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“We are going to win this series”

Perk scores on howard
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Dwight Howard kissed and made up with SVG yesterday… and then came out with a guarantee

"We can't give up hope," Howard said Wednesday. "We're in this series to win it. We are going to win this series."

I get why athletes say these things.  And Orlando winning twice wouldn't be the most shocking thing in the world.  But I gotta think that Orlando is pretty much all talk at this point.  I still think that they'll fold at the first hint of things going wrong tonight. 

What I would love to see is the Magic dump it in to Dwight every time in the 4th quarter, and then get his reaction when the Celtics extend their lead over that period and Dwight finishes shooting 35%.  Keep feeding the big man with no back to the basket moves, Orlando.   

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  • Celtic_love

    Dwight Howard is going to beat our asses tonight and then we’re going to lose in game 7. Dwight Howard is just too tough for us.

  • LOL WTF?

  • This better be on the celtics bulletin board. the celtics got to play with a purpose tonight and win this series, or ya know what? dwights probably right. this team is completly lucky to be up 3-2 right now…the celtics gotta realize they gotta put them away NOW and avoid a game 7 at all costs.

  • NineSevenEight

    The only team that’s been able to win twice in a row in this series is wearing green, Dwight. Fightin’ words!

  • WestCoastCelt

    No idea at all what to expect tonight. Which Pierce will show up? Which Ray? Which Rondo? Will the Magic shoot 30% from 3 or 60%? Will the refs let Perk defend or call him for fouls when he stands still and Howard runs into him?
    Seeing as the Celts haven’t played too many stellar games this postseason, I’m definitely nervous (and ready to break stuff, too, if they come out playing as poorly as they have recently). On the other hand, I’m hoping they’re due to put a solid game together.
    Honestly, I think the Magic control their destiny more than the Celts do. It seems to me they are able to run whatever they want most of the time, it’s just a matter of knocking shots down. When they’ve shot poorly, it’s not because the D has been in their face as much as it has been them just missing good looks. I could argue the opposite, too. If Super Rondo shows up and Ray shows up, the Celts could handle the game easily, but overall I still feel the Magic control the outcome good or bad. Even the Celts last two wins (and all due credit them for getting those wins) felt more like Orlando blew those than the Celts won them.
    Bottom line, I’m anxious for tonight and ready for anything to happen.

  • agreed, theres a part of me that doesnt feel good about tonight and a game 7 if it gets there….the magic do control thier own destiny, I feel we got lucky the last 2 games, and quite frankly the magic should be embarrassed

  • Danno

    Dude, you just lost this series, before even playing game 6. Way to Jinx your team. Within a span of 48 hours, this donkey has called out his coach and his teammates publicly for not getting him the ball enough, even though the in-game stats for the entire season show that Orlando’s winning or losing games hasn’t been effected one way or the other when he gets the ball more often; and now he’s guaranteeing a series win, when they are facing elimination.
    Bring On Cleveland. Orlando just folded.

  • I think we close them down tonight. Orlando has not impressed me once this year. Celtics play down to them IMO, and it’s time to be the champs and defend the belt with heart.

  • CB

    I’m with Danno-Orlando has imploded. The Cs may be undermanned and obviously at times they’re being outplayed, but they are mentally very tough. And not matter what, they believe they can win. That is huge.

  • Ruins: You really feel we “got lucky”..? Those shots by Ray and Baby had nothing to do with luck. Neither did Orlando’s failing to get DHo the ball during the 4th. Neither did Marbury hitting those 5 in a row during Game 5. Know what I mean?

  • Howard is like a young boy whistling in the dark to stop from being scared.

  • Greg

    Dude, who is the kid that updates this site? I wonder if you he (or she?) was this confident and ran this much smack the 15 years before last season? Those 15 years the equivalent of your life span?…Did you talk this much junk with Dana Barros running things? Perhaps Sherman Douglas? Or maybe Dino Radja? You act like your team is something special. Outside of last season, the Celtics haven’t done anything in my lifetime…20 years.
    No doubt Magic will win in 7 and once they do you can whine about the officiating, blame injuries (even though our 2nd best player is MIA as well) and yell at mom to bring you snacks down in the basement.

