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Thibodeau now on Sacramento Kings radar

According to the Philadelphia Daily News (via the Boston Herald)

The Sacramento Kings, in the market for a new head coach, have
expanded their search to include Celtics assistant coach Tom Thibodeau,
according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

Philadelphia has already asked for permission to talk to the
defensive specialist who, according to Doc Rivers, is capable of
filling a need much greater than his known specialty.

“I have no doubt about that, and he’s been in my locker room for two
years, so I should know,” the Celtics coach said today. “People see him
standing up on the sidelines and shouting, and they don’t see his
personality like I do when he’s on my office every day. He has a great
sense of humor. He’s just a great guy overall.”

This is going to be just like KG in the playoffs:  We're all going to hold out hope for his return… but we know he's not coming back.

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  • I wouldnt even waste my time holding out hope he returns. hes already half way out the door. doc doesnt even want him back, he wants thibs to go out and pursue being a head coach

  • McNuggets

    Hey Nostradamus? My guess is you really don’t see the future and you must know Doc Rivers pretty well to say something like “Doc doesn’t even want him back” I wonder what Doc had for dinner last night…Do Tell?
    Go Nuggets!!!

  • How about firing Doc and keeping Thib?

  • Lol… about no.

  • Well, Its called i heard him on an interview on WEEI, when asked about thibodeau, he said he hopes hes not back because he deserves a head coaching job

  • McNuggets

    Hey guys just got back from Iraq. DVR’d the first two rounds so I’d have something to watch during my leave. I stopped by expecting to see the usual pre-game stuff but guess you guys are at the game. Lets Go Celtics!

  • here is what i’d like to see danny do in the offseason through free agency
    now this is purely dependant on what we do in the draft and whether we make trades and whatnot
    but as of now you can’t depend on trades, and our current pick in the draft will not likely net us a player that will make the team next year
    so here would be my plan to add to our bench
    1. resign big baby to a 3 to 5 mil contract for 4 yrs or so
    2. resign powe to the vets min for 1 year
    3. adress the bench needs of backup point, forward and center positions
    backup point: resign steph to a 1 year vets min OR sign bobby jackson for cheap
    backup forward: use part of the MLE to sign Matt Barnes, Anthony Parker, or Linus Klieza
    backup center: this would be an insurance big man to play behind powe and big baby off the bench who will hopefully add some size: here i would look to add Rasho Nesterovich, Joe Smith, Antonio Mcdyss, Theo Ratliff or MAYBE, maybe eddy curry
    from there i would look to trade and move up in the draft by buying picks and trading expiring contracts like pruitt, allen, and walker and giddens
    realistically i think we coould potentially buy our way into the first round and throwing in guys like that i think we could move up as high as 18 to 20 and have a chance to grab a guy like chase budinger, who could be vital to a post big three era

  • Lakerhater

    Doc has my permission to interview with any team he likes, I think he could eventually be a head coach in this league.

  • And Kobe? Oh, Kobe. So many accolades for him today, so much high praise… And yes, I think some of it is deserved, but can we look at his numbers since the start of the Houston series?
    Houston series:
    * Game 1: 14-31 FG (45%), 32 points
    * Game 2: 16-27 FG (59%), 40 points
    * Game 3: 11-28 FG (39%), 33 points
    * Game 4: 7-17 FG (41%), 15 points
    * Game 5: 10-19 FG (52%), 26 points
    * Game 6: 11-27 FG (40%), 32 points
    * Game 7: 4-12 FG (33%), 14 points
    Denver series:
    * Game 1: 13-28 FG (46%), 40 points
    Don’t get me wrong, these are some strong numbers… But inconsistent. Super inconsistent. He has not had 2 good back to back games since the start of the semis. 45% to 59% to 39% to 41% to 52% to 40% to 33% to 46%. Why aren’t we talking about this? Are we that in love with him? Why aren’t we talking about his age? Why aren’t we talking about the fact that he’s had to turn into an inconsistent jump shooter because he doesn’t have it in his legs to have a killer inside/outside game? Why aren’t we talking about how he rarely has comfortable back to back games with decent FG percentages? Are we all wrapped around his little finger? He’s had 13 long seasons under his belt, only missing the playoffs once (right?)? And for many of those years, his Laker teams have gone deep into the playoffs. The mileage is adding up. This year honestly could be his last chance: this Laker team is pretty much the team for the next couple of years UNLESS they trade a big commodity like Bynum or Odom or Gasol in return for some big names. Otherwise, they are locked into this team with guys like Sasha, Luke, Farmar, Brown… Kobe is aging, and not that gracefully. If anyone reading this truly believes that he is still the most dominant player in the league, you need to take the blinders off.
    For some more anti-Kobe reading, check it out:

  • Boston Man


  • Boston Man

    I hope lakers go all the way.