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It’s Over

Chuck - Red's Army May 17, 2009 Uncategorized 88 Comments on It’s Over


The reign as defending world champs came to a frustrating end tonight. In the end, the Magic simply had more weapons than the Celtics.

Orlando played superb defense in this series. Except for tonight, they (Courtney Lee and J.J. Redick) busted their ass and wouldn't let Ray Allen beat them. They doubled team Paul Pierce and dared the Celtics to find the open man. I'm still not sure why the Celtics had trouble doing that.

The Celtics defense began a painful decline once Kevin Garnett injured his knee. Their rotations were pitiful in this series. It's amazing the effect one man can have on a team.

While Mickael Pietrus buried big shot after big shot, the Celtics bench was non-existent.

This team just wasn't deep enough to overcome the injuries to KG and Leon Powe. I'll put the blame squarely on Danny Ainge. He never replaced James Posey and his answer to P.J. Brown was Mikki Moore. Tony Allen needs to leave town immediately.

Despite the injuries and tired legs, losing Game 7 by 19 points on your home court is an embarrassment. Up 5 to start the 4th, the Magic went on an 11-0 run to start the quarter and never looked backed.

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  • Jp

    No what ifs, if only’s or had dones, the team plaed hard all season and through the playoffs. Just ran out of steam. Heads high. Everyone rest up and heal. Danny, you know who to keep, keep them!
    Thanks for a great season Celtics.

  • I hate to say it but even with KG and powe going out, this one goes on danny, he just didnt do enough to retool our bench

  • Alex

    Great season Celtics.
    Get rid of Tony Allen, Mikki Moore.
    Hopefully we get a LOT better players for next season but hey, at least our players will have the long rest. They really need it.

  • Mooz

    somehow im glad its finally was hard to see the C’s struggling every game and Garnett can have the surgery now

  • Alex

    Great season Celtics.
    Get rid of Tony Allen, Mikki Moore.
    Hopefully we get a LOT better players for next season but hey, at least our players will have the long rest. They really need it.

  • celt

    fishing it time ! 🙂 have fun

  • Tim (FD), time to change the name back to Tim (Fire Doc). WHERE WAS TONY ALLEN THIS SERIES?!?

  • Boston Man

    Next year, guys! Gonna come back nice and healthy

  • SydneyCeltic

    I’m gutted by this loss. And also terrified of what will happen during the off-season. Only time will tell, I suppose. But oh so destroyed by this loss. It shouldn’t have happened this way.

  • I was rooting for the Celtics (as the owner knows)… but sine they lost, I thought I’d post this screenshot here. Damn… wish KG was healthy though. I wanted Lakers v Celts


    I don’t think the Magic had more weapons than the Celtics I just think that their shots were falling. Like the saying goes “you live by the three, you die by the three” today they live to see another day. I would of like to see the Celtics bench get more PT but I guess Doc wanted the starters to try and pull it out. If we would of made it to the next round Cleveland would of killed us if we thought we could only show up for two or three quarters. Good season rest up get what ever surgery you all need and come back strong for next year.


    cavs fan here, just wanted to stop by and just let you guys know that you guys did finish strong against the magic, I know how dedicated the fans are on here I don’t want to be attacked, i just wanted to say i respect the blog and how dedicated you guys are to Boston, and without KG and Tony you guys fought back and never stopped trying.

  • celt

    wow… how unprofessional is kg and pp? they just walked off the court

  • Boston Man

    I just hope Cavs will sweep. It’ll make me feel better that even if we won this game, it wouldnt have mattered.


  • This is our future for the next few years…2nd round exits in the playoffs. The Celtics have too much money tied up in the Big 3 to create a bench that will contend with Orlando and Cleveland.

  • DRJ

    Goodbye, all. The Cs are lucky to have fans as dedicated as you.

  • Jp

    Hey BigMck, the sky looks clearer over there, take a hike!

  • Just FYI everyone… we’re not going away in the off season. Lots of stuff going on. KG’s surgery.. offseason moves… we’ll be doing tons of stuff every day.

