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They Had Nothing Left

Empty tank
The Celtics have been driving with the gas light on for a long time (like Kramer in that Seinfeld episode).  And last night, they just ran out of gas.  Paul Pierce said so.

“We still had our chances. I thought going into the fourth quarter, I
think we were down five or six, and we’ve been in that situation many
of times where we make a run and we win the game. [Sunday night], it
just really felt like we ran out of gas for us to be only down five and
to lose the way we did.”

Rondo too

"…it’s just disappointing. We didn’t really plan on losing, that’s for sure. We thought we could win. We just didn’t have it.”

Fatigue can account for so much of what happened to the C's: Ray Allen's shot being off, sloppy turnovers, missed defensive assignments.  They didn't have KG or Powe, which is a killer in itself.  They couldn't use Mikki Moore.  I could go on, but I'm not going to.  The point is simple… they just didn't have enough bullets in the gun.  I should give credit to Orlando, too.  They played uncharacteristically smart basketball in game 7 (how's that for a backhanded compliment?).  They never resorted to taking bad 3 pointers.  They kept taking it to the hoop.  They played well where history told me they wouldn't.  Kudos to them.  They took advantage of our disadvantages.

So now it's time to move on, and reassess what we have, and what we need.  We're going to spend a good amount of time on that this offseason.  We're still going to be covering the NBA as a whole.  We'll be looking at what we can get in the draft and, of course, we'll be updating you whenever a KG knee-surgery story breaks. 

For now, we'll end it on a positive note.  One last highlight:  Rajon Rondo dunking on Dwight Howard.

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  • ugh…
    They got an extra day of rest before that game..
    and again, they had multiple oppurtunities to win both the bulls and magic series in 6, and failed to do that, thats why they were out of gas.Orlando wasnt tired? I dont want to hear about fatigue, whether its true or not, every team is fatigued, and orlando simply played a great game last night, and won 2 elimination games.
    it is what it is, we werent beating cleveland

  • Oh and does anyone else agree the overly conserted effort to get ray allen going actually killed us? i mean when pierce and ray didnt play 1 good game together in the playoffs, and youre choosing to get ray off instead of the guy whos singlehandedly won a game 7 before…I just dont get it. pierce went a 30 minute stretch in that game without scoring. I just dont get why those 2 are incapable of playing good in the same game.
    offseason time, and a big one….if we sign some actual impact players instead of having an army of incompetent bums, we should be ok

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Yep, they found a blueprint for beating us, make Ray work harder than ever to get off a shot. BUT if we had KG down low, teams would have to deal with that too. We needed the Big 3 intact to have a chance this year, and the Cavs may still have beaten us.
    Rondo and Davis stepped up huge these playoffs, so atleast there’s that. We need a new bench though. Moore, TA, Marbury, even Scal can be gone next year. Keep Pruitt and Walker, add a solid big man and go after a defensive veteran (like Artest?) and we should be better next year. Getting rid of Posey hurt this year, but he did nothing in New Orleans either.

  • rcry

    It’s disappointment all around. I think at the end of the day, it wasn’t so much physical fatigue.. they were just mentally fatigued. Rondo especially – he just didn’t have the same mental focus he had during the first 5 games of the bull series.
    I also think we had trouble adjusting, and again, Rondo especially. Rondo fluctuated from having perfect control of the offense, to looking like he had NO idea of how to run an offense (which is especially apparent in the last few games). I have to give the Orlando defense some credit, but I think Rondo thinks too much about trying to get Ray the ball. Or deferring to Paul. It’ll be interesting to see what Rondo’s role will be come this fall.
    And if it seems like I’m picking on Rondo, I’m not. He didn’t lose us this game – though I guess if he had played like we know he’s capable of playing, we would have a guaranteed win (but then again, the same could be said of Paul and Ray). I love Rondo. He’s our future, so hopefully this disappointment will fuel him this summer to work hard on his game.
    We’ll come back next year and hopefully be better than ever. Our starting 5 will certainly be a sight to behold.

  • zauer

    somebody know if tony allen signed two-year contract or is free agent now? If he’s on books for next year it will be hard to trade him. So is with scal. We could be favorites next season with improved Rondo Big Baby and Perk if only we can get rid of Scall and Tony Allen, and bring solid 2-3 swingman instead. Not sure about Marbury but i think he’s gone for next year, hope Moore is gone too. I’m not sure about team plans on Leon, he’s gona heal till All star break and i think with so improved big baby they will want to keep him even with high price. Big Baby can play big minutes now so i personally would keep Big Baby and bring veteran tough 7-footer. Can we start the great debate what we should do in offseason or it’s too early for it?

  • A dam

    Lets take a small rest watching how lekers is beeing smashed by smart minigun from denver. (hope)
    But indeed wise trading moves are needed for C’s now.
    Question open – what we should do in offseason to get back to the throne?

  • Atomic Man

    Nah Nah Nah Nah, Nah Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey Hey,
    Its over Johnny
    Nice to see that your best player PP didn’t even show up for this series at all.
    Now what do you do, the Celtics will suck for the next ten years.
    Peace out

  • Hrvoje

    I’m sad to say this, but I think majority of Celtics fans are *****. Still not at Lakers level but close. By that I don’t mean support they give at games, because that was awesome whole year, but the attitude, mindset and arrogant behavior. Looking everything black and white, not realizing there is always another game. Also, hating some players close to no reason, makes me sick. The amount of hate, insults, underspecification TA gets is over the charts. For waiting on the bench, not complaining, staying humble, working VERY hard when comes in, playing BEST, YES, BEST DEFENSE of all Celtics players. It doesn’t matter, he will be hated. And butt licking will get ‘spectacular’ players who think about none else other themselves.
    What lead to Magic lost is too many easy layup/dunks and wide open threes. And not resting our key guys/overplaying them during the season. I’m also so digusted when I read that our bench sucks balls/worst in the league/should quit job. OUR BENCH PLAYERS PLAYED LEAST MINUTES OF ALL TEAMS. HOW CAN YOU GET ANY GOOD OUT WHEN YOU ARE NOT PLAYING???!! SHOW SOME RESPECT YOU MORONS (not directed to you specifically). COMPOSURE WITH LIMITED MINUTES MARBURY, MOORE, TONY SHOWED DESERVES MENTIONING, and they did it for the sake of the team.
    Injustice in this world stinks.

