deserved it more then rondo imo…sham..
    And wow, I was extremly impressed with the magic last night, they had lebron completly run out of gas in that game and were really fucking unbelievable in that 2nd half. they are for real and are getting it together at the right time.

  • Oh, and i found it hilarious that dwight fouls out when he probably wouldve been called for one foul all night if it was the celtics….I dont know how many times pierce draw contact on howard to no avail…lebron james gets near him and all 3 refs blow the whistle

  • I get on a Bill Simmons chat for the first time ever and all I mentioned was how people should stop talking about the magic. Now I feel like a fool.
    With that said, Cavs in 5. The magic still remind me of Tony Almedia. They’re supposeively good for a little bit but you kno that they ultimately will join the other side and let you down.

  • Speaking of looking forward, here’s a pretty cool look back video from the season.

  • Cavs in 5? lmao
    and you think the magic are overrateda? obviously you overrate the cavs

  • So did anyone enjoy last nights game? I obviously loved seeing the Cavs lose but what makes it even better is all the celebrating the were doing in the SECOND QUARTER. You would think its the 4th quarter of a finals game the way they act. God I hate that and it felt that much better to see them lose.
    Even when the Magic grabbed the lead for the first time, their bench reaction was of excitement, but NOTHING like the Cavs’ celebration in the second.
    Keep it up Cleveland.

  • I agree Matty…I have a hard time rooting for this Cavs team. But we all realize what a Lakers-Magic final will lead to….

  • Yes we do. This is SO difficult because I hate the Cavs just as much. I
    don’t want the Lakers OR the Cavs to win, but one of the two most certainly
    will. Hey the Nuggets nearly beat LA. Lets all hope and PRAY for a
    Magic/Nuggets final LOL.

  • MikeintheNE

    Trade Big Baby
    His value will NEVER be higher. Bring in a SG (heir to Ray Allen) and run TA out of town. Powe is better than Baby and will be back. Don’t need both of them and Baby value (around the NBA)is clearly higher, an all time high.

  • big baby is a free agent, you cant trade free agents there champ…. it would have to be a sign and trade, but youre not gonna get anything better then him for his value
    and no, powe is not the better player, period.

  • cleveland was dancing like they won the championship in the first half, and lebron was channeling KG with his chest thumping, but it tottally wore him out.
    brilliant performance by the magic, and as soon as they got within like 8, the cavs crowd went silent and there bench was chomping down on there towels like theyve never seen a close game before

  • MikeintheNE

    he’s a restricted FA, so like you said sign and TRADE. key word is trade. I would test the markets, think you could get some value back.
    Maybe he’s not a better player but in terms of perceived value, expected contracts. It would be a good time to check.

  • Doc’s got it spot on, as does the author of this piece. There’s a great deal of encouragement to be drawn from the fact that at least SOMEONE in the front office knows how big a mess Ainge and Grousbeck made last summer.
    Props to the author for not offering up the extremely tired and illogical argument that the improvement of Perkins, Rondo and Davis more than made up the difference for the fact that Wyc and Danny assembled an NBDL team and called it our bench this season.
    All of them did improve, but that doesn’t buy Pierce extra bench minutes. It doesn’t produce a backup 3 who can come off the bench, defend and hit shots. It doesn’t allow Perk to rest while a 5 comes in to rebound, hit shots and defend like crazy. It doesn’t allow Rondo to learn the tricks of the PG trade from a wily vet, let alone see how you’ve got to bring it EVERY possession from that position.
    That argument is so tired, and so bereft of even rudimentary basketball knowledge.

  • AMP

    Really??? Another vet? Another player over 30? Grant Hill? Come on…

  • Yawn, if KG and Powe dont get injured they had a legit chance to repeat, and before KG went down were the 2nd best team in basketball and the big 3s minutes were nearly the same as the championship year.
    The improvement of those players would have been enough to replace James Posey – good bye

  • Absolutely. You want another Patrick O’Blount? Another Darius Miles? Another Mikki Moore? Another J.R. Giddens, who Danny can’t give away? The brain-dead basketball of Gerald Green?
    We’re trying to win now, not re-create the joys of a 24-win season.

  • And who, exactly, would have provided Pierce and Allen relief off the bench?
    I’ll take some of what you’re smoking. I understand that the Ainge apologists can’t bring themselves to admit their boy did anything wrong, but please. You’re not making a lick of sense.
    Rondo, Perk and Davis have absolutely nothing to do with the problems management thoroughly failed to address in the off-season and at the deadline, unless you’re proposing that say, Perkins, take some time at the 2 and the 3 to relax the minutes overload on Pierce and Allen?
    Or maybe Rondo? That deadly jumpshot of his would be a fine complement to Allen’s?
    Thanks for playing.
    The argument is nonsense.

