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A Hipster talks about the Lakers

Kobe fan

This is just an awesome post from The Blowtorch

Why am I a Lakers fan? I'll tell you.

I was a kid, my dad was, like, a HUGE Celtics fan. Like he made me
watch all these games with him when I was growing up. He'd always talk
about how great Larry Bird was and how he was a "genius." Apparently,
my dad doesn't know what true genius is. Someone like Avey Tare or
Colin Meloy. Those people actually relate to other people unlike that
fascist Larry Bird.

That's just part of it.  It's a lot of fun at the expense of both hipsters and Lakers fans… so check it out.

Oh, and if you want to point and laugh at hipsters in general… then just go here (nsfw site title).

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  • He forgot to mention that they love to wear fug colors, so purple and gold is perfect for their “nonconformity”

  • Jon

    I was in LA last week for a long weekend and there was a “rocker” at a bar with a Sasha Vujacic haircut and a Gary Payton Laker jersey. He had the wonderful ability to make me laugh without saying a word. Maybe he’s a struggling musician and could only afford a $5 discount Payton jersey but seeing as though Payton also spent a brief time with us, it’s my opinion that I would rather not wear a Celtics jersey at all than actually go out in public with a Payton one. Maybe he thought he was “hip” because it wasn’t a Kobe jersey, like everyone else has. As you can tell, I contemplated his reasoning for far too long. The haircut, however, was completely inexcusable.

  • NineSevenEight

    They actually make non-Kobe Laker jerseys?

  • Lakerhater

    This guy looks like Kurt Rambis and Vlade Divac’s gay love child.

  • idaho_jim

    that fucking hipster site is some good shit

  • Isn’t it? I’m sure they have their own website where they point and laugh at us.
    Oh well. Fuck ’em

  • CB

    Umm…those aren’t hipsters. They’re just teenagers.

  • topper

    thats not a hipster. you guys got to get out more and stop living your lives on this site. have a nice summer fishing boston fans