  • alvaro

    didnt see KG but i did see PP leave after all the handshakes and hugs with the rest of the team. i didnt see him shake anyones hand though

  • You are a fuckin tool. How about bringing some actual insight and analysis to the comments section.

  • And doing a great job as always. 🙂 The cavs will roll the Magic like a cheap cigar ( as they would have the C’s) The Nuggets are the better team but have to face the NBA and the Lakers. It will be tough.
    BTW did anybody notice that when the camera panned to Davey Boy after Pierce missed those free throws he was the happiest mother fucker on the planet?

  • JP – go put on your Celtics pajamas, pour a cup of warm milk into your Paul Pierce mug and dream about last season.

  • thebleeptruth

    No way man. I’ll be rooting for the Magic to beat the Cavs. The Cavs especially LeBron are too cocky. And I hate that they’re making basketball a joke by always (most of the time pretending) to laugh and enjoy themselves. Show some class!!!

  • SydneyCeltic

    I’ll be heavily relying on you guys to keep us informed. I’m already scared of the off-season and what might, or might not, happen.

  • wow Chuck. Didn’t the Celtics win it all with all that money tied up in the Big 3 last year?
    How about waiting to see what happens to those teams in the offseason… or how they actually play next year?
    That’s Chuck for ya… Mr. Positivity!


    I personally don’t think ANY team could have done anything when you go what? 13/20 from the 3pt arc no one can defend that all their shots were going up.

  • Not sure about you all, but I’m pulling for Orlando and Denver in the finals.

  • The Magic executed their offense. It wasn’t like the Celtics had a hand in their faces on every shot. They had tons of open looks.

  • Worst possible way to start the week… I just felt it was incoming. The frustrating thing is that with KG we would have crushed them instead than lose like this… and for the playoffs, go Cleveland. C’mon Lebron, bust this sorry ass Orlando and then spank the Fakers.

  • Jp

    Are you expecting injury each year? How can you even think it would be a second round exit with KG playing? Hell with just Leon playing we would have defended the perimeter better. I’ll chalk your shitty attitude up to emotions. Go get a hug from your mom and sleep it off dude.

  • Yeah… the words written on some website magically made the Celtics lose.
    I don’t understand how human being believe in jinxes.

  • thebleeptruth

    I’m not too confident with next season. The Celtics really have to bring an impact player in the offseason. And whoever thought Marbury would be a key contributor must be dreaming. I’ll be curious what he does in the offseason. Hopefully he doesn’t start going back to his old attitude from NY. A lot of things need to happen for the Celtics to seriously contend next year. The Magic and Cavs need to each lose one of their role players. The Celtics need to have everyone 100% healthy. And like I said earlier the Celtics need to acquire another James Posey-like impact player. Without those happening, the only reason we could get to the East Finals is, by luck during the season, the Magic faces the Cavs in the semis, before the Celtics do.

  • You think KG, Ray and Paul will improve their play next season? The answer is no.
    Everyone knows this Celtics team had a 3 year window. There’s one year left. And excuse me for not having faith in Danny to build a bench after he failed so miserably at it this season.

  • Yes…I am expecting injury each year. That’s what happens to older players. Bodies break down.

  • DRJ

    BigMck, RedsArmy– You guys run a great blog. I wish all blogs were as good. But I am too disappointed by what this team did this postseason… this is not who I thought they were. And as you know, I came to be a fan by choice, as opposed to geography.
    I will certainly stop in from time to time, just to see what you guys are up to. You do a great job, and I thank you for that.
    And of course, you do have a very interesting and fun group of commenters 🙂

  • thebleeptruth

    How could a Celtic fan love LeBron??
    No way man. I’ll be rooting for the Magic to beat the Cavs. The Cavs especially LeBron are too cocky. And I hate that they’re making basketball a joke by always (most of the time pretending) to laugh and enjoy themselves. Show some class!!! LeBron’s an attention whore! The NBA doesn’t need a player like that that people would look up to.

