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“I guess we just choked”

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I feel hungover, but I didn't drink last night.  I'm trying to look at game 6 and figure out why we couldn't seal the deal.  But after 6 games of similarly inconsistent play, I'm at a loss for anything new to say.  So I'll just let Rondo sum it up for me.

“We didn’t run out of gas,” Rondo said. “I guess we just choked. We
turned the ball over and things did not go our way. We did not get
stops. We turned the ball over and things did not go our way. We did
not get stops. Turnovers led to a lot of points. We did not get to the
free throw line like we wanted to. We only got there 13 times. We were
not the more aggressive team tonight. They fought back and stuck with
it. We did not get the punch out.”

Everyone's looking at Ray Allen for an answer, mostly because he hasn't been able to provide one on the court.  Yes, he's missed some open looks, but the Magic gameplan has been to stick to him wherever he goes.

“The game plan is to stay with him at all times,” Rashard Lewis
said. “He runs off a lot of screens and even if he’s coming off a
screen from the bigs, we have to help, we have to start on him and then
the whole defense has to shift over. But even if we’re double-teaming
Paul Pierce, we’re trying to leave Rondo, make him make the jump shot.

“But the guy guarding Ray Allen or Eddie House has to stay home,
stay on him tight because all it takes is for him to hit one
three-pointer and he gets himself going. He’s that type of shooter that
won’t miss the rest of the night if he gets himself going,” Lewis said.

And for those of you concerned about the officials.. don't be.  Yes, they were wildly inconsistent (again) in this game, causing fans of both teams fits. Sometimes you could chalk things up to "they were calling it tight" or "they were letting them play," but Lord knows what they were calling last night. Glen Davis nearly broke Rafer Alston in half and didn't get called for it… then they call touch fouls.  Who knows what they were thinking.  What I do know is that this is the NBA, and Orlando's 31-13 edge in free throws will be remedied in game 7.  We know it will.  And on Monday morning, Orlando fans will have legitimate gripes about all the touch fouls early on JJ Redick and Courtney Lee… which will give Ray and Eddie House open looks and chances to bury the Magic from the outside.

We all know it's coming.  Because we're on this end of it, I'll take it.  But I don't like it.  I don't like that NBA officiating has become that predictable.  You can't watch a game anymore with anyone without it becoming a topic.  It's sad really.

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  • DRJ

    Here’s the thing I like the least: Every media outlet and so-called expert is predicting a Boston win on Sunday. That’s very bad.

  • why is this team so incompetently stupid?
    And no, I dont want to hear any excuses for ray allen…the guy is as finicky as they come, and do you know how much the fucking guy makes? im sick of it. friggin one dimensional tart who lets stuff get into his head way too easily. he was open last night, pretty simple.
    EVERYONE ON THE MAGIC OUTSIDE OF DWIGHT NO MOVES HOWARD WANTED TO LAY DOWN AND QUIT, and by the way, dwight howard is still a fraud, I absoultey despise him and his game, and wanted to send his punk ass home. nope the celtics kept throwing the ball to the magic, WHEN THEY SHOULD HAVE PUSHED A 10 PT LEAD TO 20.
    I mantain that the celtics will lose and deserve to lose this series. i thought last night was a must win, and I wanted them to prove me something. well rondo is absolutely right, they fucking choked like a bunch of jerks

  • Yeah, thats never a good thing to have talking heads on your side picking you….fucking never helps

  • You make it sound like the Celtics were too stupid to win the game… as if they suddenly forgot how to play basketball.

  • 5 pts and 4 turnovers for the 18 million dollar man?
    and again, theres no excuses for him..NONE. first of all, hedo turkey, jj reddick, and a rookie should not be able to stay with you, and if they do, shut over them. period.
    rondo and pierce are being played perfectly as well, and they arent gagging at every oppurtunity. not only is ray allen missing shots, he looks tottally lost out there. seen the movie space jam? when the monstars suck the game out of nba players, and they have no game? that looks like ray allen. hey ray, do me a favor and stop bringing up the ball and throwing it to someone on the magic

  • Hrvoje

    will you stop bitching already. my god, go vent somewhere, go play ball outside

  • NineSevenEight

    The Celtics can’t really be as aggressive as they want in the playoffs based on depth alone. I think that a 2 to 1 disparty in fouls called and freethrows definitely affected their aggressiveness on the offensive and defensive ends. When you don’t know what a foul is, and you running around with 4 in the 3rd quarter, it affects your game all around. Hopefully the Magic will get a taste of what the Celtics did on Sunday.
    I can see the freethrows being 2 to 1, but for the fouls called to be 2 to 1, it looks ridiculous, especially considering the Celtics didn’t try and foul purposely at the end. The Celtics played sloppy, but the Magic weren’t too pristine either. It felt like most of the Magic’s 15 fouls came in the first half. And Dwight had 5 of the Magic’s fouls so only 10 were called on the REST of the team.

  • DRJ

    I will say this: Eddie seems like he’s still red hot. If Ray comes out cold again, I would quickly start working Eddie in, let Ray sit. Doc seems like he can’t imagine not using Ray, but listen up Doc… it’s game 7. When you’re in a gunfight, you either pick a gun that works, or you die.

  • sounds about right actually. how could you disagree?

