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This is why the Clippers always suck

You gotta feel bad for Blake Griffin… because he's going to join quite possibly the worst organization in all of sports.  The LA Clippers.  They have always sucked, and they probably always will… at least they will if guys like assistant GM Neil Olshey are around.

When he was asked when the Clippers decided they'd draft Blake Griffin with the first pick… he said:

"I'd say we made the
decision June 2008… when
he decided to go back to Oklahoma, that if we got the No. 1 pick in
'09, he'd be the guy."

How's that make you feel, Clips fans?  You've got a front office that's planning ahead to the NEXT year's lottery.  That's a great mentality to have. 

"Hey fans… we want you to continue to spend your hard earned money on tickets and food and root for the Clippers… but we executives are already done with this season."

Lame.  Be glad you're a fan of a different team.  I think Clippers fans are the same kind of people who become pen pals with prisoners.  It's some combination of self-loathing and being over-compassionate.  It has to be.  Being a Clips fan is borderline masochistic.

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  • Orb

    “I think Clippers fans are the same kind of people who become pen pals with prisoners.” That’s a brilliant, brilliant line. I spent half an hour trying to explain to my wife why it was a tragedy the Clippers got the number one pick, and you just summed it up in one sentence.

  • Thanks!

  • I was thinking about the same thing yesterday… I think Griffin feels like sh*t right now because he knows his NBA career is over even before it has started. I’ll be happy for him if I’ll be wrong, but it’s VERY likely that the Clippers will continue to suck, bringing him with them.

  • The worst part is that he’s gunna start as the #4 big man on that team behind Camby Kaman and Randolph, none of which are something to really brag about. They also make about 50 million dollars combined next year.
    Go Clips!

  • LakersFirst

    Hey, didn’t the Clippers beat the Suckdics this year? LOL, LOL,