  • Josh

    I’m not. I have no beef with Cleveland. I respect Lebron’s loyalty to his team. I don’t like the sideline antics, but when you win you can do what you will…
    I do not like SVG or the style of play the Magic bring. Jacking 3’s and dunks by Howard aren’t fun to watch.
    I would prefer Denver to beat LA, but I could care less about the western teams, so it really doesn’t matter to me as long as we have an eastern champion.
    Good season. Gutsy playoffs without KG and Leon. I pray they keep Baby, Leon and House. Tony and Mikki I never want to see again. Hell, I’d take Scal back if the price was right.
    Anyway, I knew this day was coming since we heard KG was officially done, so to get this far I’m just happy i was able to have a vested interest in this team for 2 full rounds.

  • Jp

    Why does their game need to improve? they are the vets, the young guys improve, the vets roll. Maybe with KG Ray and Paul rest more and have a healthier more productive post season. We have a great core of young talent in Rondo, Perk and BBD. If Powe recovers fully we have seven starters on the team. Scal has proven a solid bench player. House knows and is excited to play his role. So now we are nine deep. We still need that elusive 7 footer and a veteran back up point. I don’t know but I would guess playing for the Celtics is still attractive, even though we have tough fans, and something can work out this off season. We do have a ton of money tied up in our three supers, but man do we have a lot of good things going on too.


    Fuck Cleveland and Fuck the Lakers, I would not mind if Orlando or Denver won it all. Like another post said Cleveland is way to cocky and the Lakers…..I don’t think I need to place my 2 cents about them. Good season I look forward to what Danny has planned for us this off season.
    Guys keep the faith we have a great front office and a great ownership team so those guys wanna win just as bad if not more than the fans do.

  • didnt suprise me, I said right here before game 6 we had to win that game, and I stood by it after we choked away game 6
    Ohhhh welllll….always next year, gotta have a great offseason, and we will contend next season.
    ray allen got it going, but I dont think it helped anything to be honest, noone else got it going because he needed to many touched (pierce and allen never had a good game togethr in the entire playoffs)
    I love this celtics team, but im not gonna kiss there butt like everyone else, they underachieved as far as im concerned
    -should have beat the bulls in 5-6
    -had to win game 6 in orlando
    -orlando was without there starting backcourt, nelson the whole series, lee for 2 games, and alston for 1 game. no excuse. being tired was there own fault. thats how I feel

  • zauer

    i don’t agree, this team put enormous effort in this postseason, gave all its heart. We just didnt have enough good players. We have to appreciate what they’ve done

  • NineSevenEight

    Great season. Obviously not the outcome we wanted, but Mama told us this day would come. Can only admire the heart and will the Celtics showed. So proud to be a C’s fan. They rode it till the wheels fell off and that’s all you can ask for. There’s only so many three’s a team can sustain. The Magic shot out of their minds from behind the arc. I think the Magic actually provide a more interesting matchup with the Cavs. We’ve seen them smash Cleveland before. The Magic have the healthier team and the better shot, realistically. The Celtics have been gassed since before the playoffs so…we’ll see what happens.
    I hope Danny finds upgrades for Mikki Moore and Tony Allen. I hope BBD and Leon stay in green. I hope House’s option is picked up. Marbury? He could stay or go, not concerned. He’ll probably opt for the bigger contract, if that exists for him on the market. I’m actually excited for next season because without KG going down, I don’t think we ever would have known just how much BBD brings to the table offensively. He showed so much heart and even won the Celtics a playoff game. I hope DONNY MARSHALL is as wrong about ownership letting BBD go for more money as he was for his prediction of the Celtics winning comfortably tonight.
    2008 World Champions…
    The Boston Celtics.

  • zauer

    Unfortunately i agree we pay too much money on big 3. KG in his minnesota days took pay cut to allow management sign cassell and spree, but it happened only once, next years he was happy making his 20mln and play with losers. It’s a chance he can do it again, now when he know how great feeling is to win and when he knows he’s on end of his road. Would be great, we’ll see

  • they lost game 1 and 7 on there homecourt, and should have closed the magic out in 6…I love the celtics too…but I cant help but feel they should have at least made the ECF

  • KG never took a pay cut in minny…jus so ya know( thats why minny never got to resign sam and spree and even others)…but hey, yes the big 3 are overpaid, no question about it, 3 of the highest paid players in the league. but it is what it is.