  • Bill

    I heard those Marv Albert comments myself and it made me proud of our man Perk. Perk is legit, and the way Howard manhandled Ilgauskas really highlighted how Beast kept the Tin Man in check.

  • I don’t love Grant Hill at all… I can’t explain why, but I feel he’s not right for the Celtics (and when that happens I’m usually wrong, like when I said Stephon Marbury was gonna destroy the chemistry of our team). But if it’s the best the market can offer… then it will be GH. But I’d also look to trade TA for a higher 2nd round pick (I already have a name in my mind, and it’s Jerebko) and, as you said yesterday, try to find some D-Leaguers who could make the team – all aside from looking after other free agents, of course.
    And for Clev… at the end of the 1st half they were hopping around celebrating like they did in game #80 of the regular season against us… and they were punished. Payback’s a bitch, huh? I still can’t believe they put Ilgauskas on Howard. That’s one of the best moves featured in “how to lose a game you already won”… Perk’s a thousand times better than Ilgauskas.

  • im not saying ainge did a good job in the offseason…he didnt…Im just saying its his fault that our 2 best rebounders and post scorers got hurt..and we certainly would of been 1 of 4 teams in contention for a title…

  • NineSevenEight

    I agree. I don’t know if I’d want to take a risk on another player in his 30’s who’s just coming off his first(?) complete season. Celtics need to get younger, Grant Hill is what? 36?

  • NineSevenEight

    I agree. I don’t know if I’d want to take a risk on another player in his 30’s who’s just coming off his first(?) complete season. Celtics need to get younger, Grant Hill is what? 36?

  • NOT grant hill, he is due to get injured, he cant make a three pointer to save his life, and his D is suspect
    i’d rather take a chance on someone like matt barnes, anthony parker, or linus klieza all of those guys play decent enough defense and can make the three consistently
    my favorite of the three would be klieza except he is more of a 3/4 guy rather than a 2/3 like we really need; but anyone of them would help
    also i’d like to see bobby jackson at the backup point position if we can get him at the same price or cheaper than steph
    and finally id look at rasho nesterovich or eddy curry as a back up center
    other than that i would look to trade giddens, pruitt and walker, along with allen to move up in the draft (along with the strong possibility of being able to flat out buy a draft pick) and try to get into the first round
    our draft would be great if we could pick up a guy like chase buddinger, nick calithes, wayne ellington, danny green, or pat mills with a pick we trade up for/buy and then maybe grab someone like aj price, josh heytvelt, dante cunningham, dionte christmas, jodie meeks, or tony douglas in the second round

  • Just wait and see. Besides for a couple games his playoffs they’ve been anything but impressive. I give them props for winning, but they can’t no-show for an entire half like they did last night.

  • How impressive did we look throughout the first rounds last year? not very, none of that means anything, they just gotta play there best ball at the right time
    And it doesnt even make sense anyways, they blew us out in a game 7 on our homecourt, and they havent been impressive? dude just stop already

  • not his fault * drr

  • Lakerhater

    Good call, Barnes would be a big help (I think I remember saying that before Phoenix signed him pay attention this time Danny), Klieza would be great but I thought Denver had him locked down for awhile. I read in the Dallas morning news mavs feel Dampier is expendable he could make a good back up for Perk.
    As far as the draft, with the 58th overall pick, Celtics should take a hard look at John Brockman, overlooked overachiever with character and heart.

  • I make a point and I don’t care if people disagree with me, just stop making it sound like im an idiot for thinking this way.
    Look youre assessing an entire series after one game. Remember the 76ers-Lakers NBA Finals when AI took over and they won game one in LA… then they lost in 5 games cause the Lakers woke up. I think this game was a wake up game for the Cavs. They’ve been in cruise control and now realize they gotta really buckle down. LeBron wont let something like last night happen again this series. he’s on a mission.

  • hmmm, what exactly does that series have to do with anything? really? the 76ers-lakers finals series has nothing to do with anything. the desrepency between this cavs team and this magic team isnt that of those teams, for chrissakes, people overrate the cavs and underrate the magic…seriously dude, the magic arent a one man band

  • klieza is either a restricted or unrestricted free agent this summer
    i dont pretend to know anything about jon brockman, but at first glance he is a 6’7 power forward, and undersized power forward is not a position the C’s really are in much need of right now

  • Bill

    Oh Man! I would LOVE, LOVE to see AJ Price in green. Oh man. The only thing better would be Hasheem in green. But that’s unlikely. Make it happen Danny!