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Welcome To Issel’s Army!


We have two favorite teams here at RedsArmy.com:  The Boston Celtics, and whichever team is playing the Lakers. 

Since our horse is out of the race, we're throwing our Laker-hating weight behind the Denver Nuggets.  So for now, we're renaming the site "Issel's Army," after Denver Nuggets great Dan Issel. And what a great team this Nuggets squad is.  The addition of Chauncey Billups has been such a stabilizing force.  Nene is playing like everyone had hoped he would play.  You even got an internet phenom in The Birdman. 

Hell, I'm even going to overlook my white-hot hatred of Kenyon Martin for this series.  For the next couple of weeks, that lips tattoo is a wonderful expression of who Kenyon is… and not some ridiculous-looking thing that makes him look even douchier.  

Is this bandwagon jumping?  You betcha.  But it's bandwagon jumping because we hate the Lakers.  The enemy of our enemy is our friend.  And right now Denver, you're our friends.  

And you die-hard Nuggets fans have nothing to worry about.  As soon as you eliminate Kobe and Kobe-ettes, we'll step off your bandwagon and change back to our regular ol' Red's Army.  We have no rooting interest beyond you beating the Lakers.  If you win it all, we won't celebrate like we did.  

Just beat the goddam Lakers, will ya?

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  • SydneyCeltic

    This is GOLD. Nice work guys. 🙂

  • John, did you ever get the emails I sent you a week or so back?

  • Alex

    Oh boy. Looks like someone has their panties in a knot.

  • jay

    Go Nuggets!

  • GReenblooded

    I know its early, but two free agents the c’s should be looking at are Rasheed Wallace and i think either Anthony Johnson or Carter in denver would be the perfect backup pg for rondo. Take a look at josh childress, too.

  • greenblooded

    …so thats three free agents..shut up

  • I bleed green in L.A.


  • Haha

    Isn’t it funny how when Lakers fan root for the other team the Celtics are playing, they are considered Bandwagon Fans. Yet when the Celtics fan root for the other team, they are not bandwagon fans? Celtics Fan = FAIL. Go fishing elsewhere LOL

  • abdullah

    haha man this is pathetic.
    actually changing your sites name to the nuggets because your own team lost and couldnt get it done = priceless.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Actually it’s a very natural progression. All true Celtics fans are born LakerHaters. When the Flakers lose, its the 2nd best thing in the sports world. The best is when the Celtics destroy them by 39 in the Finals and expose them for the pansies that they are.
    I mean, winning the championship is sweet no matter who you have to beat to raise that banner, but embarrasing the Fakers in the process is euphoric, and even though they’ve done it 8 times already, it never loses it’s specialness. And IMO, there is no greater feeling for a fan in all of sports (maybe a Cubs fan if they ever win it), and it doesn’t even translate with other NBA teams, like the Bulls beating Utah or the Spurs beating Detroit-this feeling belongs soley to a Celtics fan.

  • mike

    priceless indeed. haha its enough that you lost but doing this – made you losers. haha

  • jerico

    priceless indeed. its enough that you lost, but doing this – made you losers. haha one thing i can say – Boston losing their identity.

  • A-Fucking-Men!

  • CFH

    LOL! I love it!
    George Karl is one of my least favorite coaches in the world, but I can be a Nuggets fan for a week or two!
    Loving the Celtics and hating the Lakers are two sides of the same coin. There’s a time when I’m willing to hop on a bandwagon, and this is it.

  • Lol @ lakers fans. Honestly you pathetic wastes of life. what kinda dipshit bragging rights do you are think you have, because our depleted celtics lost? hahaha!!!!!!! you morons, brian scalabrine was our only back up big, and you are gonna try and take shots at the celtics for losing!!! laugh at the magic for now sweeping us you bums..
    as for denver, I do like them, but I dont know how much of a chance they have to be heonest…New orleans and dallas made them look about as good as possible, 2 really easy and good matchups for denver, it will be interesting to see how they go from here..im not counting on them for much, but will be watching and rooting for em. I love that billups is no longer on the east and someone we have to worry about, ive loved him since he was drafted a celtic, but couldnt help but hate him last year when he was a piston and in our way

  • for not sweeping us*

  • No thanks
    I want antonio mcdyess, not sheed wallace

  • its enough that we lost….hmmm…what were we suppose to do? win? lmao dude, seriously get a goddamn brain in that head of yours. we had no chance!