  • oh and KG cant just decide to take a paycut, his 3 yr extentsion kicks in next season, and it for less money, but he cant decide to make it even less, the contract is what it is…pierces contract goes up, he makes 21 mil a year the next 2 seasons i believe

  • JD

    The worst part for me isn’t them not reaching the FInals, its not getting to watch this team for over five months now. Disappointing game 7, but from what I’ve heard from the outside perspective (outside of Boston fans), what the Celtics achieved without KG and Leon was pretty impressive. It just sucks that its all over, and now we have half a year of KG speculation and wondering whether they’ll be healthy enough to win it all in the final years of the Big 3.

  • ericwilliams6thman

    I have been a fan of this team for ten + years now and I’m just happy we got a championship last year and got a chance to defend it. It’s not the way I wanted it to end but this isn’t a fairy tale. I have stuck with this team through some REALLY SHITTY TIMES and I’ll take a year like this over all those other BAD years before this. I feel like this team has played through adversity all year and I’m surprised they made it this far. So to all you front-runners out there who are whining and complaining because not used to watching your team lose,YOU SHOULD BE PROUD of your team for fighting hard enough to even get this far because some fans aren’t so lucky.
    See you all next year. (OR NOT)

  • Hilarious. Didn’t you clowns open the season 27-2? That’s gotta hurt… going to be a looooooooong offseason! Two game 7 losses in Boston in one week!

  • JP to be fair, yes injuries will happen every year with those guys…. I mean what the fuck is going on with KG? noone knows, he may never be the same player, and yes, the big 3 are VASTLY overpaid

  • NineSevenEight

    I know. You think they should have won the whole thing without KG and Leon. I, on the other hand, look at the bigger picture. They won 62 games, a bunch of them without KG. They got virtually nothing from Mikki, Tony, Marbury (inconsistent). That’s three bodies that weren’t capable of coming off the bench and providing night in and night out. Not to mention the young guys like Pruitt, Giddens and Walker. Those guys will be given a chance eventually whether it’s with the Celtics or elsewhere. That accounts for 6 of the 15. Then minus Leon, KG…that would be 7. Scal is Scal and did what he could, which isn’t much. That’s 6. Eddie did what he could but is limited by his one dimension. There are weaknesses when you’re down bodies. You don’t like the way they lost? They can’t get lucky every game on game winners. They can’t crawl back from being down. They can’t count on the opponent to shit the bed every game. They can’t help foul trouble or depth. Those things impact the overall goal. You can’t account for losing two impact players by throwing a scrub out there. What the hell did you expect from a team on it’s last leg facing a waiting Cavs team? If you haven’t liked what you’ve seen against the Bulls or Magic, you sure as hell weren’t going to like the next round. If you don’t like it, stop watching. If you don’t like the way the team battled, root for another team. I could understand the disappointment had KG and Leon played.
    I don’t have my head in the clouds, I’m willing to give them credit and not take away from the bigger picture because they didn’t make it past Orlando who had a bench and their best player. You’ve criticize their every move like you have all the answers. Like you were gonna lace up your kicks and show the Celtics how to play. No wonder players hate playing in Boston. It won’t matter how much adversity they’ve faced and what they’ve done to overcome it-they’ll only get criticized and disappoint fans like you. I mean, they only had to overcompensate for KG’s loss for 3 months. They only sustained injuries from BBD, Ray, Perk, Scal, Tony, Powe, Rondo…I mean…they should be at the podium accepting the Larry by now…silly me to appreciate the will and heart to be one of 3 teams to get to 60 wins this season sustaining injury after injury for the last however many months.
    You and Felger are best buddies. You get high off negativity. Tomorrow’s another day. Life could be worse…but that’s only when you look at the bigger picture. If you look from a microscope, you’ll see what you want.
    Still a proud Celtics fan.


    I’m proud of this team HaterNation. I’m not sure who you like but this team has a lot of heart and never give up even with their main player out they fight till the clock has no time left on it. Why don’t you go back to what ever hole you came from and stay there.It’s losers like you that piss off people.

  • NineSevenEight

    Is anyone going to flag this pathetic internet phoney who wouldn’t have the stones to say this in person?

