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Worst Possible Start

Chuck - Red's Army May 17, 2009 Uncategorized 28 Comments on Worst Possible Start


After crapping the bed in the first quarter, the Celtics salvaged the first half by playing halfway decent basketball in the latter part of the 2nd quarter. The Magic are shooting a scary 70% from 3-point land, while the the Celtics' offense is stagnant. The refs finally started calling fouls on the Magic and Howad midway through the 2nd quarter.

On the bright side, what was once a 14-point deficit now stands at 7. I still say Orlando doesn't have the stones to win this game.

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  • baron

    multiple oppurtunities blown from stupid offensive execution, multiple chances to cut a 4 pt lead to nothing, instead stagnant offense leads to nothing but a wide open JJ reddick 3. magic by 7.

  • Alex

    God this team sucks my ass. They need to wake the fuck up on defense, NOW.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Magic by 7? Have you seen the Celtics playoff home games in the 4th quarter? Boston by 4!!

  • jester00

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Ommegang abbey Ale

  • Jester00



  • ssshady35

    I AGREE WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • baron

    welp, the seasons over…..we got alot to do in the offseason, starting by ridding ourselves of morons like tony allen and mikki moore who cant give us a goddamn thing.
    yeah, and ray allen and pierce offically didnt play 1 good game together in the playoffs, tonight they were too concerned with getting ray going, so pierce never got in a flow.
    boo. patrick ewing and dwight howard guarntees come thru, celtics choke and underachieved

  • Haha

    na na na na, hey hey, GOOD BYE lol

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Nevermind….GO DENVER!!!

  • Alex

    Fuck these asshole. What a bunch of losers. If they were in this much of a hurry to go on vacation, they should have just curled up and died against the goddamn Bulls.

  • Hrvoje

    please trade rondo next season

  • zauer

    leave this site all you bandwagons


    na na na na na na na na hey hey hey GOOOOOOD BYEEEEEEEEE

  • Hrvoje

    I want some of that Hedo’s pizza

  • Boston Man

    Cleveland, avenge our death with a sweep, please. It’ll make me feel better that even if we won this game, it wouldnt have mattered.
    House should have played WAY MORE minutes.

  • haha bitter.

  • mike

    hit the road jack. haha bye!

  • mike

    hey ‘I bleed green in LA’ why are you turning into denver. celts cant do it themselves? obviously not. haha bye!

  • Hrvoje

    Barkley just said Celtics didn’t have an answer for Howard. What a bunch of amateurs, ugh millions of people have to listen to them.

  • JD

    The worst part for me isn’t them not reaching the FInals, its not getting to watch this team for over five months now. Disappointing game 7, but from what I’ve heard from the outside perspective (outside of Boston fans), what the Celtics achieved without KG and Leon was pretty impressive. It just sucks that its all over, and now we have half a year of KG speculation and wondering whether they’ll be healthy enough to win it all in the final years of the Big 3.

  • JD

    errr, why?

  • NineSevenEight

    Am I the only one who isn’t ok with this comment?

  • Shawn-cvd

    Please remove this comment and ban this poster. This is a fine site that allows us freedom to speak our mind. Overtly racist comments is NOT allowed please.

  • Please slit your wrists. fucking moron.

  • lmao….they had an answer for howard as good as anyone in the league…perk played him to a standstill in at least 5 of the games?
    But please, why are dumb enough to say trade rondo? fucking fool

  • Hrvoje

    Alright, let me explain why I want Rondo to be traded.
    First of all, I want to say that I, in the past, had faith in him and defended him when a lot of people was criticizing him. I still believe in “Celtics go when Rondo goes”. We need a fast PG and he is one. He is still very young and is tough to blame him this way, but it is what it is.
    Now, what happened in the last couple of months is that he got way too COCKY and OVERCONFIDENT.
    He also became shotmaker, and wants to be a scorer. I understand word DEVELOPMENT, but he is doing it in wrong way.
    Celtics became somewhat run and gun team with low quality defense. He often didn’t play and controlled the tempo that suites the most Celtics.
    I liked last year’s Rondo much more. When I look it more carefully, he didn’t really develop in my eyes. He is just more loosen up and does what he wants to. His shot is the same and FT’s not to mention. It is matter of a hard work FT’s are. No excuses for a PG to shoot FT’s like that. I heard he arrived last night VERY LATE for the game. FOR THE GAME 7????? How can you not be angry? I heard that alot over last 2 years. (was late for team photo shootout) Also that sandwich thing right before the game start. (I wish it was Hedo’s pizza rather 😉 His attitude stinks.
    First half of yesterdays game he was playing with NO EFFORT AT ALL. Do I have to say there is no excuses for that? His lazy plays, especially on defense are tough to watch. He just stands there and only makes effort when risking – poking the ball. He goes for the individual stats. There is no stat for hustle, staying in front of your man, running through opposition picks, etc. His cocky-style walking the ball up the court is killing me. And yells so frequently and give the signs to often that I think he even doesn’t know what he is talking about and his team often ignores him. Then right after stops the dribble. And goes for some crazy passes (in Ray’s ankles are popular ones). Or crazy shots. PG, GET YOUR TWO ALLSTARS GOING AND THEN LOOK FOR YOUR SHOT. No way he should be attempting that many 3-pointers, unless the shot-clock demands it. Not before he starts hard work practicing them, like Big Baby did. Ray and Paul, I saw, are starting ignoring him when he asks for a ball after a couple of screw-ups. That is not a good sign. He also became turnover prone for the sake of other stats. Boston Garden is not your playground, Rajon. Have you noticed he only has great games against best leagues PG? And teams that didn’t draft him (Phoenix, Nets). That is his motivation. Other days, it depends on his mood.
    It is hard to argue with those ‘zheng’ fans who only watch highlights, or stats, or both. Or just spend the game yelling at TV. Half of Rondo’s rebounds come when there is no need to get them and often gets him collided with Perk, Scal or someone else taking away their rebounds. That fake excuse of Rondo homos that he does it to push the ball is a joke. No way he does that to KG, no one silly enough to do that. He needs to be contained, and needs to stay humble. I expect KG to tutor him more for the next season. It is funny how everyone (almost) were expecting Marbury to make trouble, but it turns out Rondo could look up to his example.
    Forget about his flopping and injury faking, that is far away from being important now. He needs to be contained for the next season, needs to stay humble, and take step by step in his development. Orlando figured up most of his moves. They didn’t work out. He needs to develop his PG skills more thorough. To become elite PG is not about learning few tricks with the ball. I want him to be like last year with better shot. He can work on it this summer. Next year we have another shot at the title. Big Three will be 32, 33, 34. They all can do it with HARD-WORKING DEFENSE, TEAM PLAY and with starting PG FEEDING THEM and playing their tempo. UBUNTU.
    Sorry for the grammar mistakes, my main language is not English.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Im a true Celtics fan. Which means I am a Laker HATER 100%. I don’t care about any of the other teams, just that the Flakers and KoMe dont win another championship. If they get past Denver, GO CAVS!