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Everyone was hurt, Pierce & Perk might need surgery

Doc Rivers was on Dennis and Callahan this morning, and he revealed all sorts of injury news.

Ray Allen had a hamstring problem throughout the Orlando series that
was not getting better. Paul had some bone spurs that may need to be
removed as well. (Kendrick Perkins) may have to have a procedure on his
shoulder… In Ray’s case, I thought his hamstring was bothering him a
lot. That could have had an effect on him (during the Magic series).

Wow.  Amazing what we didn't know.  I kept saying Pierce was tired.  Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm kept saying Pierce is hurt.  Guess Matt was right.  There's a first time for everything. 

Gotta say… I'm almost glad that Ray didn't use that as an excuse.  He just sat there and took the slings and arrows from everyone and he could have easily said "look, I'm not 100%."  But he lives by the "if I can walk, I can play" creed. 

I hope that changes a few minds around here.

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  • CB

    Not at all surprised. These guys played with a lot of heart either way.

  • Alex

    In a way, I think I’m glad we are out of the playoffs so these guys get a lot of rest and fix any injuries they have.
    They weren’t going to win this year anyways so they mind as well prepare themselves for next season once everyone is healthy.
    Hopefully the injury bug moves on to a different victim…

  • Hmmm..that statement about Perk is pretty interesting-he told the Herald that he is taking 2 weeks off to rest, but that’s it-no surgery/procedure talk. When I saw Pierce on his way to the player’s parking lot the other night, he just looked spent.

  • I KNEW IT, no effing way those softies from orlando could have beat us straight up

  • Please. this talk is irrelevant. they did beat us. dont start making laker-like excuses

  • Dont we also know that rondo was playing through sprained ankles?
    KG mustve felt like a dumbass, the rest of the team is limping on to the floor and giving it there all, while he wont suit up (yes people it was his call not to give it a go) and is sitting on the bench taunting the other team like a moron.
    these celtics players that didnt discuss or give an ounce of excuses about injuries are amazing, and the total opposite of most loser NBA players, who dont play with chipped finger nail, and let every media outlet in the nation know about there injury. god damn NBAtv, had a warrior segment, where rick kamla would pick the warriors of the week, usually players with baby nuts who let everyone know about there tiny minor injury, and he would sit there stroking there egos. not very often did a celtic pop on the list.. BECAUSE WHEN THEY PLAYED THROUGH INJURY THEY DIDNT FUCKING TALK ABOUT IT OR WANT CREDIT FOR IT

  • rcry

    Have you considered that maybe having KG on the floor would have HURT the team? And if KG can’t run – how is he supposed to keep up with your favorite player?

  • I hope no one really is using this is as a way to take shots at KG. If you don’t think KG would play if he could… you’re nuts.

  • its no excuse, an excuse would be blaming the refs or talking about how kg and powe were out
    im just saying the celtics took the magic to a game 7 with 7 players, now it turns out that three of them were playing through injuries, so what im saying is the better team won; its just that these are some of the reasons why they were the better team
    not a good sign for the chances of the magic against cleveland

  • Danno

    the idiotic comments on this site are getting a bit out of hand.
    Between Baron and To the ruins talking all kinds of stupid smack, it’s like a big giant self-pity party in here.
    Enough. We lost. We still had a pretty great season, all things considered. Our focus now should be on who we retain and who we let go or go after, not childishly pointing fingers and laying blame for a season that was pretty much scrapped since February. KG couldn’t play. Period. Neither he nor the Celtics owe you a personal apology, or even an excuse. KG is not at the end of his career, he’s in the middle of it. He made a smart decision not to risk further, possibly career ending injury, for the chance that we might get to the ECF and lose anyway. It wasn’t about the injuries. It was abotu the lack of a bench. Steph, Scal and Eddie stepped up when we asked them to, but no one else could. That’s not enough to win a championship, or even get out of the second round, with KG, or without.

  • stop it, just stop it. no way kg wouldnt have gone if he could have

  • i know it’s early but when’s the draft preview going to come? haha i think if we could get a guy like danny green in the 2cd round he could really help us next year

  • Wahh. Im perfectly okay with the way the season ended. Im not mad at the guys, instead proud.

  • why then did danny ainge say himself that if KG came to him and said he wanted to play, danny wouldve let him? why did danny ainge say it was completly up to KG if he played? and whatever I agree with an above post he wouldnt have given us what he wanted, but fucking a, KG in a wheelchair is probably still better then mikki moore or brian scalabrine.
    That all aside, his antics on the bench were embarassing, if he wasnt a celtic, maybe you people would admit it. Hey KG, youre a champion, act like it

  • KG is in the middle of his career? how naive are you?
    and theres no pity party here. Im happy with the celtics, and I had a great year rooting for them. awesome.

