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Another Impulsive Season Recap

This entertaining email-turned-post comes from loyal Red's Army reader and infrequent contributor – Rob G. Enjoy!

though I have very little respect for Orlando as a team (relative to
the other top notch teams in the NBA) and I am positive that the
Celtics would have mopped the floor with the Magic if they had been
healthy, I think I could have accepted a 5 game mauling or a decisive 6
game loss better than what ended up happening. Like everyone else, I
can recognize that they were running on fumes, but that is a poor
excuse for blowing a double digit 4th quarter lead in a close-out game
and then putting together a Game 7 stinker of such historic proportions
that only the 2005 Celtics could appreciate it. (As I'm sure you
remember, they were the ones who put together an inspiring 27 point
loss at home in a Game 7.)

I'd have to check box scores to be sure, but I'm pretty sure that
in 14 games, Pierce and Allen never put together one game in which they
both brought so much as a B+ performance. That's unacceptable. Without
Baby bailing their asses out by more than doubling his scoring average
and going from "nice role player off the bench" to "damn good NBA
starter" in a matter of a few days and Rondo becoming a superstar in
the same period of time, they probably would have been steamrolled by
the Bulls.
I agree with Chuck that it's hard not to blame Danny for what we
saw with the "6 and two halfs" (as opposed to 7 or 8) player rotation
that we saw. On a smaller scale, he did the same thing with Patrick
O'Bryant that he did with Scal a few years ago. "Sure, this guy has
done next to nothing in the NBA (Scal had done a little bit), but I'm
going to sign him. And not only am I going to sign him, I'm going to
give him good money because, dammit, I am smarter than actual, ya know, results."
I think we all agree that Joe Smith was the guy to get, but I don't
blame Danny too much for that. He was playing a tough game of chicken
and lost. I don't really blame him for the Steph disaster (yes, I wrote
"disaster") either. It was definitely a gamble worth taking. Who could
have known that an arrogant former superstar would not only have
understandable physical rust, but he would have the confidence of the
smallest, most uncoordinated kid on a Little League team? Plus, there
were no better (and realistic) options that I know of.
I think our pie-in-the-sky hope right now is that KG's knee
problem is nothing chronic and that they can muster up one more run
next year, lest they be relegated to the same pile of fairly irrelevant
one-title-and-bust teams as the 2006 Miami Heat. With Baby showing
that he should be a terrific first guy off the bench next year, if they
can find a few bench pieces, they should have a shot. But if any of
those things does not happen (specifically KG's knee healing), it could
be a quick return to NBA purgatory. Or was that hell?

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  • I personally don’t want to blame Danny. His only real bad move was the Mikki Moore signing, he was completely out of the team and he did many many horrible things (besides fouling at will, obvious). I don’t blame him for trying POB, because if it worked we would have had a decent 7-footer coming of the bench, in a team in desperate need for centimeters. I don’t blame for signing Marbury, it was worth it. And I don’t blame him for not replacing Posey, because there were not replacements good enough in this year’s free agent market (and, for those who’re thinking of Andersen… did you really think he would have turned out a that good defender this year? I don’t think so).
    I know I’m a voice aside the choir, but I want to blame Doc. Sure he kept the guys motivated throughout the season, and that’s hard enough, but how about the managements of our stars’ minutes? Pierce played more minutes than last year. Ray Allen played more than last year. KG would have played more minutes than last year. Doc’s turning into KC Jones part 2, squeezing all energy from the players in the regular and arriving with them exhausted at the playoffs… which we’ve seen, unluckily. We could have gone 56-26, with PP and Ray playing a LOT less, and still we would have clinched the 3rd seed… and it would have not mattered if we played Orlando without home advantage, we could have beaten them easily because they are not a good team. I would think of hiring another coach if possible.

  • You’re right about one thing for sure – it reminded me 100% of that game 7 against Indiana in 2005.

  • Lakerhater

    Doc sucks, I said it after the celtics won the champoinship, and after watching him pull eddie house in favor of marbury yesterday I’m more convinced than ever. The problem is, there isn’t anyone out there available that would be enough of an upgrade to warrant the disruption. He pisses me off constantly picking his nose while momentum slips away, then burning a timeout once we’re down by 16 to make a belated adjustment. He could learn alot from papovich.

  • I’m more than happy to blame Danny, who had an atrocious off-season.
    If you’re going to let Posey walk, which was a mistake, then you damn sure have to fill the void with at least a facsimile. Instead, they do nothing – including passing on a possibility at the deadline – and lose two players for the price of one: Posey and Pierce, who they unashamedly ran into the ground. One of the most mismanaged personnel situations I’ve ever seen in the NBA.
    Beyond that, resigning Tony Allen for $2.5 large was idiotic. TA cannot play and must be excised from this roster in whatever method possible.
    The Ganja Foul Machine Mikki Moore can’t play, either. Goodbye.
    As Red points out, the story of this season is almost Shakespearean in nature: Hubris. Two factors at work here. Grousbeck didn’t want to spend any money on the bench, and Danny believed he could pull gems out of the dumpster. After a year that brought us Paddy O’Blount, Miles and Mikki Moore, the latter assertion has been thoroughly debunked.
    Hopefully, Wyc has learned enough of a lesson that he’ll get Lincoln’s imprint off his thumbs and give Rivers a semi-competent bench for next season. Do that, get Garnett healthy and we can make a run.
    Anything less and it’s back to the empty promises that marked Grousbeck’s first few years of ownership, and it’ll be time to write him again and tell him I want my damn stock back.

  • Shut the fuck up tool
    Doc did a fantastic job this season

  • Lakerhater

    Go Home Doc, your drunk.

  • I think Danny made the move that Wyc and others wanted by not signing Posey– they didn’t want to get locked in to someone for that 4th year and the extra money. We are already in luxury tax zone and that would have made signing others difficult.
    Plus, did you see Posey this year? Not exactly the player that we had in 2007-2008… He is getting older, and his body isn’t responding well to the injuries. He’s still a decent defender, but nothing near what we had during our 1 year with him in green.
    Danny is going to really have to do his homework this offseason… or hope Bill Walker and JR Giddens get real good this year.
    Who will be the additional front court reserve? Who will be our back up point guard? Those are two spots we need to fill for no more than 1.5 million each. Bill Walker and JR could solve A LOT of issues if they have a good off-season…

  • Walker might contribute, but I am still expecting nothing from Giddens. Danny has a ton of work to do.