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Issel’s Army presents: Official Birdman Video

Chris anderson
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Chris "Birdman" Anderson is a sensation. People love the guy.  And guys with this much of a following deserve an introductory video.  We'd like to present our suggestion:

Gob and Lindsey's Chicken Dance

What do you think?

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  • Alvaro Mendez

    That is not ho a chicken sounds. CHICKENS DONT CLAP!!

  • last year at this time i said the celtics perfect offseason would be to sign the birdman, matt barnes and bring eddie house back, letting tony allen go along with james posey, before the draft i wanted the C’s to take Jason Thompson, when he was taken obscenely high i offered up they should make a play to try to trade up to get the other brother, robin lopez, when this didnt happen i begged the C’s to take mario chalmers with their 1st round pick
    is there any doubt the c’s would have won another title with the team i would have assembled if i was danny? pg. rondo and chalmers sg. allen and house sf. pierce and barnes pf. kg powe baby and scal c. perk and anderson
    even without powe and kg that team is still in the playoffs and going strong
    my vision for this offseason two big signings of gerald green and patrick o’bryant we’ll be back in contention next year for sure lol

  • actually this offseason i would love to see the C’s add barnes, jackson, and rasho, let steph go, resign baby and powe, then trade TA, pruitt, and walker to move up in the draft and come out of the draft with a 2 player combo of buddinger/calethes/mills/ellington/green with a pick they trade for/buy and aj price/dante cunnigham/josh heytfelt/jerele mcneal with there secound rounder

  • i wonder if the C’s will sign another power forward like mcdyess, joe smith, or charlie villunueva and then take a flier on a center like robert swift who ainge has always had an unhealthy obsession with

  • Alex

    You just gave me a headache. lol

  • michaelbluth

    best post ever.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Good call for wanting us to get Chalmers. We would have gotten back up for Rondo and Walker (who in turn would have more chance to develop if our bench was stronger). Horrid we took Giddens instead. I too was down with Andersen.