  • dwight howard is now getting credit for saving the magics season by calling out his coach….lmao…the media are morons

  • Pilipino ang lahi ko

    Hey Guys!
    What if it became a cleveland-fakers finals series (just as stern wants)?
    Will you be renaming yourselves as
    ehlo’s army?

  • I like it!
    Let’s be clear here… I’m rooting for whichever team plays the Lakers. If it’s Cavs Lakers…. I going for the cavs, no matter how douchy they’ve become.

  • Jp

    Boy folks really like to bitch, huh?
    Last I knew it wasn’t “our” web site, so the guys can do whatever the hell they want with it. Clearly this most controversial move was labeled by the owners as “bandwagon”ing, get over it. It’s a joke, something for a laugh. Maybe we all should just go cower in the corner, pickle ourselves with our favorite alcoholic beverage and cry for a few weeks. Hey, take out the crying and that’s a plan. Ok I gotta go…my buddy Jack is calling.

  • Orb

    Pro-Cs/Anti-Lakers is the same wagon.
    The other night Barkley (I know, I know…) actually got tear-eyed talking about how much the Lakers piss him off. C-Webb chimed in that their lack of heart was proven in the final game last year. Go Nuggets!

  • Jon

    I can fully get behind Delonte getting a ring but it would annoy me that it would mean Szerbiak gets one.

  • Abdullah’s Dad

    Priceless? Like a guy who reads a site he thinks is pathetic? One thing you always respect are people who put themselves out there and do what they want. The guys at Reds Army consistently write a lot of quality posts and attract a lot of people with common interests. Knock them all you want, youre still here reading their posts.

  • abdullah

    same shit can be said of your celtics beating a depleted lakers team last year.

  • Pathetic = cheering for a self-serving rapist like he’s jesus

  • Depleted? You didn’t have Andrew Bynum. What the fuck is he doing for you this year? Nothing.

  • Alex

    What the fuck? Are you retarded? Bynum? An average big man? You got to be kidding me…
    We didn’t have KG, the heart of the Celtics team and the Defensive captain, AND Leon Powe was gone as well!
    We had it harder this playoffs than the Lakers.
    Funny thing is, it took the Lakers to go GAME 7 against the Rockets even with Bynum and Kobe. Imagine how that will end up when you guys play the Denver Nuggets and IF you pass, against the Cleveland Cavaliers. xD
    This is honestly not Lakers year, so don’t get surprised if you lose it all.

  • And, the nuggets dancers are freakin fan-TASTIC!
    Billups, C’s draft pick.. we can have reasons to pull for Denver.
    Did we mention the nuggets dancers are amazing?

  • Not a big ‘Melo fan, but of COURSE I want the Fakers to lose. I do however like Chauncey, so I’ll justify rooting for the Nuggs with that. BTW, Bynum is sooooo overrated.

  • Nate from Pickaxe and Roll here (Nuggets blog.) We are loving the love from around the league.
    Nice work.
    I’m taking Denver in 6 …

  • abdullah

    you clearly dont watch laker games. andrew bynum provided interior toughness and the intagibles that dont show up in the stat sheet. look at our record before he got injured last year and also look at his stats in his breakout month. after bynum went down we lost that one defensive presence we had and got gasol. there is a huge difference in having gasol at center as opposed to having bynum at center. we also didnt have a healthy ariza. just watch the lakers before healthy ariza and bynum and after healthy ariza and bynum. THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE. i will go as far as to say for us losing ariza and bynum is equivalent to you guys losing powe and garnett.

  • That would be awesome. I’ll go for Nuggs in 6 too!

  • In honor of Nene, I am dropping the “coach” title.
    I am now, Bo.
    But I have two nads.

  • Kayce

    Glad to have Boston fans behind a Denver team again. Last time this happened we had some very good results for us and Ray Borque. Welcome aboard, and Go Nuggets, Beat LA!!!

  • Celtics suck. 1 and done, baby. 1 AND DONE.

  • NineSevenEight

    BWAHHHHAHAHA!!!! Maybe in three lifetimes. But you may have a point, Bynum looks like he’ll be a serious All-Star contender with all those 0pt, 1 rebound games he’s putting up in the playoffs. So much for that defensive intensity, Rondo takes down more rebounds at 6’1″.

  • Lakerhater

    Couldn’t have said it any better, except might have mentioned the overwelming satisfaction one gets from watching the spoiled little bitches on the fakers complain about their contracts, team mates, pending criminal charges and civil suits…………..

  • abdullah

    basketball ignorance at its finest. tell me honestly. do you watch laker games at all?

