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4 Reasons Why The Celtics Will Win


Aside from all the history (Celtics 32-0 when leading a series 3-2, 17-3 in Game 7s at home), I've come up with a handful of reasons why the Celtics (2.5 pt favorites) will beat the Magic in Game 7:

1. By the 8pm tip-off, it will have been nearly three full days since these teams last played. That extra day of rest will benefit the older team, i.e. the Celtics.

2. The Celtics have the best clutch player – Paul Pierce. That extra day rest will likely help him the most.

3. Home court. The bench plays better at home (Check the box scores.) The refs might even give us some calls.

4. The Magic (players and coach) don't have the balls to win a deciding game on the road. Paul Pierce said it best:

"It's not for everybody," he says. "Some guys play well under that pressure. Some don't."

As for the Lakers/Rockets Game 7; bet the house on LA. Sell everything you can, max the cash advance on your credit cards and dump it on the money line with the Lakers winning. The odds may be obscene but there is ZERO chance Kobe and co. lose this game at home.

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  • baron

    Paul pierce will be the most clutch player, as long as hes not at the free throw line, in which hes blown 3 games in this postseason…jus sayin.
    go cs

  • I’d like to add 5 of my own reasons:
    1) The Magic will over-play and try too hard at some point in tonight’s game, probably in the early quarters, and with a rested and focused and determined Celts team, we will pounce.
    2) Statistically speaking, the odds are in our favor: we’ve had too many games in this series where Ray has been off. The man is due, and it will happen tonight.
    3) We have the better coach. In a game 7, when every possession matters EVEN MORE, every timeout and every real-time observation matters EVEN MORE. I would trust my life in the hands of Doc and Coach Thibodeau when it mattered most.
    4) Our bench plays better at home.
    5) The Magic fold, the Celts prevail when it matters.

  • Len

    do we really have a better coach? i love doc, but I think all this crap about stan van gundy not being a good coach is ridicoulous…hes gotten this soft magic team to 59 wins without there all-star PG, tons of injuries all season, got through the 76ers in the 6th game without dwight howard, hes always well prepared, and he coached his team to a game 6 win with all that “controversey”
    Hes a damn good coach, he might be annoying, but I dont care, he knows what hes doing. docs players like him more, hes a players coach…which should work in this situation

  • I do think Doc is a better coach– here are a few reasons why:
    – I think Doc does a better job with match-ups during the game. Game 2: Pierce is in foul trouble, Eddie lights up, Doc keeps Eddie in and Pierce out. Now I know this was a unique situation, but many coaches tend to default to their starters too quickly. Doc does this like other coaches, but I think with less frequency. In game 4, SVG pulled his bench players who were HOLDING the lead against the Celts before in favor of his starters, and then the starters went 3+ minutes without a FG.
    – Defense: Doc’s weakness is defensive architecture, which is solved by Coach Thibodeau’s def. schemes and sets. Doc bought into this, and listens and uses Coach T. SVG’s team’s defense is actually terrible. They have 2 good defenders in Courtney Lee and Dwight Howard. Luckily for the Magic, Dwight Howard is an unbelievably talented help-defender– he slides over well and is so athletic he can get back to his own man most of the time, too. But the defensive scheme for Orlando boils down to trusting Howard– it’s sort of like how the Nuggets used to hide behind Marcus Camby because he just cleaned up their mess.
    – If the Celtics had a double digit lead going into the last 6 minutes of the 4th quarter, would he be OK if Ray, Pierce, and Rondo kept hoisting up 3s within 5-7 seconds of the possession? You know he’d call a timeout and rip into them. SVG? He lets his players go wild– there is never a change of pace or tempo regardless of lead or time in the game. Maybe SVG is smart because he knows his players can’t play in any other way…
    I’m not saying that SVG is a terrible coach, I just think Doc is better.

  • I bleed green in L.A.