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Big Baby, Big Contract?

Chuck - Red's Army May 19, 2009 Uncategorized 13 Comments on Big Baby, Big Contract?


"I'm excited, I'm nervous," Davis said. "I feel a lot of emotions. It's a business. Would this be my first choice? Yeah. I want to win. That's the most important thing."

about his ties to the Celtics factoring into a business decision, Davis
said, "That's the hardest part, the camaraderie with the team just
being your first stop. You're always going to have a soft spot. But you
always realize that it's still a business. You just got to take the bad
with the good."

That's Glen Davis talking about this $$$ future. The kid deserves every penny. He's busted his ass and had one hard childhood. According to Marc Spears, one NBA general manager believes Davis will get $3 million-$5 million in his next contract. Is Big Baby worth 5 years, $20 million? You betcha. That's almost the same money the Celtics are paying Kendrick Perkins.

Both the Globe (Celtics Notebook) and Herald (Celtics Have Big Shopping List) examine the current roster and what the future holds for each player. There's also a lot of chatter about the age of the Big 3.

Speaking of age, Happy 33rd Birthday to Kevin Garnett.

And I'd like to welcome all the Denver fans pouring onto Red's Issel's Army. We'll have plenty of Nugget love and Laker hate throughout the day.

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  • Jp

    I have never really paid attention to the contract process so I don’t know…
    If i was walking down the street and heard BBD talking I would gather he has no intention of staying with the team. He is gonna follow the money, no questions asked. Again I am probably wrong here, but that IS what it sounds like to me. Anyone else have a take on it?
    Secondly, is anyone else having problems with the comments coming up the past few days here?
    Thirdly, for those of you still crying from our beloved’s playoff exit, tea bags will help with the eye puffiness, but let them cool down before you put them on. Straight out of the scalding water will, in fact, increase the puffiness.

  • obviously hes going to follow the money, as every professional athlete does, unless theyre at the end of their careers and have never won a championship.
    Mikki moore got big money for chrissakes..
    anyone got a guess who is going to offer BBD aanything though? should be interesting. hope he stays, I think the notion we should keep leon and expect something from him is ridicoulous. it basically goes back to the big 3 getting so much money…the celtics will probably keep a guy coming off knee surgery and has had several knee surgeries, becuase they wont be able to afford a budding player in BBD

  • You are also having problems with comments? I thought it was something I was doing with the posts. I have reached out to Typepad, so hopefully we can get this resolved quickly.

  • I’ve said it before and I will say it again…the $3 million per year the Celtics are paying Scalabrine is killing them.

  • CFH

    Of course Baby will follow the money, and that’s the only reasonable thing to do at his age. I get the impression that he’d like to stay, but he, like everyone else, knows that the Celtics’ funds are tied up in exactly three people.
    Best case scenario is that interested teams will be struggling with the poor economy and/or hoping for a big signing NEXT off-season. Then they won’t shell out something ridiculous, and the Celtics will be willing to match.

  • CB

    What’ve you guys heard in terms of rumors pertaining to who the Cs will go after in the off season?

  • Yeah I’ve had the same problem. I absolutely ripped into you Chuck and then the post disappeared.

  • Nice try. I’ve never censored your posts.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Like Starbury , C’s do not control BBD’s destiny. Only difference is we should shell out more for Davis. Ray Ray is off our books in one year so the luxury impact of matching a contract is not *too* crazy. Besides luxury tax can be offset by a deep playoff run next year.
    Also keeping Davis will allow us to protect KG next year. Davis has proven he can share the PF responsibilities and Doc should feel he doesn’t have to give too many minutes to Big Ticket. Add a new back up big and Doc will work Garnett too hard in the regular season. Davis also can spell center against 2/3rds of the league given his incredible girth and quickness.
    Everyone has said our window is three years. This is year three and you have to keep our nucleus. Big Baby has become part of that. He stabilizes our bench. We don’t want to be what we looked like at beginning of this year; a marked improvement at PG and C with no bench.
    In closing I feel our biggest need is a backup for Truth and Jesus and keeping Baby so the Big Three will get much needed rest in the regular season. Our team will go only as far as our efforts to get our starting unit to the post season healthy and rested.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Quick correction: Doc will overuse KG if we lose Davis and bring in a PF that our little avail $$ could fetch. Also I’m saying BBD could in short minutes play the 5.

  • I’m not saying you censored them but I ripped into you on one of the posts and then the comment section just disappeared.

  • I saw that…it was on the “It’s Over” post. I cannot figure out what happened to those comments.
    It’s a good thing those comments are hidden, my reply was so smart and witty, it makes you look really bad. 😉

  • hah I see you’ve been working hard on your jokes. they’re getting better.