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I’ll see your meltdown, and I’ll raise you one

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So that's how Orlando felt after Game 5.

The Celtics scored a whopping 29 second half points.  Their last points of the game were scored by Rajon Rondo at the 3:46 mark.  Orlando erased a 10 point Celtics lead halfway through the 3rd quarter to force a game 7 Sunday night. 

Box Score

I honestly thought this thing was over when Paul Pierce scored 6 straight for the C's to retake the lead.  But then there were turnovers, fouls, two missed free-throws by Pierce, more missed shots for Ray… and no more points. 

Ray Allen's line:  2-11, 0-7 from 3, 5 points.  Jeez.

I'm just too frustrated by this game.  It hit me like a Manny Pacquiao left hook.  I never saw it coming until the very end, and now I'm floored.  Never should have come to this.  The Celtics squandered a ton of opportunities with careless turnovers.

I'm done for tonight.  I need a drink.  Everyone have fun with the wild, emotional overreactions in the comments.  Go nuts with them.  Get them out of your system.  Let's regroup and look at this rationally tomorrow.

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  • I wanna slit someone throat….celtics epic choke job
    hey pierce, why are you missing clutch free throw, ASAAAAHHHH ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME GOD DAMNIT?
    ray allen, um. yeah. dude seriously. you are playing god-awful basketball in every aspect. its PISSING ME OFF
    shouldve won this game by 30…and choked it away…GAME MOTHER FUCKING 7. god damnit son of a bitch, magic in 7, sorry.

  • Embarassing.

  • DRJ

    The worst news from tonight is that the Cs came out with a lot of energy, looked like they came to play right from tipoff. And still they lost. To a mediocre team. Which was not playing particularly well. That’s bad news.
    Doc: When you have a red-hot Eddie House available, you don’t keep playing ice-cold Ray Allen. Yes, Ray has been great in the PAST, but he is killing you now — why on Earth are you keeping him in? Did you have a stroke, Doc?
    Paul: Live by the Paul, die by the Paul. Missed too many shots in 4th, and too many TOs.
    Rondo: Really came to play tonight. Got too little help from his All-Stars, especially Ray. Also too many TOs.
    Ray: Superbad. Twice as many TOs as baskets. Bad squared.
    Oh well. One more. I’m sure the Cavs will be nice and rested, ready to make mincemeat of whichever team they face next.

  • It’s very simple what did us in. No need for analysis: A)22 turnovers
    B)our starting SG went 2-11
    End of story. See you Sunday @8pm.

  • NineSevenEight

    Celtics had every opportunity to win this-no doubt. They killed themselves with their careless, CARELESS turnovers. But what do you know? Orlando+Stan Van Gundy=Foul trouble for the visitors. They couldn’t take advantage of the poor, POOR FT shooting by the Magic.
    On that note…………..
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team that whines more than the Magic. They complained EVERY time down the court like they weren’t living at the free throw line all night. 31-13 deficit. TWENTY EIGHT FOULS CALLED ON THE CELTICS! FIFTEEN FOR THE MAGIC! This is the playoffs. It’s physical, but if you can’t call it LOPSIDED. I would understand the free throw discrepancy if the fouls called was close. BUT A THIRTEEN FOUL DIFFERENCE?!?! I guess the Magic used their “invisibility” superman cloaks. And I’m convinced Dick Bavetta ONLY has eyes for Perkins.

  • Nora

    Celtic literally refuse to win in less then 7 games in the first 2 rounds. I don’t get it.
    Magic in 7? They are no better then the Celtics. Remember game 5.

  • Good points, celtics came out with the right attitude, played good through 3 quarters as a team, and then choked, pretty simple.THE FUCKING CHOKED. and you know fucking what? the magic played about as bad they can. I dont even care that the refs sucked, celtics still shouldve won. magic missed a ton of free throws, shot like 30%…unnacceptable loss, and i seriously wanna fucking freak out…WHEN THE FUCK IS SOMETHING GONNA COME GOD DAMN EASY FOR THIS TEAM

  • WE GOT LUCKY TO HAVE THE CHANCE TO CLOSE THEM OUT TONIGHT, BRO, and now that we didnt, I dont like our chances. magic cant play any worse then they did tonight

  • Nora

    Again take a good look at game 5. Celtics can and will play much better at home.

  • NineSevenEight

    Well I hope the Celtics can’t play any worse than they did tonight either. Ray was 0-7 from three land. Paul Pierce had 11 points up until those three consecutive baskets in the fourth quarter. C’s turned it over 22 times. Orlando scored 28? points off the fast break. Orlando won the FT/Foul match up 31-13, 28-15.