  • Lol, awww….Not to state the obvious but we had KG when we started 27-2, not to mention we never were the same after that 19 game winning streak..

  • Our gameplan was very flawed….trying to get ray allen going, whos been struggling the entire series, got the entire team into a funk, yeah ray allen got going, but to the rest of teams expense. its not to slight ray or that i dont like ray, but we had to ride paul pierce tonight, we needed to do what we have been doing and just hope ray made some shots instead of over feeding him

  • No, I didnt think they should win it all, at all…that was DRJ…i think they shouldve beat the magic and then lost to the cavs…the magic have just as many problems as us, I cant overstate it enough. the celtics were tired in game 1, because they didnt close the bulls out in 6, that was their own fault. the magic are without there starting PG, were without courtney lee for 2 games, alston got suspened a game, and anthony johnson and JJ reddick was there starting backcourt, perk played howard as good as you possibly could through 6 games. they had the lead in game 6, and blew it in the 4th quarter. Im not saying they should have won it all, but I am saying they underachieved by not at least getting to the ECF and bowing out in however many games…because it was pretty clear they werent winning it all

  • Sal

    I want Cleveland/Denver here. I’m really curious to see how Denver would match up against Lebron. Melo would play the Paul Pierce role. Then they have the bigs to possibly give him trouble inside, making him a jump-shooter.
    I think Denver would crush Orlando.

  • Sal

    They’re making the game of basketball a joke by having fun? I’m trying to decide whether to call that idiocy or lunacy.

  • NineSevenEight

    I’m pretty surprised at people still criticizing despite the overcompensation that the Celtics have had to do for the last 3-4 months-more than any other team in the playoffs. Extra minutes, experimenting lineups, fatigue, depth, etc. and still the complaining…
    The problem is fans getting spoiled and feeling a sense of entitlement because of last year. I was grateful they actually won it in their first year…almost impossible to do if you’re any other team-the Celtics did that. Imagine if they hadn’t won last year, the outrage would be x10 this year. I feel lucky to watch 3 HOFers wear the Celtics uniform and I look forward to a healthy and improved next season because of all of the adversity the Celtics have faced.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I found you to be a great fan DR J. Are you walking away from C’s B-Ball?

  • 1) Chuck, you really, really, really, really piss me off sometimes. See #4
    2) John, since you enjoyed making love to Rondo so much throughout the past month, I would like to see the column tomorrow that holds him responsible for his atrocious play in this series. Hey, if he’s such a great player, he has to be held accountable when he doesn’t perform.
    3) The Celtics were out-coached in the series. Stan Van Gundy did a masterful job of taking Pierce out of the series in the final 2 games. His defensive strategy backed Doc into a corner, and Doc simply did not have the pieces to maneuver his way out of that corner. Doc was out-coached, but to be honest, he couldn’t have done anything to stop it. Hats off to that d-bag Stan Van Gundy.
    4) Chuck, how can you say things like you don’t understand why the Celtics couldn’t find the open man???? They found the open man all night, the problem was that the open man was Rajon Rondo in a place where he could do nothing with the ball. When Orlando sent the double to Pierce, the Celts had Rondo/Marbury underneath the basket, where yes he was open, but Dwight Howard was then able to guard two people at once and Rondo couldn’t do anything with the ball unless Perk was capable of backing out and hitting an 18 foot jumper which obviously Perk cannot do. Pierce did a great job of reading the double, but the Celtics didn’t have the right pieces in the right places to deal with the double. They did exactly what Van Gundy wanted them to do. Van Gundy’s strategy took away our two greatest strengths, 1) it took away Paul Pierce’s 1-on-1 abilities, and 2) it took Rondo’s penetration out of the game.
    5) Marbury was the only guy who played like he had never won a championship before and was dying to win one. I hope we can re-sign that guy, but I don’t think it will work out.
    6) Am I the only one who thinks resigning Glen Davis is not a good idea?? Look he’s going to want way too much money, and he offers nothing that KG doesn’t. Leon offers something that KG doesn’t, a guy that will draw a lot of fouls in the post and will score in the post. Baby is just a very poor man’s KG without the leadership and defensive presence. Gimme Leon all-day. Unless Baby wants to come back for cheap, see ya later.
    7) All of that said, I am proud of this team. You couldn’t have expected this team to defend the title without KG. KG just means so much to this team. Big Baby performed admirably in the post-season but he just lacks so much that KG has. Guys like Kendrick Perkins stepped up and showed us what Celtics basketball meant to them. Guys like Marbury and Eddie House showed tremendous unselfishness. Rondo showed us what he can bring to the table on some nights (WHY DON”T YOU BRING THAT ATTITUDE EVERY NIGHT RAJON!), and that he is a top 5 point guard in the league. Overall, its frustration more than disappointment that marks the end to the season. We surely won’t go out this easy in 2010.

