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Thibodeau Interviewing With 76’ers


What's worse than the Celtics being bounced from the playoffs?  The architect of our defense possibly leaving the team.

According to Danny Ainge, the 76ers asked and received permission to speak to Thibodeau over last weekend.

The Celts were well aware of Thibodeau’s desire to become a head
coach. He had, in fact, worked for the Celtics on two one-year

The 76ers are expected to interview Thibodeau soon.

Well… crap.

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  • bigmck

    He established a solid defensive foundation. Only problem is…if he goes…any new guys will miss out on his coaching.

  • Alex

    If Thibodeau leaves, it doesn’t matter if KG and Powe comes back.
    We are pretty screwed.

  • Philly is too stupid to hire Tommy, they will go with doug instead

  • Jon

    It certainly would suck to have your former defensive mastermind coaching against you in the same division.

  • how far did houstons defense drop off once thibodeau left? 0
    the defense is in place, quite frankly a new voice at assistant might be a good thing

  • Philly is too stupid? and you know this how? lol, theyre interviewing the first day possible…meaning they really want him

  • We’ll miss him. He helped Doc a ton. I agree to keep him out of our division though!

  • We’ll miss ya Tibs! Hope he stays, but if not, Godspeed. Just a class guy all around.

  • Nora

    Tibs did not invent Defense. Team will be fine.

  • Lakerhater

    And what was the status of Cletics defense before he showed up? Oh that’s right, Doc will keep up the program without him. Moron.

  • Dont be a moron. the status of the celtics defense before thibodeau is irrelevant, it was a completly different team, fucking dipshit.
    If the defense is instilled, then they dont need thibs for more then 2 years…get another defensve guru, hes not the only one out there, throw in a different wrinkle, keep it the same…dont be dumb…when Thibs left houston, he had built a defense there that didnt take a step back whatsoever when he left