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Reassessing: Mikki Moore

Chuck - Red's Army May 20, 2009 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Reassessing: Mikki Moore


Over the next few weeks, we'll be examining every player on the Celtics roster. We start with Mikki Moore.

Chuck's Take:
A complete waste of roster space. He committed personal fouls like no
player I've seen in my 30+ years of watching basketball. Moore came
here in late February as the Celtics were dealing with injuries to
Brian Scalabrine and Kevin Garnett. We were told he could hit a 17-foot
jumper (which he did on occassion), and hustle on defense (which he did
frequently). The problem was…Moore couldn't play defense without
fouling. It was ridiculous. He also had a hard time adjusting to the
schemes. Even when Doc was desperate for bodies in the playoffs, he
rarely turned to Mikki Moore.

Moore joined the team about a week before the buyout deadline. A
puzzling move considering Joe Smith was still rumored to become a free
agent. Even if Danny had inside information that Smith was destined for
Cleveland, there had to be other options (Drew Gooden). And how many
teams were beating down the door for a soft, journeyman 7-footer? Ainge
prematurely pulled the trigger because he had to have someone to
replace another do-nothing big man named Patrick O'Bryant. Remember him?

I'm trying not to spew hate on Mikki. He seemed like a nice guy who
worked his ass off. But the Celtics needed an impact guy off the bench
and Moore was not the answer. I blame Danny more than Mikki.

John's Take:
I'm going to be a little easier on Mikki (and Danny for signing him)
because he never really got the opportunity to play with KG. We all
know he wasn't our top choice, but he was the square peg that could
have fit a square hole. With KG out, it became a round hole, and Mikki
was out of place. He never got a grasp of things and he never got
comfortable. The guy he was supposed to rely on for a crash course on
how to do his job wasn't there anymore, and he floundered. 

But all that said, this is an easy one to reassess. Mikki had
himself a nice NBA career, but his second stint with the Celtics should
be his last. He shouldn't be invited to camp next year. The Celtics
should find a few NBDL big men, get them on the summer league roster,
and see if one of them shows enough promise to get a camp invite. 

There's no doubt the Celtics need depth at center, but Mikki clearly won't provide it.

As you're typing your comments, check out these completely random pics of Bar Rafaeli.




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  • Bill

    You’re making me lose my train of thought here.
    Drew Gooden looked strong in the Dallas series. Danny should have taken a longer look at him this year, and should consider him for next season if his price tag is low enough.

  • Danno

    Moore is awful. I said it even before we signed him. Big mistake. Get rid of him.

  • Solid analysis, but dont forget the stones he has for hands.. and as rasheed abdul wallace would say, that dude is “paper thin”

  • No. Drew Gooden is a loser who cares more about strip clups then winning…good god no

  • Get rid of him, he got tottally exposed for a guy that shouldnt even a have a job playing in the NBA

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    That last pic of her makes me think how Jennifer Garner might have looked at 17 or so….
    Oh yea…I agree with your final verdict on Mikki.

  • A dam

    What about Marcin Gortat as a backup center?
    1. He is young.
    2. He works.
    3. He has potential.
    And he is ugly enough to give the world another reason to hate Boston.

  • zauer

    Gortat would be perfect fit as a backup. He’s big, he’s tough, he’s double double machine, he competes on defense, and he’s a warrior. With him we would have 4-guy rotation under the basket with KG, Perk Big Baby and Gortat and it equals another season with the best rebounding diferential. But there is one problem. He leaves Orlando only in case they want to keep Turkoglu and don’t have enough money to sign both of them. It’s said that there are teams interested in him, willing to give him solid contract and he wants to play more than 5 minutes when Howard rests. What i’m trying to say is that if Orlando doesn’t have enough money to keep Gortat, so do we. With 57mln $$ locked up in B3 Danny will look for a vet with minimum salary. So generaly bringing Gortat is unlikely but it doesn’t change my mind – if there’s any opportunity – bring this guy to boston.