  • Chuck you’re comments are so absurd. Please see my post farther down. Ridiculous.

  • Just got back from the game. Too tired to really comment other than these guys gave it all and then some. Perk seemed pretty upbeat postgame, saw Pierce on his way out of the Garden. He looks absolutely exhausted-he will get some much needed rest. Til tomorrow, Peace CelticsNation….

  • NineSevenEight

    You’re talking about Alston like he’s Derrick Rose. You’re talking about Lee like he went off for 20 every game. What’s the most he scored in this series? 10? J.J. Redick’s job wasn’t to score, it was to defend. You shoot off all these names from the Magic bench to prove my point. THEY HAD A BENCH! When you lose a starter, a BENCH player has to come in…that makes the bench thinner and you lose depth because your top bench player is now a starter. That leaves you with few bench options. You keep saying that it’s their fault they were fatigued. Once again you’re looking into a microscope. They’ve been fatigued since KG went down and have been overcompensating for his loss. The rest of the regular season has to be played. That affects the playoffs. IT’S DEPTH! IT’S GUYS WHO AREN’T USED TO PICKING UP MINUTES, PICKING UP MINUTES FOR INJURED PLAYERS. It’s Baby trying to be KG..that’s not going to happen. You lose the presence of a HOFer in KG, no one’s intimidated by a short guy they call Baby on the defensive end.
    Let the Magic lose Howard or Turk and I’ll understand your argument about how the C’s should have beaten a soft team. It’s not about whether they were soft. After watching this series, no one thinks the Celtics are soft because they lost to a soft team. They lost because of depth and fatigue as a result of overcompensating for KG’s presence. The Celtics were without KG to expose the Magic’s softness. The Magic are a perimeter team and when you have a short 300 lb guy 2 years into his NBA career trying to run off a perimeter shot, it’s not happening. It played right into the Magic’s game plan. The matchup benefitted them. With KG in, we’d be talking about facing the Cavs 2 games ago. So you wanted the Celtics to win this game, to be swept up by the Cavs? Bowing out? You’d want them to bow out by getting blown out four straight? That’s what would have happened. The Cavs are rested, uninjured and have the young MVP on their team. The Celtics would have shown up with a bunch of tired guys, a bench player starting, and no depth. Did you see the way the Cavs played the C’s the last time they were in Cleveland during the regular season when there was NOTHING to play for? The Cavs were excited to play the C’s this season because they wanted to avenge their loss last year. Of course they would have done that this year, THERE’S NO KG! Easy as pie. You think they don’t remember last years’ playoffs? That’s what motivates players to play better. They would have walloped the Celtics to their own delight. If you think that the Celtics would have made it a series against Cleveland after battling to 7 games against the Bulls and the Magic, give me whatever it is that you’re on.
    Agree to disagree. I choose to look at the positive and you like negativity.

