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KG would have played

If the Celtics had beaten Orlando, KG would have played in the Cleveland series.  At least, Gary Tanguay says so.

"I was told that he was going to play in the Cleveland series, if they got that far. That was an opinion I was told."

I have no reason to doubt Tanguay… but the obvious question, which is being asked by everyone, is why wouldn't he have played in game 7 if he was ready to go in Game 1? 

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  • Jon

    honestly, I don’t believe it. Maybe if Pierce and Ray were close to 100% healthy, but they weren’t. Three hobbling stars are (most likely) not going to beat a completely healthy Cleveland team so I don’t see why he would bother. And you’re right, why wouldn’t he suit up for Game 7 if he really wanted to get to the Conference Finals? The practice time between series is not a good enough answer to that question for me to believe he would’ve played.

  • I don’t know what to think….

  • I was saying that for weeks and people were hating on me for it. But it does pose the question, why the hell wouldn’t he suit up for game 7 then?? Perhaps it was a rhythm or gelling reason. The team was playing decent without him and maybe they didn’t want to just throw him into the mix for game 7. Then if we had won, he would have practiced and been worked in in the two days off. Who knows.
    I KNEW I was right on this but it doesnt freaking matter at this point anyway.

  • Nora

    After being out so long would he really have been that effective? That is the question imo.

  • Bill

    Why didn’t he suit up for game 7? Because everybody in the world except the Magic and Charles Barkley thought Boston was going to win. KG included.
    I was starting to believe Celtics would have a chance against Cleveland if KG came back.

  • Atomic Man

    Maybe he’s just a Fucking Punk Ass Pussy

  • Thank you Nora. No-probably not.

  • In the immortal words of Obi-Wan Kenobi: “Let go….” . Just let go.

  • Lakerhater

    I thought KG should suit up for Game 7 just to f#ck with the magic and tnt announcers. I don’t think he could have gone in and been in rythym (assuming his knee didn’t lock), but it would have been funnier than sh#t to send him to the scorers table just to watch van gundy sh#t his pants.

  • You understand that we’re a Celtics Blog just having fun and showing solidarity with the opponents of the LA Lakers… right?

  • Gary Tanguay? please, gray tanguay is an absolute moron who was told nothing
    There was alot of speculation around, but the bottom line is unless a miracle happened KG was NOT PLAYING…even if he did play against cleveland…um how good would he have been?
    Chris Mannix, a writer for SI, who spent time around the cavaliers said that the cavs were convinced KG would play (at the time the celtics were up 3-2 on the magic) and the cavaliers were preparing for the celtics WITH kg, ben wallace even made a bet with mannix that KG was definely playing….but this is all speculation and the cavs knew nothing. And to say you have no reason to doubt tanguay, and actually posting a blog entry with a gary friggin tanguay quote…THE GUY KNOWS NOTHING

  • Would a real nuggets fan use the name “McNuggets” ??? .. If I had to guess its a troll laker fan thinking hes being funny

  • Maybe. Then again… it is Colorado.

  • McNuggets

    If I had to guess you aren’t Irish, think you’re smarter than most and you are wrong more often than not. Go Nuggets!!!!!

  • I actually am part Irish, but I dont know what that has to do with anything, you dont have to be irish to be a celtics fan, lol.

  • Next on the History Channel, the 3 biggest mysteries known to man: Was the JFK assasination a conspiracy? Is Al Capone alive..? Would KG have played in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals..?