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Maybe Ray needs a refresher course

So Ray Allen is struggling a bit.  It happens. They're hounding the hell out of him and it's thrown him off.  So I, being a caring human being, decided that I'm going to do what I can to help.  So I turned to the one man that can help Ray Allen:  Ray Allen.  Hope it helps!

Ok… I'm having a little fun at Ray's expense, which isn't entirely fair.  He's gone cold, but there are reasons.  Doc explains them.

“They’re playing good defense on him,” C’s coach Doc Rivers
said. “They’re doing a terrific job. They’re top blocking him. We’re
trying to get him more space and we certainly have to get him more
shots. He has to touch the ball more. That’s on us, but give them
credit. I think they’re doing a great job on him.

“He’s missing shots, but we have to do a better job. We have to show
more offensive patience. Ray relies more on offensive patience than
anyone on our team.”

I've said it before, but I'll repeat it here:  The way to get Ray going is to get him 15 feet away from the basket.  Run some plays that get him the ball about 20 feet away, let him make a quick move to get space, and take mid-range jumpers.  Do that for the first quarter, and the long range shots will come by the second or third. 

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  • Hrvoje

    he is doing plus 1 minus 2 recently alright

  • Hrvoje
  • Hrvoje
  • In this series, Ray is 23-75 FG (30.6%) and 5-36 from behind the line, amounting to 13.8%. If we just see half of Ray from behind the 3pt line we will be made in the shade. I know Orlando has covered him well, but he just looks out of sorts. Ray has had shots that haven’t even drawn iron and open looks that didn’t fall. Ray just doesn’t look smooth. His clinic-like style of shooting isn’t there: he isn’t squared up, he’s infrequently getting the ball where he wants it (because of tight coverage and sloppy passes by Rondo), and just generally not getting clean looks. The Magic are playing him well, but we need to work harder to get him open: Baby needs set better screens (non-moving) and Perk needs to find the gas to make a few more runs to set additional screens. Again: if we just see half of Rays 41% from 3pt in Game 7, I think we’ll breath a bit easier.

  • A dam

    thts what i was talking about!
    They figured it out earlier so do that now, and

  • Ray is due. Watch out. Sunday night I believe he snaps out of it.

  • PxFunk

    I think that Ray is the most reliant on our fastbreak offense to get him started. If we can ratchet down our defense, and get out on the break, i think we can get Ray goin early and often. He gets wide open threes, layups, and foul shots, and thats what can get him goin later in the game, good coverage or not.
    So its really the defensive intensity that will facilitate Ray’s (and the rest) offense more than anything else.

  • Baron

    If ray allen has taken 48 shots in the last 4 games, and only made 14, and taken 22 3s and only made 2…um this isnt on the magic, this is on ray allen just missing shots, period end of story, this has been a guy who historically shoots better with a hand in his face then wide open as it is….theres no excuse for how badly hes played, absolutely none…JJ reddick, pietrus, and a rookie who missed half the series…um yeah…no excuse

  • baron

    seriously? hahahahah….hilarious