  • rondo didnt play great in this series, but he was still 2 asssists per game short of averaging a triple double….the loss just simply isnt on him…I have a hard time understanding why people point to him as the reason when ray allen pierce were wildly inconsistent from game to game and never played good in the same game together
    we get swept by the bulls if it wasnt for rondo, and we lose 5 in this series without him, despite him not playing great…who the hell did?

  • You are a tool bag
    Tony allen sucks, is a jerk, and as dumb as a rock, one of the single worst players ive ever had to watch. yet somehow you love him, other tony fan boys love him. how? why? it makes NO SENSE
    Meanwhile, you post “Trade rondo” our starting PG, who averaged nearly a triple double in the entire playoffs, actually contributes to the team, unlike tony the idiot allen
    he didnt play because noone on the team trusts him, and he cant help us because hes so dumb…You really fucking think he wouldnt be playing if he could help us? god damnit.

  • Oh and just so you know Hrvjoe, tony allens job was to replace james posey this seasn, but he is such an icompetent idiot, he couldnt even get minutes in the playoffs.
    They did everything they could to get rid of the guy before the trading deadline, because doc finally had it, he went to ainge and said hes done with tony…but the thing is danny cant get anything from tony, because noone in the league wants him

  • Thanks for a good season of reporting & analysis, Red’s Army. It was fun tweetin’ with y’all during the games.
    Now for a long off season. When does week 1 of the NFL start?!?

  • Bill

    Danny: Trade Ray Allen. Get him the fuck out of here. I’m sick of this guy playing shitty D, disappearing through the playoffs and always trying to do too much. Everybody in the world knows Ray is a catch and shoot guy. Stop trying to dribble and create shots. YOU’RE NOT A POINT GUARD!
    I think Doc got outcoached by the blowhard himself. SVG’s gameplan was to have Courtney Lee and JJ Redick absolutely shut down Ray and Eddie and it worked. And Mikael Pietrus? What the fuck is this? Is this something I find in a laboratory? He killed the Celtics and Doc had no answer for him. Doc’s entire game plan was: work through Paul and Ray and we’ll win because we’re at home, we’re the defending champs and because we’ve won a ton of game 7s. What a horrible mentality to have.

  • Hrvoje

    There is no way I have energy right now to argue this with filthy spoiled brats such as you.
    And my name is not joe.

  • zauer

    Ok, after reading comments totally agree with A dam – lets rest, get our heads clear and wait till some idiots get tired of spamming over here.

  • rcry

    Like I said, it’s not my intention to point out Rondo as the reason why we lost, because I absolutely love the kid. I admit to having absurdly high (perhaps unfair) expectations of him, which may be why I’m so disappointed. But everything starts with Rondo – on both the defense and the offense. It’s like a broken record now, but when he’s off, everything is off. It’s just the nature of Rajon’s role on the team… but you’re right, with him stepping up the way he did this postseason, Rondo gave us a chance…
    Ray and Paul – they’re on the decline… so to me, inconsistency from them is just part of the time line. Rondo has the chance to be something really special, so we have to keep pushing him to be the best. Even if we don’t blame him, I personally hope that he blames himself for this loss. I’ll take whatever we can get to fuel that fire of his.

  • CFH

    I think I’ll politely agree with A dam, and look forward to when there can be a real discussion of offseason moves.
    Nice blogging this year, Red’s Army.

  • Bill

    Don’t be a dbag.
    Trading Ray Allen is a real proposal. He’s in his last year of his contract. And for a guy making almost $19 million, I expect better defense and for him to step up on the offensive end when it matters. He hit big shots this year, don’t get me wrong. But he’s constantly getting torched by other teams’ 2s: Courtney Lee, Redick, Hamilton, Szczerbiak, list goes on. Spend 19 mill on 5 guys who are consistent and play good defense.

  • i would hardly call that. being ‘dunked on’ but call it what you like. good playoff run by the Cs. but a lot of rebuilding needed. i see KG falling into the downward slump of his career, and a chronic knee injury not helping. big men and leg injuries are not good. i see the same happening to yao.

  • Its hard for rondo to be on every night when
    a. there isnt a single player on his team who plays his uptempo style (oh god i missed the KG/rondo alley oop)
    b. the magic are keeping rondo out of transition, and the ball gets stagnant in everyones hands but his, therefore he doesnt even have to be guarded.
    its up to the entire team to get the rebound, get it to rondo, and sprint down the floor with him…noone did that…and rondo cant just go to the hole himself everytime with dwight howard in the paint

  • Im a filthy spoiled brat? whys that? because i dont like tony allen? you fucking moron..

  • Oh, and you cant argue anything
    tony didnt play because he can not help the celtics. hes as dumb a player both on and off the court there has ever been in the NBA. The celtics did want to trade him by the deadline, but noone wanted him. the celtics signed him out of desperation because of posey getting overpaid and quickly regretted it. he could not back up paul pierce or ray allen, even though both were running on empty and desperatly needed rest….
    can you give me a logical answer to why in fucks name he cant even get minutes on a depleted team when he was suppose to replace to james posey? there is none. so you can keep your little binky in tony allen, but the fucking guys sucks, and will be out of the league soon