  • why are you calling out rondo? ray allen and pierce didnt play one good game together in the series. ray allen shot 30% and 13% from 3. THATS FUCKING ABYSMAL
    I laugh at those who always blame losses on rondo, bwahahahaha…noone on the celtics played well tonight, NOONE

  • CelticBalla32

    Well, I have to try and make a positive out of a negative. Obviously, I’m disappointed with the second-round exit and and would have liked to see the Cs come out in better fashion with the season on the line, but I can’t really complain. Ever since the news about KG, I never realistically expected this team to win anything. I still believe that we should have beaten Orlando, but we didn’t. We didn’t execute, we didn’t get much out of our bench, and our defense was truly abysmal without Garnett quarterbacking in the second line.
    But you know what? Maybe it’s for the best. As a fan, you wanted to see the Celtics compete in the Eastern Conference Finals. But maybe it is best for the team to get the extra rest. While I refuse to use fatigue as an excuse for losing, I will say that we were pushed to the limit physically, and let’s face it – we weren’t going to beat Cleveland, anyway. Two seven game series’ with seven overtimes takes a toll on you, especially with aging leaders and a weak bench.
    I’m not ready to start talking about next year just yet, but I will say that we need some new/fresh legs coming off that bench in 2010.
    But hey, it was a fun season and I enjoyed watching the mini-run, no matter how stressful it was. Regardless of the result, we can all take one thing away from this postseason. I will never forget that Bulls series, especially since I was at Games 1/2/5, as it was one of the most intense series’ of all-time.
    Congrats to Orlando for gutting out two road victories in this series. They certainly answered some of the criticism regarding them being mentally weak. They played hard.
    Get ’em next year, Cs.

  • PxFunk

    Well said JD…I wish we could have gone further, but I’m gonna miss watchin them. These playoffs were about as dramatic and entertaining as you could get given the circumstances. Dont worry, we’ll be back!
    Thanks to and the commenters here for all bein the shit and the only place to get the dish on the C’s.
    P x Funk

  • Shawn-cvd

    You got that partially right. PP was aggressive but wasn’t drawing fouls like he should (especially in 1st half). Marbury played bad (turnover after turnover. In fact our bench was horrid.
    Also we were missing high percentage shots in the paint while they were nailing threes. 62% from threes is like hitting 93% of those shots at two point range.
    Anyhow I’m intrigued by what the off season will bring. Will KG fully recover? Can Rondo improve his jump shot? Can we resign BBD? How about Marbury? Everyone saying Magic and Cavs need to lose a player is missing the fact that we already improved w/ groth of our players in KG’s absense….
    Great season Celtics…

  • I laugh at those who show up to a blog and after a few weeks of commenting think they own the place. Get the hell out of here man. I’m not blaming anything on Rondo, I’m just saying that if you’re going to give him credit when he plays well, you have to hold him accountable when he doesn’t. Nobody else seems to hold him accountable like they do everybody else.

  • BostonbleedsPURPLEandGOLD24/7

    I am tripping on all you bostonCLOWNS, just rolling, laughing!!! Boo whoo….anyways, what happen to your finalsMVP (DramaQueenPierce)??? Last I knew M V Ps dont let their teams LOSE! But I guess PP was a fake mvp. Cs aren’t NOTHING without Garnett. Shish, I can’t believe ya won the (’08championship) because of 1 man (garbage man garnett)…and what happen to Mikki Moore and Stephan Marbury a few months back yall were SOOOO excited to have them on your team??? This cheap ass site had all this kinds of stuff about “Yeah we got Moore & Marbury” and shit, ha! <<

  • Uncle Leo

    Just reading some unbelievable comments from supposed celtic fans. I understand being disappointed at losing but calling out the same guys that won a championship last season and who were the team that every other team would give a constant 100% against this year is just stupidity.
    These guys fought their hearts out without KG, doc started guys that were lucky to get garbage time last season and they still took one of the top two talented and also disciplined teams to seven games. Meanwhile going through one of the most amazing first round series of all time.
    In this series Pierce experienced what only Kobe has in this last generation of the nba, being double teamed on the perimeter. And honestly there just wasn’t a great gameplan to fight through this and he didn’t really find a way to exploit it either. You can’t convince me that after drawing a double team and thus giving one of the most talented point guards in the nba a wide open floor to work with, you couldn’t get any good shoots or any penetration/ball movement. The game was a carbon copy of game 6 except the magic actually hit their shots, the lack of adjustment on the part of the coaching was very disappointing and if done right would’ve made for a more exciting game 7. Losing the last game of the season while at home in a blowout is a horrible way to end the season but you just can’t look back and not be somewhat satisfied after all things considered.

