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Doc Rivers Laughs at Patrick Ewing

Patrick Ewing has guaranteed a win in Game 7.  Doc Rivers finds that humorous.

"Patrick Ewing did that? We feel great. We feel great about that. I've
been on those Knicks teams where he had some predictions. But you know
what I've always said about predictions, what else are you going to
say? Are you going to say no? But the Patrick prediction makes me feel

Other Patrick Ewing predictions:

  • John McCain will beat Barack Obama
  • Crystal Pepsi will sweep the nation
  • Sanjaya will win American Idol

I could go on.  But I think I've made my point.  Ewing's predictions suck.

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  • Other Ewing Predictions:
    Sebastian Telfair is a better PG than Rajon Rondo
    In-game chatrooms at will not be amazing.
    The Dark Knight will bomb in the box office.

  • Off Topic but is anybody else besides me going to root almost as hard (ok maybe that’s a little bit of an over statement) for Houston tomorrow as they are for Boston? Running ESPN blows Kobe all night is just a little too much over the line.

  • P Funk

    I’m with you Count, I’ve been watchin the Rockets this series and those guys are inspiring. I think we are in the same boat in a way with the injuries and what not, but I love the way those guys play. Tough nose defense, hittin the glass hard, and always givin 100%. Sounds like the Celts of last year…I actually think the C’s are leavin everything on the court this year too, but the defense just isnt there. I love the heart we are showin, but its hard to win in the playoffs when you cant get a stop.

  • Hell ya Count-I’ll be rooting for Houston. Here are all of Ewing’s “guarantees” by the way:

  • Anon

    YO dont talk shit about crystal pepsi. That was the shit back in the days.

  • honestly? no I wont be rooting for houston anywhere near as much as ill be rooting for the cs, and I dont expect that game to even be close, the lakers might just win by 40 again on there homecourt