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Rafer Kisses A Ref

In case you missed it from the other night.

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  • Just throwing this out there I hate Lowes nobody helps you there, Home Dept was nicer. Celtics by 21 tonight, start drinkin now boyz

  • Hey any of you guys hear what happened with John Cena at the Game 6?
    Even though he lives in the Orlando area now, he is Boston born but the Magic still gave him a free ticket so he went wearing a Magic jersey. At some point, he stands up and rips off the Magic jersey and under it was a Leon Powe C’s jersey.
    I guess they made him put the Magic jersey back on or something, but still, that’s awesome.

  • PxFunk

    I’ve never heard of John Cena, but thats awesome either way! A Powe jersey too!

  • NineSevenEight

    There’s the picture of him rockin the Magic’s number 54? jersey. HAHA. He looks happy.

  • Sorry-this has nothing to do with Rafer’s kiss but..Ray Allen’s picture is on my tickets for tomorrow night-very good omen. Anyone else going tomorrow night…???

  • Patrick the idiot Ewing just guaranteed a magic win in game 7, theyre playing it all over national TV.
    Um, hey patrick, youre a fucking moron, always have been, always will be…and youre clearly a moron who cant teach dwight anything he didnt already do coming into the league…noone should EVER hire you as a coach, you career loser

  • true story?

  • Oh by the way, something really weird happened today when I went to Shaws…the celtics championship trophy was there, and you could take pictures with it…the weird part is that John Starks was there signing autographs….lol ..why john starks? is all I could think

  • A great omen. In this series, Ray is 23-75 FG (30.6%) and 5-36 from behind the line, amounting to 13.8%. If we just see half of the normal Ray from behind the 3pt line we will be made in the shade. I know Orlando has covered him well, but he just looks out of sorts. His clinic-like style of shooting isn’t there: he isn’t squared up, he’s infrequently getting the ball where he wants it (because of tight coverage and sloppy passes by Rondo), and just generally not getting clean looks. The Magic are playing him well, but we need to work harder to get him open: Baby needs set better screens (non-moving) and Perk needs to find the gas to make a few more runs to set additional screens. Again: if we just see half of Rays 41% from 3pt in Game 7, I think we’ll breath a bit easier. I’d love to see him break out at the same time as Pierce, so the Magic just look lost…

  • Good stuff Jon-you really do your homework! Yes-Ray is due…overdue!

  • Thanks.
    What’s it going to take to get the kind folks at REDSARMY to run another game chat? I think that they’d listen to KobeWearsAPurpleThong… who wouldn’t?

  • Ya well my friend was listening to the game on the radio and they apparently told the entire story. The Magic weren’t prolly too happy with that haha but who was the poor guy that told John Cena he couldn’t wear a C’s jersey.

  • So how ’bout it Red’s? I will be at the game tomorrow night, but how about a live blog/chat for Game 7…? As Robert Plant said: “It’s been a long time….”

  • BigMck

    What’s that you say? You want a live chat? Now that I’m back in the mix…I think we can pull it off.

  • Cause he was the #3 choice on the New York Knicks in the original NBA JAM for sega……. duh.

  • Cool! I’ll be at the game, but alot of folks are itching for one. Man I hope
    the Rockets win tomorrow..