  • Some reasons why we lost:
    1- 19 turnovers
    2- 19 turnovers
    3- 19 turnovers
    4- Ray is now 5-30something in 3 pt shooting in this series… come on…
    5- shitty refs as always
    I’m so pissed, we could’ve beaten them by far and we’re down to game 7 AGAIN… what a shitty night.

  • DRJ

    Let me help you, if I can. Look at it this way: It doesn’t matter if we win 2nd round or not. Either of these teams will lose in 4 straight games to the Cavs.
    So relax… this is not our year. We’re going through the motions. Don’t invest too much emotional energy anymore.

  • Cs were up the entire game until late in the 3rd, maybe even 4th…and ray allen shoots 0-7, and? thats actually consistent with what hes done in this series
    paul pierce is getting double and triple teamed, theres a reason hes not scoring 30 every night.
    I dont even care, the celtics shouldve won tonight, and had to win tonight. there season is all but over. they have noone to blame for not getting rest but themselves. I dont want to hear another goddamn thing about being fatigued…ITS CALLED FINISH THE BULLS AND MAGIC OFF IN LESS THEN 7 FOR CHRISSAKES, you shouldve in both instances, but couldnt.

  • celtics played terrible in game 5 actually…probably worse then they played tonight…the magic just simply choked, and gave us a chance to get rid of them, and of course, what do we do? lose, go to a game 7. im not interested in watching another game 7, sorry i wanted this fucking thing over with now

  • NineSevenEight

    Celtics were burned off turnovers from the get-go and it had a lot to do with why they lost. Most were careless, it wasn’t what the Magic were doing.
    They could have ended this game in the first half and lost a 9 or 10 point lead at the half.
    Ray Allen’s getting plenty of open looks and missing. Nothing was more evident of that then his WIDE open miss from the 3 pt. line when there was 15 seconds left in regulation. He needs to be more aggressive. He only shot one technical foul. That was his only appearance at the line. I’d like to see him go to the basket and be aggressive, not adjust shots for misses and shoot floaters. I want to see head fakes and layups and two hand slams. He’s not getting the benefit of the doubt with the “strips.”
    The Celtics came out strong in the first, then disappeared at the end of the second, reappeared in the third for a few minutes, tried to play stall-ball, then collapsed in the fourth. They didn’t exactly have a picture perfect game. I don’t consider “being up” by one point a good game. They were trying more to hold off the Magic then they were to actually running the offense. I thought the defense was there for the most part.
    Dwight Howard had way too many offensive rebounds.
    There’s plenty of room for improvement. I don’t expect the Magic to be at the line 31 times and only get called for 15 fouls either. That shouldn’t happen in the playoffs. Unfortunately when a coach whines about calls in a veiled way to the media, he’s going to get them.
    I hope the Celtics win on Sunday, but what more can you expect if they don’t? They’ve fought more than any other team has given their injuries which have been more devastating than any other team has experienced. You can’t berate their efforts anymore. They’re trying their hardest with what they have and what’s called on them. They have no depth and their STILL playing playoff basketball. As a fan, I couldn’t be more proud. Hopefully Ray will mimic his Game 6 from the Finals last year.

  • NineSevenEight

    No one’s forcing you to watch if you hate it so much. There’s not a lot you can be upset with at this point based on what the C’s have had to go through since KG went down.

  • Alex

    Can we trade Ray Allen, please?
    I think there is nothing more in the tank with this guy. I love Ray Allen, but five consecutive HORRIBLE games… no, THAT is a problem.
    I’m not sure why Ray Allen has lost his stroke but this is the worst I’ve ever seen him play in his WHOLE career.

  • Well… I asked for emotional overreaction… and this is it.
    We could have made that same comment about Ray after the first two rounds LAST year… and he became a potential Finals MVP candidate. Not to mention he had a great season.

  • Its over on Sunday Goodguys 112-Magic 100. This is a classic see-saw battle, homecourt is the key. Nighty nite.

  • Eric

    Man, most of you people making comments here should go over to the Pussies R Us website and hang out there. Man, I have never seen such a bunch of whining bitches like you. This is a half crippled Celtics team taking on “Superman”. The good news is that Superman sucks as a basketball player, I don’t care what his stats say. The Magic are giving ALL THEY GOT. The better news is that we will very likely win on sunday at home and be in the ECF’s and have done it all with Kevin Garnett in a suit making faces at the other teams. most of you pussies probably had the Celtics losing in 4 to the Bulls. Give me a break!! Oh and the best new is, Garnett will be back next year and we will likely kill everyone in the league the way we should be.
    I seem to remember something about the worst season in Celtics history the year before last. Am I the only Celtics fan with an ounce of appreciation for how good our team is? Sad…

  • DRJ

    In other words, according to you:
    Don’t say that the Cs are choking and/or playing badly, even though they are, because we were once WORSE, and also, we’ll be better next year. Probably.
    Did I get that right? ‘Cause it’s a really stupid thing to say, fyi.
    And btw, the Magic played very badly too. Not “all they got”. And we still lost. It was ugly, and we’re saying that because it’s true. Now please allow us our commiserations, mr superfan.