  • comments like “KG is in the middle of his career” boggle my mind…complelty….since when the fuck is playing over 1000 nba games, 15 seasons considered the middle of someones career? lmao…
    comments like these make me wonder how much you watched or knew about the NBA before KG came here.
    KG is at the tail end of his career, not the friggin middle of it. NBA History is on my side, no NBA player in history lasted much longer then 1055 games at a high level

  • Wasn’t that aaid like 4 months ago? Injuries change. You don’t think KG
    wanted to be out there? You’re nuts.

  • Shawn-cvd

    People saying KG should play is ridiculous. Remember what Rondo said in the regular how Ticket’s injury is more about impacting his career than our hopes to repeat. Well big fella. Get well all of you.

  • Shawn-cvd

    * in the regular season

  • Bill

    It’s not childish for guys, coaches or GMs to be held accountable for a season that realistically should have been more successful. Coming off a 27-2 start and a championship, I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask that the Celtics return to the ECF at the least. I’d hate to see the 07-08 Celtics end up like the one-and-done 05-06 Heat.
    “a season that was pretty much scrapped since February” because one guy goes down? That is a problem. You can’t have your season or your franchise tied up in one, two or three guys. You need contributions coming from ten guys.
    Looking at regular season MPG, Rondo is 7th in the league, Ray is 9th and Paul is 13th. I’m looking mainly at Doc for continually saying he was going to give Paul and Ray rest and not delivering.
    And I’d give serious thought to shopping Ray’s contract for 3-4 younger guys with more defensive energy who don’t disappear in the playoffs.

  • CFH

    KG would have played if he could have. Period. This is a man who was so loyal to the T-Wolves that he wasn’t sure he should leave even when it became clear he would never win a title there… even though not having a title reduced him to tears and finally winning caused some sort of joyous temporary psychotic break. He would never hang his teammates out to dry.
    He tried to get back on the court in Utah when he suffered this injury and had to be told no. He tried to fake his way through practices until Doc asked him who he was kidding. Doc has more than once joked about how every time he limits KG’s minutes, KG asks for more.
    While I have my green-colored glasses out, I’m not ready to call Ray someone who vanishes in the playoffs. Didn’t Ray come tops in an incredible duel with Ben Gordon and hit a game winner in the playoffs this year? Didn’t Ray score over 50 in one game in the playoffs this year?
    I don’t want to see Ray traded for several less talented players that Doc won’t want to use anyway. In crunch time, you only get 5 players on the floor (unless you’re Portland). When there’s 5 seconds on the clock and the C’s trail by 1 or 2 or 3, I want the ball to be in Ray Allen’s hands.

  • Shawn-cvd

    except Portland…. LMAO

  • Shawn-cvd

    Agreed this off season is more about finding and keeping talent that can contribute enough so that our starting 5 will be healthy and rested for the post season. Any messing around with our starting unit would be foolish.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    They really should look at shopping rays massive contract because there are plenty of teams out there that would love an expiring contract coming off the books right for the big free agent pool of 2010.

  • Lakerhater

    I was wondering when this would come up, I would hate to lose Ray, but you’ve made a helluva point. If you keep Eddie, what could you get for Ray? Wouldn’t surprise me if Danny is looking at it.
    That being said, I appreciate what Ray has done for the franchise, if he stays thats great.

  • Lakerhater

    Best post-season post I’ve seen, thank you for putting it in proper perspective. There are clearly some Xanax prescriptions that have not been refilled in the last three weeks.

  • Shawn-cvd

    This is insane. You’ll slam our door shut for the sake of being a good playoff team for the next 3-4 years. Restructuring now would end our title aspirations. We’d become the post-title Detroit Pistons ; good enough to go as far as the ECF’s but not good enough to win it all.
    House is not a starter in this league. Certainly cannot provide enough defense to keep him in for 35 minutes a game playing here. Furthermore three potent offensive weapons helps our spacing.
    Now talk potential trades and you may sway me.