  • is this celticsblog? can I not swear or vent?
    And no, the celtics inability to close out a terrible magic team irks me to no end. Magic in 7

  • good point …but docs not gonna do this, or at least he probably wont… and this isnt doc for leaving ray in the game, its on ray for not coming through for his coach, team, or fans and getting it going.
    its 100% unnacceptable for him to be out there longer then anyone, and be compelely incable of getting anything going. docs basically hoping and praying the guy will get it going, and he has to for us to win…but he simply wont, cant and looks confused out there. hes the worst player on the floor out there.

  • Go with the guys who got you there, Nuff said. Hey did ya notice the sun rose today. Wow imagine that.

  • Oh, and there is noone to blame other then pierce and ray. everyone else did their jobs good enough for the celtics to win this game. the role players gave us a chance to win, and our 2 leaders and guys that are suppose to put these game away couldnt…pierce tried, and that flurry was sick, but then he completely blew it from the line
    Magic shot 36% and missed 14 free throws, and people here arent mad? lmao

  • CB

    C’mon, people. Isn’t this why we watch, for the drama? Enjoy it. They’re playing their hearts out and they’re our team, dammit.

  • Yeah, one player loses a ballgame. Convenient, isn’t it?

  • Uh, no.
    Glen Davis was atrocious. If he’s going to hold onto the basketball or pound it like he’s got a back of move tricks, he has to sit.
    Perkins played his usual solid game. Your binky played the way he needs to for us to have a chance to win. Scal did a nice job.
    And the two guys who can’t get any bench time because the owner’s too cheap to pay for reliable relief get all the blame.
    Got it.

  • Dude..you make some great comments on this site, but you’re a bit out of line to start name-caling and putting the team down. We’re all disappointed, but certain comments should be kept to yourself.

  • I hate to say it guys, and believe me I haven’t given up, but ToTheRuins has a point.
    With how many shots the Magic missed ALONG with the number of free throws they missed there is NO FREAKING WAY IN HELL we should have lost this game. This is one of the worst chokes I have seen by the C’s in a LONG time. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL.
    And my one major point is, if we can’t close them down when they are playing THAT poorly, then I don’t even want to advance and have the Cavs destroy us similar to the way they did in our last regular season game against them. Because THAT my friends is what will happen if we are playing like we did last night.
    The Magic were DONE, the crowd was out of it, their team looked like they had given up, and we let them back in this game when we should have finished them. And it was NOT because they played better it is because WE played worse. Inexcusable.
    The only thing which would make me feel better is if we blow them out in Game 7. Which I just can’t see at this point.
    I mean, I still believe but I just don’t know if I want to watch this anymore. The inconsistency is insane. We better hope that the rumors are true and that KG will suit up if we get to the ECF and give this team some damn LIFE. I know I have joked about it a lot, but thats the only way I could see us going anywhere now even IF we win in game 7.
    Perhaps its all true, perhaps they are run down. I don’t know what to believe anymore.
    Even still we cannot forget that through all this, we have come a long way given the health of our team during these playoffs.
    Lets go C’s! I’m angry but we CAN do this. Maybe they just want to make this the best and most dramatic playoff run EVER. Perhaps it’s all a trick. I hope so.

  • Good stuff as always Aingelives. Thx.

  • CFH

    Re: Ray not coming through… do you think he’s missing shots on purpose or something? Should he refuse to go in when Doc tells him to if he hasn’t made a shot for a while?
    Ray is a streaky shooter. Unfortunately, he is on a cold streak now (giving some but not all credit to Orlando’s defensive scheme). He was on a cold streak in the second round of the playoffs last year, too.
    Thing is, his hot streaks are hotter than his cold streaks are cold, so on average he’s a fantastic shooter. We WILL see the person who was almost Finals MVP last year, who dropped over 50 in one game in the first round, and who was the most consistent player on the team for the start of this year.

  • This series really does suck though. Both teams look like ass.
    Last night was so frustrating with all the sloppy turnovers, missed free throws, poor over all play.
    I can’t wait for this series to end.

  • Uncle Leo

    It wasn’t a choke, celts were lucky to be ahead with all the energy orlando was playing with. It was a very physical game and all it took was for the magic to finally hit some of the wide open looks they were getting all night.
    Side note, kinda interesting how the celtics and laker fates seem to be intertwined, going to game 7 with your conference championship matchup already waiting for you and considered favorites over you. Both are criticized for being inconsistent. Have a funny feeling of a rematch come finals time.

  • Well, arent you the king of calling out rondo everytime he doesnt play perfect, bo? you whine about his inconsitency? tell me why it isnt ok to call out a guy whos played consitently bad in the entire series, that isnt ok? we should blame someone like glen davis, a guy who we hve gotten much more out of then expected? really bo? ray allen has been abysmal in this series, and no its not just on him, its on him and pierce, who HAVE YET TO PUT A GAME TOGETHER IN THE ENTIRE PLAYOFF WHERE THEY BOTH PLAY WELL

  • NineSevenEight

    Won’t it give you more hope that you know the Celtics won’t play as bad as they did last night? If you think the Magic won’t play any worse, then you have to believe the C’s won’t. It still came down to the wire last night as badly as the Celtics played. There was a minute and a half and the score was 78-75, Magic. I thought they played their worst game of the series last night. It started from the minute they gave up their 10 point lead going into the half.

  • Oh that was DEFINITELY their worst game of the series. It just seems like they have had similar games like this throughout the playoffs and I don’t understand why. Definitely like Reds’ said, one of the most inconsistent series, or maybe even playoff run that I have seen in a while.
    But my anger from the morning has subsided. I KNOW we can do this, we just need to freaking FOCUS and stop with the sloppy mistakes which have been killing us.