  • Alex

    Yep, maybe I am overreacting. It’s just that Ray Allen is really disappointing me. I KNOW he can play better but this guy is having a bad game after the other…
    If he plays badly on Game 7 and we lose, I don’t know what to say.
    Losing to the Orlando Magic will be the worst way to lose our defending champion title…

  • NineSevenEight

    What’s funny is that, despite winning, Magic fans are complaining on their blog about not getting enough calls tonight.

  • agreed man, but id rather lose to lebron then dwight howard and the disney magic…ill take getting to the ECF as my championship. lol
    this game proved what we all knew. cleveland is guaranteed a finals berth, both the magic and celtics are incapable of playing solid for 48 minutes…thats the one constant with the cavs, they play consistent solid basketball on both ends for 48 minutes, no exceptions. we are completly incapable of doing that. we also get hosed by the refs, and the cavs simply do not, but thats no excuse tonight, even though the refs sucked, you gotta beat a team in a crisis when you control the entire game. its almsot as if we were better off playing from behind for 3 quarters and stealing the win again. its exactly what the magic did, and its a microcosm of the series

  • Mike Munger-Return to the Rafters


  • Them going through alot is there own fault. they shouldve beat the bulls in 5 and the magic in 6, with or without KG its there own fault theyre exhausted.
    And you know what im extremly sick of? nothing coming easy for the celtics? how could the magic not lay down tonight? oh yeah, we didnt make them. our own fault. they were there for the taking

  • NineSevenEight

    Ray put the C’s up for good with a key three in Game 5. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that erased. If Ray doesn’t hit that, Celtics are out of the playoffs.

  • hmmm…bruins lose a game 7 on their home ice….hmmm? dundunduhhhh

  • Alex

    Oh, please cut the crap. Celtics had a chance to win this game but what happened…
    1. Careless turnovers.
    2. Ray Allen sucking… this whole series.
    3. Big Baby getting way too confident and thinks he can do everything on his own. Pass the damn ball, Baby.
    4. Losing a 10 point lead and actually having one of the worst second half teams in the NBA beat us IN THE SECOND HALF is beyond belief.
    I hate seeing Rondo performing well but lacking the teammates to show motivation to win the game. Pierce was hot… for a bit… until he missed a shot and two clutch FTs (I officially hate Pierce at the free throw line during clutch time).
    I might need some sleep to calm down but this was an ugly loss. I love the Celtics and the reason I’m so pissed off with them at the moment is because I KNOW they can play a lot better but they don’t seem to want to do that unless they are playing with urgency. I didn’t see a hint of urgency during the second half, to tell you the truth.
    Game 7’s seem to be the only games that the Celtics will play well in because they KNOW they have to win or else they are officially done for.
    Don’t get me started on Ray Allen. I know he’s an amazing player and he’s saved the Celtic’s asses numerous times, but that’s the past. All that won’t matter unless we win another banner. Right now, he’s disappointing me immensely (except for that nice 3 point shot to put us in the lead in Game 5). Ray Allen, I will pray for you for Game 7.

  • Alex

    Yes, Ray Allen definitely hit an important 3 pointer during that game and I think that’s great, but still, his performance has been horrible this Playoff series.
    I’m going to go to sleep because I’m just sorely disappointed with this game…

  • NineSevenEight

    The Celtics and the Magic both played ugly. I think the Celtics played uglier than the Magic personally. The C’s gave them so many extra possession with turnovers, the Magic may have shot thirty-something percent from the floor, but if you keep getting opportunities to score, good things will happen i.e. fouls-free throws, fast breaks. In theory the Magic can play better, but have they really played GREAT for 48 minutes in this series? They have yet to prove that. The Celtics have shown that they can dig deep and play. The Magic won the battle of turnover, fast breaks, fouls, offensive..Regardless of shooting percentage, how can you NOT win?

  • Alex

    I really hope there isn’t a Boston Jinx… The Bruins just tainted our TD Banknorth Garden with their loss tonight.
    I hope the Celtics win Game 7.