  • What is it about English that makes it so tricky for Laker fan to grasp?

  • I agree with you BTW but I think much of what you see here is instant reaction which often is fueled by more emotion than Common Sense. Also a lot of what you see here is other teams fans trolling up the board.
    For instance if you see a post that has a curious mixture misspelled, misused, words and complete and utter bullshit odds are that post is from a Laker fan.

  • fickwalker

    Wow dude. Incredibly well said, all of it. Thanks for saying it, I needed the reminder amongst the sadness today. I am so very very proud of what this team has done this year, but you said it better than I ever could. 🙂

  • zauer

    kg did take pay cut and then they sign cass and spree. they didn’t resign spree because he wants more money (he said then famuost “i’ve got family to feed”) and trade cassell because of his issues with management. Pay cut is possible, player just takes less money, it’s not like contract cannot be changed

  • paul pimmel

    haha, all you stupid morons finally got what u deserve…. even europe hates the celtics… especially the greatest player in the world… mr.. “i suck donkey dicks all night long” paul the pussy pierce…
    u deserve this, cause your team is just a bunch of bigheaded motherfuckers….like u fuckers in buttown…oh sorry beantown….

  • Hrvoje

    Your mama is calling you, you didn’t clean up your room. Come back later.

  • Chuck just spit at my breakfast i was laughing so hard at your comment

  • Jp


  • NineSevenEight

    Is that supposed to mean something when he said “all of Europe hates the Celtics”? I guess that means a lot, I mean, considering that’s where we’ll be seeing the imposing presence and prestige of Mikki Moore gracing the Euro courts next season. He’ll fit right in.

  • ericwilliams6thman

    Didn’t Kobe let his team lose big time in the Finals last year. What was the score again? Oh Yeah, 131-99. Kobe cant win without Shaq. And your team is just a bunch of Euro pussies and floppers without Kobe.
    Lebrons better than Kobe.
    Celts are better than the Flakers.
    I cant wait to see your team lose in the Finals AGAIN this year.

  • Gonna depend a lot on the “Wyc cap.” Is Grousbeck gonna spend any cash to add actual quality reserves to this club? The starters are good, but you can’t win in the playoffs when you’re draining their tank for a half-season before.
    Jesus, the sheer idea that some people were dense enough to think that Tony the Turnover would actually replace Posey’s versatility …
    Hey, Wyc. If you aren’t going to bring in a competent 3, plus a 5 and a 1 who can play meaningful minutes, tell us early in the summer, ummmkay? That way, we can move on to more meaningful pursuits.

  • Uncle Leo


  • Its a shame, Laker fans, or at least this Laker fan, wanted another historic Lakers Celtics Finals. Ah well, next year hopefully. 🙂

  • y

  • BostonBleedsPURPLE&GOLD24/7

    I just finish posting my comment on the following:
    I am tripping on all you bostonCLOWNS, just rolling, laughing!!! Boo whoo….anyways, what happen to your finalsMVP (DramaQueenPierce)??? Last I knew M V Ps dont let their teams LOSE! But I guess PP was a fake mvp. Cs aren’t NOTHING without Garnett. Shish, I can’t believe ya won the (’08championship) because of 1 man (garbage man garnett)…and what happen to Mikki Moore and Stephan Marbury a few months back yall were SOOOO excited to have them on your team??? This cheap ass site had all this kinds of stuff about “Yeah we got Moore & Marbury” and shit, ha! <<

  • BostonBleedsPURPLE&GOLD24/7

    I just finish posting my comment on the following:
    I am tripping on all you bostonCLOWNS, just rolling, laughing!!! Boo whoo….anyways, what happen to your finalsMVP (DramaQueenPierce)??? Last I knew M V Ps dont let their teams LOSE! But I guess PP was a fake mvp. Cs aren’t NOTHING without Garnett. Shish, I can’t believe ya won the (’08championship) because of 1 man (garbage man garnett)…and what happen to Mikki Moore and Stephan Marbury a few months back yall were SOOOO excited to have them on your team??? This cheap ass site had all this kinds of stuff about “Yeah we got Moore & Marbury” and shit, ha! <<