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I Will Always Secretly Question KG’s Knee Injury


“I’m looking forward to getting better,” Garnett said, before adding, “I’ll see you guys next year.”

I want to move past the KG injury, but something deep down inside just won't let me do that. It might be because the last time we saw him (a four game stretch in late March), he played "effectively" in limited minutes. Garnett averaged 9 pts, 4.5 rebounds in those games.

Why couldn't KG deliver that type of performance during the playoffs? I'll go out on a limb and say it would have helped this team tremendously. Why didn't he at least suit up and try to play in the playoffs? Was there too much pain? Was he at risk of further injury?

These are questions the Celtics management (Doc and Danny) never really answered. KG's timetable for a return kept getting pushed back until Doc dropped the bombshell prior to the Bulls series – KG is finished. Say what?

We've seen our stars play with bloody socks in the World Series, and wear walking boots just days before the Super Bowl. Just saying KG can't play isn't a good enough explanation. Not after you strung us along for several weeks (and delayed his surgery). Prove it. How about giving us a detailed medical diagnosis? Or releasing some video of Garnett limping through a workout? That will surely would have put this issue to bed for good.

I love KG for turning around this franchise and bringing another championship to town. But I will always believe he could have given us something in the playoffs. Whether he's to blame or the team, I guess we'll never know.

Go ahead, let the hatemail flow.

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  • Uncle Leo

    There’s no mystery. His popliteus tendon is strained and after a few minutes of playing his knee starts to swell and lock up. They waited for the surgery because this is an uncommon injury. For some it heals on it’s own and they’re back in a few weeks and others require surgery and even then it’s anyone’s guess if the guy will make a full recovery.
    The worst thing that could’ve happened was for him play and rupture it, 99% chance his career is over at that point. Kg is great but even he would’ve been very inneffective in a playoff series with the way this thing is affecting him.

  • There was never any mention of risk of rupturing the tendon. Not sure where you got this info Leo, but I think you are full of it.

  • Dave

    They did release tape of KG taking nothing but set jumpers (maybe 2 inches of elevation). I don’t question the approach they took with him. A lot of knee and ankle injuries aren’t necessarily better off with surgery, and it takes time to figure out what the right course of action is. It’s not like with Leon where the guy tears his ACL and surgery is the only option so you put him under the knife immediately.

  • Uncle Leo

    Maybe because it’s common knowledge if you play on a tendon injury you risk rupturing it?

  • I’m a chuck fan, loved the write up, I kinda compared it to Leon Powe he was not a 100% yet he went out there and gave it his all. Of course he may never play again but he tried…. “Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.” Keep the offseason stuff flowing Guys, we need a pre draft pod cast last time we did that we got Ray allen.

  • danny said on weei, that kevin would be allowed to play if he wanted to…it wasnt the organazation holding him out, it was himself saying he was in to much pain

  • now that was funny!!!!

  • woo, so uncle leo listened to bill simmons last podcast
    wouldnt take that for fact, dip shit

  • Danno

    Yeah, I don’t really like the way they handled it. But Honestly I think it’s more that KG is to blame for that than Danny or Doc. KG is, for all his wonderful talent and ability, still kind of a spoiled child who gets special treatment.
    Oh well, let’s just hope he really will be healthy next year.

  • Nickels

    The fact that he didn’t play at all, as well as the numerous times I saw him on the bench with only one knee bent, in my opinion, speaks volumes regarding the extent of his injury.
    KG wouldn’t just watch his team fail to defend the pick n roll if he could contribute at all.

  • Dianne

    There is absolutely no way KG could play or there is not a doubt he would have. Period.

  • jay

    Somebody told me that Celtic doctors clear K.G. to play 3 weeks ago.

  • KG also went to far with his antics on the bench, pretty trashy behavior, taunting from a suit on the bench. he didnt help or motivate this team, I know alot of delusional homers think he got all rah rah with this team and motivated them, I saw nothing of the sorts, I saw alot of obnoxious, loud mouth trash talk…the guy has no class and is pretty much a jerk…sorrrryy

  • Kippy McGivens

    You Flaming Fag !!!!
    How Dare you question KG’s Heart !!
    Die now !!

  • Despite losing one of our best players and one of the best players in the league, and having such a shallow bench, I think our old veteran team played well and some young players got the chance to grow up fast.
    I like our odds for 2010 more than I ever liked our odds for 2009.
    All of this, of course, is locked into KG’s 20+ million dollar knee. We don’t have room to go anywhere– we are locked in for a few years with some aging players, and one of them is guaranteed $55 million in the next 3 years. We need to be cautious, we need to be slow… I know that the Celts had to do this to entice KG to come to Boston, so they better make sure he gets the right surgery and has the best damn PT a $55 million dollar knee can get.

  • test

  • help

  • i can’t see the comments to this???

  • Al

    Noooo way, there’s no way he wouldn’t have played if he could have. U know how intense he is – he would eat his own arm off if it meant he could play and contribute with one hand……

  • Shawn-cvd

    Where did the comments to this entry go??

  • ditto. it was handled horribly by the team. The stringing along factor was the most disappointing, then as you mention just before the playoffs dropping that bomb? Doubtful it changes any outcomes but it’s annoying.

  • Reyquila

    Why do you think you deserve an answer, BigMck?

  • Nora

    Um, have you noticed nothing since KG arrived? It would take him ALOT not to play and you know it.

  • Joe B.

    You realize that this is exactly the reason why the majority of America hates Boston fans, right? You lionize people for stupid crap like “bloody socks” and “walking boots”, then just as quickly passive-aggressively accuse a guy who brought you a championship the year before of faking a knee injury. Yeah, because that’s been KG’s M.O. his career. Using fake injuries as an excuse not to play. What a lazy, selfish prick.
    For the love of God, some perspective. Stop being so fickle.

  • I always had issues with the injury, although it’s more important to have a healthy KG for the next 3 years, than for this playoff run. The REAL conspiracy theory is the following: because of NBA revenue problems, David Stern is banking on a KOBE vs. LeBRON final. This will guarantee TV ratings and will highlight the 2 best players in the world. The NBA just couldn’t have the hated Celtics repeat as champions, so they flexed their muscle and used the KG injury to close the lid on the Celtics playoff run.