  • Danno

    Hey Greg, you can Claim the Celtics haven’t done anything in 20 years.
    Take a look at your own team. They haven’t done anything. EVER.
    Let’s look at how they stack up:
    * 2007-08: 52-30/Lost Eastern Conference Semifinals/Stan Van Gundy
    * 2006-07: 40-42/Lost Eastern Conference First Round/Brian Hill
    * 2002-03: 42-40/Lost Eastern Conference First Round/Doc Rivers
    * 2001-02: 44-38/Lost Eastern Conference First Round/Doc Rivers
    * 2000-01: 43-39/Lost Eastern Conference First Round/Doc Rivers
    * 1998-99: 33-17/Lost Eastern Conference First Round/Chuck Daly
    * 1996-97: 45-37/Lost Eastern Conference First Round/Brian Hill, Richie Adubato
    * 1995-96: 60-22/Lost Eastern Conference Finals/Brian Hill
    * 1994-95: 57-25/Lost Finals/Brian Hill
    * 1993-94: 50-32/Lost Eastern Conference First Round/Brian Hill
    1989 – 1993: No Playoffs Appearances.
    # 2007-08: 66-16/Won Finals/Doc Rivers
    # 2004-05: 45-37/Lost Eastern Conference First Round/Doc Rivers
    # 2003-04: 36-46/Lost Eastern Conference First Round/Jim O’Brien and John Carroll
    # 2002-03: 44-38/Lost Eastern Conference Semifinals/Jim O’Brien
    # 2001-02: 49-33/Lost Eastern Conference Finals/Jim O’Brien
    # 1994-95: 35-47/Lost Eastern Conference First Round/Chris Ford
    # 1992-93: 48-34/Lost Eastern Conference First Round/Chris Ford
    # 1990-91: 56-26/Lost Eastern Conference Semifinals/Chris Ford
    # 1989-90: 52-30/Lost Eastern Conference First Round/Jimmy Rodgers
    # 1988-89: 42-40/Lost Eastern Conference First Round/Jimmy Rodgers
    So yeah, I guess that argument didn’t work out for you so much, did it?

  • Danno

    To sum up the above:
    Orlando hasn’t been out of the second round since 1995.
    The Celtics have, three times.
    And since the Magic were established in 1989, they have 10 playoffs appearances, as do the Celtics.
    So yeah – we’ve gone further more times than Orlando has in it’s entire existence, even if you throw out the 16 championships we have that preceeded last years.

  • Greg

    Actually you just proved my point Einstein…thank you for taking the time to post that. BEFORE last season all I see is Lost, Lost, Lost, ….??
    What exactly did you prove? That you lost just as much as we have in our 20 years existence? Well done.

  • P Funk

    Hahahaha Greg…Take a seat young man. Who are you to talk about bein a kid, and gettin snacks from mama??? You are probably the youngest commenter (at least close to it) on this board.
    This website was a vastly different place when this team was on its way to losing 18 (or so) in a row with PP and Big Al leading the way. Of course we didnt talk as much smack, we had no right to. But now that we ARE the defending champions and will topple your magic even without our defensive leader, we are gonna let you hear about it for sure…
    This team (the one currently assembled) IS special. We may not win it all this year, but to get as far as they will (ECF, at least) is a special accomplishment on its own.
    As far as the team’s history, we dont even have to tell a historian such as yourself about the legacy of this team. Look up to the rafters next time your in Beantown…
    Now hop back on mommas tit and next time show some respect.

  • Playing bad for 3 quarters, and being down 14 with 5 minutes to go…yeah alot of luck went into getting that win…babys shot going down? yeah, i say we got pretty luck with that too, especially considering the 14 pts combined from ray allen and the bench, and paul pierces phantom foul trouble.
    magic probably shouldve already won this series, if they had any balls

  • when have the magic ever been anyting special?
    Hey idiot, youre a magic fan….lol thats funny in itself

  • What have the magic done? didnt they hand a divisional banner this year cornball? do you shake those corny little magic towels?

  • Nicely put

  • Yikes Greg-how’d that taste?

  • I hear ya’. I think Baby’s mid-range J is nice. I don’t know if it’s balls the Magic lack so much as a proven leader. Should be an entertaining game tonight. GO GREEN.

  • Couldn’t have said it better.

  • Thx

  • Lakerhater

    Isn’t Stan Van Gundy’s middle name Greg? Please, you dipsh*ts will give yourself another banner if you make it to game 7. Take a note from the fat kid’s dad and aplogize for being an #sshole and then sitback and enjoy another magic meltdown.
    I can’t wait for the next round, the Cav’s produce much higher quality trolls.