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Is Dwight Really Dominant?

SevenSecondsOrMess does a great job breaking down video.  Today, it's Dwight Howard and his offensive game under the microscope.  Once again, TV analysts seem to accept some misconceptions about Dwight Howard being a dominant player.  Even last night, in a monster game, he didn't score very often on an offensive move.  He dominated the boards.  He dunked a lot.  He intimidated the Celtics every time they got into the lane.  He was dominant in that regard.  But this video is a great breakdown of what Dwight does in the post, and what he needs to work on.

I'm a big fan of Dwight.  I think this kid is on the cusp of being a great player, not just big and athletic.  If he develops a couple of go-to offensive moves and a short jumper, then forget it… game over… fit him for a handful of rings.  Until then, he's immensely talented, but flawed to a point where it can cost his team.

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    He is dominant, multiple 20-20 games aren’t that common, and he lead the league in rebounds and blocks this year. He changes alot of shots in the lane too, plus he is still young and will get better each year as he figures out the game. Don’t forget he’s Superman too and can dunk on 20ft rims.
    If you’re starting a team right now, he has to be number one or two, right there with LeBron.

  • Bill

    No way. You’ve been listening to Tirico and Barkley for too long. Howard is on no cusp. This is all he is. Inconsistent and overhyped.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Fine, even if he never gets any better, he is still the best center in the league (over Yao). No, he won’t be Wilt or wear 11 rings, but put him with another superstar and a supercoach and he is a lock for atleast one ring. Drop him in Miami, Cleveland, San Antonio?? Bingo, instant Champions

  • Jon

    I just don’t like when people like Barkley or whoever say Howard is the best player in this series. Paul Pierce is the best player in this series. If you’re building a team, you obviously take Howard because he is a dominant DEFENSIVE player but we’re not building teams, we’re playing games. If it’s the 4th quarter and the game is tied anyone with a brain would rather have Pierce than Howard. That’s why Pierce is the best “player” while Howard is the best “athlete”.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Oh I thought the question was is he dominant, which he is at his position. The best player on the floor is Pierce.

  • LAKERS#1

    lmao this is what i hate about the celtic fans. All you guys do is bag on players that rape your team the game before, intead of breaking down your teams weaknesses towards him. wow you guys make me and every other laker fan laugh