  • Waiting for people on the Interwebs to admit they were wrong – as many Celtic fans were on the alleged wisdom of letting James Posey walk – can be a lifetime proposition.
    The Internet means never having to admit you’re clueless about Celtics basketball.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Spacing just reminded me why Doc didn’t try to sub out Rondo for House in games six and seven. The perimeter double teaming of Pierce would easily be countered with Ray, House, Baby and Perk being on the floor. Alston then couldn’t leave his assignment to double PP.
    A real head scratcher was that at one time Doc had Marbury and Rondo in the game so the doubles were still hurting us. A commitment to more ball handling instead of shooters played into SVG’s adjustment for sure.
    I know this is a tangent but just had say…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Sadly there is a business component to this game. I always wanted James back. I think the Hornets did overpay for him but he would be worth every penny to us.
    I feel Truth/Jesus gets more rest if we had him. Also our two play off opponents were perimeter specialists. Posey would have been able to cover Lewis better and given our bench more offensive Punch. We would’ve beaten Chicago in 5 and Orlando in 6.
    That said if we had him we definitely see BBD walk this off season. And he is clearly on the decline.

  • Unfortunately, a declining – and I’ll preface this by recalling a nice 7-minute stretch in the finals when Posey shut Kobe down, a stretch conveniently forgotten by the numbnuts who pushed the “Tony Allen can fill that void” nonsense – Posey would have provided enough relief for Pierce to get some rest, along with hustle, rebounding, outside shooting, et al …
    Grousbeck pinched the budget, and he and Ainge outsmarted themselves on Posey. Now, if you follow Rivers’ comments on the radio to the letter, they’re looking for a small forward who does everything Posey does.
    And it sure as hell isn’t Turnover Tony.

  • Jon

    wouldn’t we want money coming off the books too? We’ll need to give Rondo a nice raise and his contract is up after next year.

  • Bill

    Ray did show up against Chicago. Maybe it was because he was dueling another Husky that he found his stroke. But where was he this series? Where was he last year against Atlanta and Cleveland? He was shut down by Szczerbiak, only to reemerge when the Celtics had the trophy all but in hand.
    I like Ray a lot, don’t get me wrong. And that game winner he hit vs. Chicago was INCREDIBLE. But I think it is common theme to have the opposing team’s 2 guard having a field day with Ray Allen. He and Rondo consistently compete for weakest defender among the starting five.
    From a strictly cost benefit perspective, I don’t think Ray is worth keeping given he’s slated to make $19 mill. You’re paying for past greatness with that price tag, not what you expect him to do next year.
    You’re not going to re-up with Ray at that price a year from now. So why not get out a year early if the opportunity presents itself? Take $19 million and plug several holes in the rotation. Tough part will be finding guys Doc will actually put on the floor.

  • Dammit! That was going to be one of my offseason storylines.
    Well, it’s still gonna be. It’s a very interesting question. I was thinking of doing something this week or next.

  • CFH

    I suspect that Danny will look at making a trade for Ray’s contract. I suspect that Danny will look at trading practically everyone– that’s his job.
    Hypothetically, trading Ray could benefit the C’s. But I’m not sure how probable that is.
    Eddie House is a good fit on this team and I hope he returns, but he is NOT a starter. Anyone the C’s get to start at the 2 will be inferior to Ray, even in his old age– there are better 2 guards out there, but they aren’t available. Trading Ray is an automatic downgrade at his position.
    Maybe a Ray trade could let the C’s improve their bench enough to balance out the loss of Ray talent-wise. (Though as I said before… you get to play 5 at once. When push comes to shove, these hypothetical bench players will be on the bench watching Pierce/KG/Perk/Rondo/New-2.)
    Then you have to worry about whether these new contributors will fit in, chemistry-wise. Ray is the bird in the hand– we know he plays well with what we’ve got, conducts himself perfectly on and off the court, sets a great example for the younger players. Every time an article criticizes Rondo for being stubborn and hard to coach, the writer makes the caveat that “well, at least he listens to Ray Allen sometimes.”
    Of course Ray isn’t worth his $19 million balloon payment. And of course the Celtics won’t pay him on that scale when it expires. No one will. But if Ray is still a C at the end of next year, he has lots of motivation to sign for cheap to finish out his career here. He’s made his money; he’ll want to keep winning. He likes his teammates and his coach. He’ll have young kids in school he would have to leave or uproot, and one of them has a medical condition that makes staying in a city with some of the best medical care/research in the world tempting. Swallowing the contract now might mean a bargain later, and the money can be earmarked for Rondo’s first big deal at the end of next year.

  • sean

    these might be the softest injuries after a playoff series ive seen. Look at the bruins, they had gus with broken ribs, emergency kidney stone surgery, a guy with a torn labrum and a torn rotator cuff, another guy with a torn labrum in the hip. and i probably missed a few. pussies on the parquet