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“Never question Kevin Garnett”

In light of recent reports that KG was going to play in the Eastern Conference Finals had the C's gotten there…

And in light of the recent comments that seem to question KG's toughness…

I figured we'd share this from Danny Ainge (via Jess Camerato):

“There was some question if KG would be able to play at some point
in the playoffs, and we had hope. And we still had hope for that, and
it just didn’t turn out that way. But one thing that we can’t do, and
one thing that we don’t do internally, is never question Kevin
Garnett,” he told WEEI’s The Big Show. “I mean, Kevin Garnett
for 12 years has never given anybody any reason to think he would not
play if he could. The guy just doesn’t miss games.

“But the reality of it is, is there was still hope. I think there
was a bit of hope in Kevin’s mind, there was hope in our minds, there
was hope in Doc’s mind even though we knew that the possibility, that
the stronger possibility existed that he probably wouldn’t play, there
was a little bit of hope that he might be able to at some point. So I
think second-guessing doesn’t do any good. It didn’t turn out, he
wasn’t able to play, and we don’t really think that we’ve set ourselves
that far back.”

I think this is the last post about whether Garnett could or should have played.  (A) it doesn't change anything, (B) it doesn't produce anything constructive and (C) I'm sick of writing about it.  The next KG story should be about his successful knee surgery.

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  • Please hold the line that it’s the last ‘what if’ Garnett post, just too painful and you nailed A-C.
    Agreed on the next KG story, try these; surgery went great, re-hab starts in Malibu next week. Follow the jump for pictures of his smokin nurses.