  • NineSevenEight

    *offensive rebounds

  • Im not a big hocket fan, or bruins fan…obviously I have freinds that are…and ouch…they just lost a game 7 on their home ice with a minute to go in overtime

  • oh, and im so furious about the celtics, how could not be? the magic were falling apart in every way possible ,all the pressure was on them, none on us….now all the pressure is on us….booo

  • NineSevenEight

    That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. I guess it’s Paul’s fault KG’s knee is bum. I guess it’s Ray’s fault Leon tore his ACL in the playoffs. YOU CAN’T WIN EVERY PLAYOFF GAME WITH A SEVEN MAN ROTATION THAT’S HAD TO COMPENSATE FOR INJURIES TO TONY ALLEN, PERKINS, RAY ALLEN, KG, POWE, SCALABRINE, BABY, RONDO GOING INTO THE PLAYOFFS! Every one of those guys has missed at least one game due to injury. It means something. It effects how many minutes everyone else has to pick up down the stretch and into the playoffs.
    And there’s this thing in the NBA called fouls. Every player gets 6 and NO team is perfect enough to stay out of foul trouble. Having a short rotation comes into play.
    Hopefully, in retrospect, you’ll be able to appreciate the Celtics fighting in spite of every challenge they’ve had. You can’t be serious in thinking that they’re going the distance with what they have against a rested, healthy Cavs team. Let it go and cheer them on regardless of the outcome. It’s not about being frustrated anymore, that was used up during the Chicago series.

  • NineSevenEight

    They’re at FULL strength. Why wouldn’t they play consistent?

  • ShooterMcGavin


  • Bill

    I have loved everything about Paul Pierce’s game during his career in Boston…except the repeated chokes at the free throw line.
    For fuck sakes Paul. How can you be such a deadly shooter and such a crumbling bitch at the line? If you didn’t get a lucky bounce last year against Cleveland, Celtics might not be champions right now.
    What a shitty night.

  • P Funk

    Perk had a really great game tonite…He is really becoming a force down there, and may be the only one in the league that can handle howard 1 on 1 down low all day.

  • DRJ

    Yes, Perk was great. Except for his 5 TOs.

  • Lol…people this incompetent drive me crazy
    what is an injured KG, on a knee that locks up on him and is very injured going to do to help us? he hasnt played competetively in months…do we really want to start from scratch in a game 7?
    get the knee surgery I agree with

  • what makes me so mad about this game…well lets see
    1. they came out with the right mindset, they looked pretty focused and ready to take the series in orlando
    2. orlando shot horribly. atrocious.
    3.perkins played great. and for all the nimwits in the national media who keep saying dwight howard should get more touches, or try to say he got more touches last night…well youre all incompetent jerks. dwight howard can not score 1 on 1 on perkins, at least he hasnt this series, literally can count the number of times on one hand
    4. dwight howard did earn his points and play the right way for him, someone fucking gave him the perfect speech, because he got all his offense on put backs and dunks, overall, fuck I think kendrick perkins has played him to a stand still despite stats
    5. ray allen is offically pissing me off, or the celtics just dont talk about injuries, which is very rare for nba players, who will talk and make known about there injuries every chance they can.. i mean what the fuck? he plays well, we win, our inability to push a 9 pt lead to 15 cost us this game, and we had the chance through 3 quarters, and it pretty much came down to turning the ball over and ray allen just flat out not coming through.
    anyone who blames glen davis or even mentions he didnt play well should get their brain examined, first of all because hes played too phenomal to mention it, secondly because the goddamn refs clearly had it out for him from the get go.

  • I dont know why it makes me feel better, it really shouldnt and is pretty much irrelevant to the celtics inabilty to push a 9 pt lead to 15 against a team in crisis and wanting a reason to give in and fold. but LA is going to a game 7 as well.
    I also feel good that im not a bruins fan..lol…game 7 loss in ot on your home ice..the guy who scores the goal is a guy that sucker punched a bruin earlier in the series…seriously…ouch

  • P Funk

    He had I think at least 3 quick travel calls and an offensive foul that are non calls many times. Hey, you win some, you lose some. A few calls didnt go his way. He really held his own against the so called most dominant big man in the league.
    Scal had a pretty good game too. That pass from his back was bird-like…almost…well not really, but it was pretty sweet nonetheless.

  • Perkins said in his postgame that the magic were about ready to lay down. again, the inability to push a 9 pt lead to 15 killed the celtics. and it didnt happen once, it happened several times. they would get up 10, the magic would cut it to 1, the celtics would get back up 10, the magic would cut it to 2, basiclaly by having no killer instinct whatsoever or just flat out passing the ball to the magic and ray allen missing wide open dagger shots( god damnit ray) the celtics get up and the magic lay down, celtics refused to do it and here comes a fucking game 7 where anything can happen

  • GH

    All due respect to the Celtics for battling through injuries and fatigue but if they want a chance of winning on Sunday, Doc has to sit Ray Allen the fuck down on the bench.

