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Offseason Questions: Stephon Marbury


I really wasn't prepared to be asking these questions right now… but… here we are.

There are a lot of questions for the Celtics to answer this offseason.  As Chuck alluded to last night, the Celtics are in a precarious financial position.  They've got all their money tied up in the Big 3, and that leaves them very little money left over to cobble a bench together.  Last year, James Posey and PJ Brown worked out very well.  This year, Mikki Moore and Tony Allen did not. 

The formula for getting decent back up talent on the cheap is simple:  find a decent ring-less veteran and convince him that taking less than he might be worth is worth the shot at the champagne shower.  And isn't that what we have in Stephon Marbury right now?  So the question is… should the Celtics roll the dice and bring him back for one more go-round?  He does like it here.

"I mean I love it here, I loved playing basketball here," said Marbury.
"That's where I am right now… I don't know what my future holds. I"m
just going to wait and see what the future holds."

Playing pros and cons here:

Pro:  He's a very capable back up point guard who still has the ability to score in bunches and bolster a second unit.

Con: He's used to being a starting point guard.  And when he came over here, he put that aside for a shot at a ring.  There's no guarantee he'll be happy as a back up for an entire season, especially if the C's go on a losing streak.

Pro:  That attitude we kept hearing about was nowhere to be seen in Boston.  He was on his absolute best behavior.

Con:  While a lot of us started to buy into the 'Steph is misunderstood' argument… there's also no doubt that he's been a disruption in the past.  We've got one more year left with the Big 3… do we really want to roll the dice on our back up PG being disruptive?

Pro: He's going to have a full preseason to get used to the way things work… and he'll be playing with Kevin Garnett again.  He'll be much better than he was this season.

Con: He's a year older… so will he still be able to do the things we expect him to do?  What if he doesn't get better?  What if the end of this season is the best we can get from him?

If Steph goes, we're going to need another back up PG.  I think Eddie House has shown he's better coming in at the 2 than at the 1 (if he comes back at all. He's got a player option for next year).  If Steph is willing to come back… if he says he's willing to play back up to Rondo… do you want him back?

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  • Bill

    Steph played good defense and provided a spark off the bench. He was tentative for a long time, but once he got over it, he showed he is a weapon. I was impressed with some of the plays he made last night when Rondo was nowhere to be found. The question will be money. He was a big money guy and he still may get decent money offers from other teams. Ultimately, Doc needs to get him in the rotation more (which is a huge challenge for Doc somehow) because Rondo just doesn’t have that killer instinct night in and night out yet.

  • AMP

    I want Steph back. I am excited to see what he can do if he trains with the C’s. I think he is well aware of where his career is now.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I think Starbury’s return is up to whether other teams will sign him. If no money’s available for him I definitely want him here for one more year. It’s more about his price. We have other needs to fill as well and can’t tie up what little money we have at PG.

  • I’m OK with a one year deal at the minimum, with an option for a second. Have no interest whatsoever in anything more.

  • CFH

    If he genuinely wants to accept a short, cheap contract to play backup, then yes. He’ll be better both physically and mentally when he’s had more time with the team.
    He’s not worth the luxury tax, and he shouldn’t be given power ($$$).
    But he’s worth a roster spot. I can’t believe I just said that.

  • i would bring him back if it was for the vets minimum, more importantly the C’s need to figure out what they are going to do at the back up 2 and 3 positions, they just need one capable guy that is 6’6 or taller to come in and back up pierce in allen and give them some rest
    it would also be nice if they could get another big man, someone with some size, to go along with the hopeful tandem of baby and powe coming off the bench
    as for the draft, unless danny moves up im not real sure the C’s will get a capable backup with the lone pick they have late in the second round
    i would try to trade giddens walker and pruitt to move up in the draft, none of those guys has shown me anything

  • Orb

    I can’t believe I’m saying yes to Steph too… (although a qualified “low-money” yes). A big reason for me is Doc, who’s proven time and again that he can’t even take his own advice on using the bench in the regular season. He’s never going to give Gabe the minutes to find out what he can do in games, and to get better. So Steph (or another vet) is our only option for a real point guard (sorry Eddie) off the bench.
    Anybody else on the “Get Gortat” bandwagon?

  • No thanks

  • G4L

    Buy out Tony Allen and sign Marbury.

  • If Rondo gets hurt for an extended period of time, and lets face it, he can’t always be hitting the ground as hard as he does and not expect that one of those falls puts him out for a stretch of games. I want someone like Marbury, who has started his entire career to be able to come off the bench and know he has the ability to lead this team.
    If we don’t resign Marbury, arent we just going out to find a player just like him? And at least we know what to expect from him already, and if anything will only get better next year. Remember, he never even had a real chance to play with KG this year so let’s see how he can play with the real Boston Celtics in 2009-2010.

  • Uncle Leo

    As long as we’re paying him the veterans minimum he can stay. If wants more they should drop him with the quickness.

  • Danno

    Buy out TA and sign him.

  • Let’s buy out Tony Allen regardless of whether Steph gets resigned.
    Branch Rickey said it best about that, “Addition by subtraction.”

  • John Cougar Pooter

    Steph had real short minutes and was taken out even while doing really well, this was frustrating for him. A whole season of it might lead to bad times.

  • Lakerhater

    Send him packing with TA under one arm and Mikki Moore under the other.

  • I think Steph’s out. He’ll look for more money and more minutes, and I think someone will offer it to him. We are already in the luxury tax zone, so I can’t see where we can find the money here. We need to sign someone young and cheap, and hope they blossom. I can’t imagine Pruitt will stick around… the team has an option on him for this year, right? Got to find a deal somewhere: which point guard can we pick up for 1.5 million??


  • It’s up to him. I’d love to see him in a full camp w/KG, but it’s ultimately up to him to accept less cash for a ring. Another team will likely throw more money at him unfortunately.