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Chuck - Red's Army May 14, 2009 Uncategorized 14 Comments on Stumped


This blog isn’t writing itself, so I’m just going to start typing. Three hours of interrupted sleep will do that to a man. Watching your son get circumcised doesn’t help much either. I’ll just empty my head.

The left side of my brain:

Nothing comes easy for this Celtics team and I don’t expect that to change tonight. Remember Game 6 against the Bulls? It was the perfect “finish-off-this-pesky-team-so-we-can-rest-for-next-series” game. Three overtimes later, the Celtics had a Game 7 staring them in the face.

The right side of my brain:

The Celtics are due for a good game. Way overdue. We’ve seen their A-game twice in the playoffs: Game 3 vs Chicago, Game 2 vs Orlando. What better time to put it all together. Orlando is crumbling. All the pressure is on them.

According to, the Celtics are 7 point underdogs. Not sure what that means. My gut tells me the Magic win Game 6. That should have most of you jumping for joy, as you all know my predictions are worthless.

Ron Borges is directing his inner fury at the Magic:

True that. Dominant players dominate games. The Magic have players
who dominate the microphone. They blame each other for what went wrong.

Sure Howard only touched the ball twice in the fourth quarter, which
is ridiculous, but does he think that was Van Gundy’s idea? How about
demanding the ball? How about getting open? How about getting a rebound?

Sounds like Big Baby is enjoying his time in the spotlight. Here’s how he described his recent clutch play:

“You know, you’re just dancing to a nice song . . . and you just let it
flow,” he said, snapping his fingers, gyrating his hips, and slowly
rolling his broad shoulders. “Everything’s going your way and you’re
not forcing anything, you’re playing hard, and you feel like
everything’s going your way.”

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Fortunately, I still have the energy to give you dancer pics from last night’s Mavs/Nuggets game.



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  • If I see the celtics come out with no urgency expecting the magic to roll over, I might punch a hole in the wall…this is a must-win game for me, or you might as well get ready for vacation. they have been completely and utterly LUCKY to be up 3-2 right now, they have been outplayed most of the series, and have to play solid team basketball for 48 minutes tonight, I fucking do not want a game 7 against the magic, Im sick of them. finish em

  • Magic fans are actually saying Jameer nelson is a bigger loss then KG…LOL
    Jameer nelson is a scrub, im sorry but he just is

  • Yes it is time to finish this. I just want to get to the ECF so we can prove that even with a team decimated by injury, we can still bang with the Cavs.

  • Uncle Leo

    When you compare how good nelson has been this season and how subpar garnett was this season, it’s not a crazy thing to say. His penetration is as lethal as rondo’s except he actually takes and makes the easy layups/shots when he gets in the paint, or just lobs to the beast.
    Hopefully Garnett’s knee is feeling better because with every passing game the celts look like they need him back more than ever. This luck streak is fun while it lasts but it’s gonna hurt sooner or later.

  • stoolsArmy

    how can you say garnett was subpar this season? hopefully, your not naive enough to just look at stats. our team was as dominant as any other with garnett in the lineup, and now we are not nearly at that level. he has made both perk and rondo better players with his knowledge of the game and his presence in the paint. cleavland went way ahead of us once he went down. meanwhile, orlando replaced their decent starting pg with another decent starting pg, who in my opinion is only slightly worse in raefer alston and stayed exactly where they were before nelson went down

  • CB

    Yeah, the Cs have got to come out hungry tonight and stay that way, beginning to end.

  • Uncle Leo

    Look, theres obviously no point in arguing with someone who hasn’t seen the magic play before this series. Nelson was an all star this year and if you actually saw him play you would probably want him on your team more than rondo, he’s a very good shooter and was very clutch this year. Comparing him with Alston is a little ridiculous.
    And Garnett was subpar, but it wasn’t his fault he was always fighting through some injury or another.
    Would I take a full strength kg over a full strength nelson? of course. But the magic fans have a right to bring him up, he was huge for them this year.

  • Dwight hasn’t played well when under the spotlight or with lots of pressure. Tonight, in Game 6 in Orlando, he will be in the spotlight and under plenty of pressure. The dude has potentially set himself up for disaster– what if he gets 20 touches, the offense runs strictly through him, and the Magic fail?
    Everyone keeps saying, “Just wait for him to develop… He’s got loads of potential.” That might be true, but he’s got a lot of work before becoming the dominant player he claims he already is. Drop step? Not there. Hook? Not there. Baby hook? Not there. Ability to face up to players? Not there. Ability to handle the ball on the post? Not there. Little jumper from 7 feet out? Not there. Any low post moves period? Not there. I hope SVGundy plans to change it up tonight. Why not? You’re going to lose this series anyway, so you might as well give Not-so-Superman a chance to win the game for the team. There is nothing to lose, but everything to gain: you either win Game 6 or you get him to shut up and start working on his game. We’ve seen what the Magic are all about, and what they bring to the table. Unfortunately for them, they are playing at their ceiling: this is the best they can do. But the problem is they can’t sustain leads, they don’t have a coach that understands how to change the tempo of a game, and they don’t have a player that can close out a game. You can’t beat a team as good as the Celts w/o all 3 of those things.

  • you are a moron

  • stoolsArmy

    i never said nelson was not a good players. ive actually always liked him and was hoping we might draft him out of college. that being said, i would NEVER take him over rondo. ill take a pass first PG who rebounds over a 3-pt shooting PG any day of the week. and i did watch the magic this year, i watch every team (first time ive had NBA tv). he was very good for them, but its a product of howard, much like rondo is a product of our stars. what was a better replacement: alston for nelson, or mikki moore for garnett? garnett is a WAY bigger loss

  • saw the magic play all year, realize jameer was having his best year, but lets get honest really fucking quick buddy, jameer sucks defensivly, he isnt a good penetrator at all like you speak of (rafers actually better at that) hes an undersized guard with a goddamn streaky jumpshot, thats about it.
    you are an epic fool if you think KGS impact isnt more then jameers..HAHAHAHAH…the celtics defense is mediocre at best without him, KG is there best DEFESNIVE PLAYER, and they run there offense through when healthy…god damnit uncle leo youre a moron

  • Uncle Leo

    Seriously, why do you even bother? He’s a tremendous penetrator and is probably the strongest point guard in the nba. And when did I say Kg’s impact is less than nelsons?

  • NineSevenEight

    I don’t know. I just have a hard time believing that the Magic will risk changing up their entire team makeup to rely heavily on Dwight Howard in an elimination game. Save for Game 2, they’ve shown they can build significant leads off of jumpers. They are a jumpshooting team after all. If they go completely away from that and Dwight tries to bang with Perk and gets pushed out of his five-foot zone enough times, I’m pretty sure he’ll stop begging for the ball. I haven’t seen Dwight succeed much against Perk unless it’s on an offensive slam or a misread. I’m sure they’ll try to go with the pick and roll and we’ll see what happens.

  • Uncle Leo

    lol…”tremendous penetrator”