  • Jezru

    This is great. I’m a Nuggets fan in LA and I want you all to know there was no bigger supporter of you guys last year than me. The Lakers must fail and will fail. Together, hand in hand we will rejoice as Kobe throws his team under the bus and the Laker season comes to a crushing close.
    Nuggets in 6.

  • Shawn-cvd

    This is Hilarious ! The only feeling better than the Flakers failures is Boston’s successes. And the only feeling better than Celtic’s successes is when it’s at the Flaker’s expense.
    I remember growing up in Brookline and having a visceral reaction when I saw those golden home jerseys Magic and Co. wore.
    I remember my excitement at the 2004 Piston’s dismantling of the “Big Four done wrong”. Now the Nuggets have chance to send Kobe and his merry band of under achievers home.
    It all starts in a few short hours:)…

  • NineSevenEight

    There’s no ignorance in criticizing 0pt, 1 rebound, especially when you put up more than one game like that. We had a guy like that on the Celtics, his name was Mikki Moore. When you’re fouling more than your grabbing offensive/defensive rebounds or scoring, what kind of production is that? It is what it is, abDULLah.
    Actually, the most ignorant thing I’ve read is the comparison between Bynum and KG like they’re on the same level and equivilant to each other. That’s plain lunacy. KG is the one that actually provides the intangibles as a defensive leader, Bynum is far from a leader of anything. Kobe wouldn’t allow it anyways, it’s his team. They don’t even make Laker jerseys without the number 24 on them. If Bynum was a leader on defense providing intangibles, the Lakers would have never gotten taken to a 7th game by a team WITHOUT TWO STARS. A team WITHOUT A 7+ FOOT All-Star in the paint.
    You can say all you want about the Celtics run last year, but the fact is that they were a team experiencing the regular season and the playoffs for the first time together as a group. No one expected them to win the Championship in their first season as teammates. This Laker group has been together long enough, there are no excuses.
    Bynum better get a move on considering he has a long way to go to catch up with the 12 All-Star games KG’s been to. Last year Bynum was the savior, what is he this year?

  • NineSevenEight

    Even last year when the Celtics got taken to 7 games by ATL and CLE, they didn’t give away home court unlike this year’s Lakers. When they lost home court to Detroit-they took it in 6. And you know what happened after that.
    The Lakers arrogance is a product of Kobe’s presence.

  • Our other favorite team is any team smart enough to get rid of “Me, Myself and Iverson”.

  • rod

    so much for this site eh lol. lakers 1-0 up on denver chicken mcnuggets.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    All they have to get is one…and the fakers had to steal this one on their homecourt. Go Nuggs!

  • rod

    Do they teach english composition in Boston?

  • better then none and done

  • Lol @ lakers fans coming here because they barely got game 1….this just shows how incompetent and stupid they are.
    So the rockets winning game 1 last series, meant the series was over right? gotcha

  • Joe Laker Fan

    Issel’s Army – good call. As the C’s start sliding back toward their natural level – about 40 wins a season – this blog will need to adapt and change with the times in order to stay alive.

  • Hibachi

    Talk about really pathtetic!!! You’re supporting another team. HAHAHA. When the Suckdics were 3-2 on the Magic, I called it, I said the Magic would be the Suckdics 4-3 and it came true. Ray Allen and Paul Pierce simply aren’t leaders. KG is the only leader you have and his knee will never be the same (thanks to the great curse of Marbury. I mean the curse even caused Ainge to have a stroke).
    Face it Suckdic fans, you’re Suckdics are DONE!!! KG will never the same, Allen and Pierce are getting older, and now here are you supporting the Nuggets – LOL. That’s the difference between us Laker fans, we bleed purple and gold and would NEVER support another team. It’s the Lakers or nothing. Too bad you Suckdic fans don’t know the definition of pride.
    Boston Suckdics suck – Hibachi style!!

  • Wolfhead18

    You must have the mental capacity of a second-grader if you think those two pairs of team-mates are equal in importance and/or skill. KG alone is more important than both of them. I watch their games, Bynum, is decent at best. Im only saying decent because he had a one-week stretch of unbelievable fantasy numbers. But playoffs, when it matters, he has no impact whatsoever. Ariza is a very good defensive player. Offensively, he only hits wide open shots and throws up more ugly shots than rafer alston. Give me an effin break.

  • wolfhead18

    Really? Have you ever watched basketball? Ray allen and paul pierce not leaders?
    I doubt your even from LA, and if you are why in F**K’s sake are you on this website.

  • stoolsArmy

    Hibachi style…did you invent that with your sister last night?
    go eat some corn on the cob the wrong way, you homo