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A Must Have for All Nuggets Fans


We here at Issel's Army say there's no better way to express your Lakers hatred than one of these "Losers" Laker logo tees. A close second are the Anti-Kobe t-shirts (yes, I own one myself).

Speaking of the vastly over-rated, Mr. Bryant. SI.com's Steve Aschburner wrote this great column a few weeks back proving Kobe is one of the dirtiest players in the game.

Repeat offenses make this easy, too. And let's be clear, Bryant is a
serial transgressor. He has been accused constantly of little nasties
in his physical contact with opponents, as payback or otherwise. He has
been caught on video numerous times and even held accountable by the
league on more than a few occasions:

— In April 2000, Bryant received a one-game suspension for retaliating and throwing a punch at New York Knicks guard Chris Childs.

— Bryant got suspended for two games in March 2002 after throwing a punch at Indiana's Reggie Miller at the end of a Lakers-Pacers game.

— In December 2005, an elbow to Memphis swingman Mike Miller's throat cost Bryant another two games to league sanction.

Within the first six weeks of the 2006-07 season, Bryant was suspended
twice (one game each) for flailing his shooting arm into the faces of
San Antonio's Manu Ginobili and Minnesota's Marko Jaric.
Despite his protests to the contrary, the NBA sheriffs saw no natural
follow-through in that move, which looked like a more aggressive
version of a jump shooter creating contact with his body. Bryant's
maneuver seemed designed to punish rather than manufacture free throws.

That last stretch, capped in March 2007 when Bryant was assessed a flagrant 1 foul for elbowing Philadelphia's Kyle Korver in the jaw, led to the greatest confluence of "Is Kobe dirty?" debates in his career. Lakers coach Phil Jackson
accused the NBA of conducting a "vendetta" and a "witch hunt" against
his scoring star, and Bryant reacted angrily to the conjecture. "It's
insulting," he told reporters then. "I don't need to be a dirty player.
That's just ridiculous. I'm not a dirty player — never have been,
never will be."

He's got an on-court rap sheet worse than Ron Artest. Fortunately, he has the media sucking his…toes.

Going back to our beloved Celtics, WEEI.com's Jess Camerato has an interesting by-the-numbers look back on the 2008-09 season. Here's a sample:

72: Three-point attempts by Rajon Rondo

It was no secret that opponents were leaving Rajon Rondo open early in
his career, so he developed a jumper and gained confidence from behind
the arc. Rondo attempted 72 treys compared to 39 last season.

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  • why do you care so much about the lakers? who cares

  • Uncle Leo

    To be fair kobe was sucker punched by childs and everyone in the nba would probably have liked to take a swing at reggie at one point or another.
    Otherwise, of course he’s dirty, so is everyone in the league who actually wants to win. Case in point last years Celtics. For anyone paying attention, you could see the low visibily fouls constantly committed, grabbing wrists when opponent pentrates, moving screens off he ball, handchecking, screeners hipchecking, after the foul foul’s. This is why the celts are gonna miss coach T, and also Posey, who executed this really well.

  • I agree that everyone who really wants to win has to get dirty
    Its a double edged sword, we hate when our guys are called dirty, but bask in the glory of a guy like kobe being called dirty
    Look, I hate kobe the person, his attitude and everything about him besides his game. hes a damn good player, and no he isnt anymore dirty then our guys.
    And as far as missing coach thibodeau, I wont believe it until I see it. he installed a defensive system in houston, and when he left, it didnt effect one bit, none.
    I say if we get the right assistant to replace him, a new voice could be a very good thing.

  • Hey, if the Celtics were still playing, I wouldn’t care. But they’re out… and this is fun. It gives us something to have fun with on the site.
    Nothing wrong with a little Lakers hate.

  • Lakerhater

    I strongly endorse this endeavor and all of the products you are so proudly pimping to further the cause.
    I can’t believe I’m going to root for Kenyon Martin tonight. GO THUGGETS

  • lol

    pretty funny how Kobe is vastly overrated yet Pierce the self proclaim best player in the world didn’t show up this year in the playoffs at all against the Magic

  • BostonBleedsPURPLEandGOLD24/7

    A BIG THANK YOU to ToTheRuins….FINALLY someone else thinks like all LAKER fans (including myself) That’s what I’ve been saying since this shitty site was known of….REDSARMY, WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH ABOUT THE LAKERS??????? Let it go!!! Again, a big THANK YOU to ToTheRuins SUCKDICKS (celtic)fan!!!! HA!
    Oh and btw…yes nuggets should definetly wears those losers shirts goes well with them now with a 1-0 game!!!!!

  • I’ve been saying this since you shitty Lakers fans have been posting here on a daily basis…
    Why do you care what WE do? It’s funny, every one of you says this is a shitty site and we should be ashamed… but you guys are fucking REGULARS here. The same bunch of you.
    The fact is… we’re a great site… and you prove it by visiting over, and over, and over again. I don’t visit any Lakers blogs. I don’t care what they do. But you… and others like you… are always here.
    So thanks for being such a loyal reader.