  • NineSevenEight

    Completely random video of Big Baby before the Celtics…. and two coincidences in the video: Sebastian Telfair and the KG reference. And holy hell Big Baby weighed 340!?!?!

  • A dam

    Yes Allen sucks, what to do?
    Lets think, in regular season when he also struggled shooting they found a way!!
    More penetration in early minutes will give him more space for comfortable jumers. Thats all!!
    And Doc knows it, and even told it in postgame. ‘He has to touch the ball more’
    (by the way this could help THE TRUTH)
    Speaking the trades, NO for Ray out from Boston.
    Buy Gortat!

  • CFH

    Morning after, and it still sucks. But that’s how this series has been going… if the Celtics come out flat in one game, the Magic do the next game. If the Magic choke in one game, the Celtics do the next game.
    Good news: Magic still seem to be imploding. What was that stuff Van Gundy was spewing about how he’s Howard’s nagging wife?
    And the Lakers lost! I like it when the Lakers lose.
    Celts in 7.
    And no trading Ray Allen… but sitting him when he’s cold might be a nice adjustment.

  • when did I say it was paul or rays fault for injuries? no, no i didnt. and first of all, they fucking did this last season at full stength. its incompetence.
    I dont care about injuries as it concerns to last night, the celtics shouldve won, period end of story. they found a way to lose…its one or the other for this team, find a way to win when youre down and out, or flat out find a way to lose when theres really no way you should lose..
    Oh, and how does leon powe (overrated, sorry) make ray allen only have 5 pts? and shoot bricks on wide open looks and turn the ball over 4 times, and not forgivable turnovers either

  • actually, trading ray allen wouldnt be a bad idea, I generally like him, but please his dissapering acts in the playoffs is a joke. the guy is stuck up and finicky and lets stuff get into his head. the only thing im taking from these playoffs is that, well…its gonna be time very soon to start rebuilding around rondo and perk, our clear 2 best players right now

  • cb

    RE: Ray – or have him set picks more, like Tommy suggested.

  • this series has been a yawn fest compared to the bulls series…seriously no suspense at all for me, just dissapointment seeing how piss poor we can play.
    this has been a series about 2 teams finding ways to lose…yeah here comes another cavs sweep on the horizon

  • Lol. first of all, shut up…secondly the magic wanted to lay down and quit, perk said it himself, but the celtics pretty much wouldnt let them. they play too nice. and as far as KG, he will never be the same player, his knee injury is much worse then you wanna know


  • Agreed Nora. I’ll be there cheering them on. I am completely spent and frustrated myself, but what am I gonna do-give up on my team? Hell no.

  • Ok SLOOOOW down w/the trade Ray talk. Please-it’s a bit desperate sounding..

  • Wow-alot of rambling went on after I crashed last night. Everything from “trade Ray” to “KG’s knee is alot worse” …lol. Chill out people, please…

  • Lakerhater

    Well said thank you! This sh#t has gone on after every loss in the playoffs this year. The Celtics are traveling a hard road, short handed from injuries, No Posey, PJ Brown or Sam I am, No KG to spread the floor for Ray. But….. They continue to fight, show heart, yes occasionally they F#ck up a bit don’t we all. I love the way the youngsters have progressed (perk is kicking the sh#t out of superman nightly, BBD is Waaaayyyy ahead of where he was last year and Rondo looks like a ten year vet.
    Bandwagon Motherf#ckers either get behind the Celtics when the chips are down or go get F#cked – I hear the Lakers need fans if you need a place to go.
    Besides, its not like we are at full strength and lost three games to the Houston Rockets (minus yao and McGrady). Things could be a hell of alot worse. Put down the Koolaid and pick up some Jamesons. CELTICS IN 7.
    Hey Chuck – How about some cheerleaders to divert the attention from self loathing and whining?

  • NineSevenEight

    I’m refering to DEPTH in general. You said it’s the Celtics fault they’re in the position they’re in when it’s more than just a bad game or an off night. Lack of bodies and increased minutes has a lot to do with why they’re in a seventh game situation. You’re being irrational and acting like the Celtics are supposed to waltz into the Finals despite their injuries. They aren’t going to win the trophy this season, get used it and stop overreacting. Since you have an answer to every criticism you have of the team, maybe you should be out there picking up minutes. I’ve never seen a fan berate a a DEFENDING world champ team that’s STILL in the playoffs despite only having one leg to stand on. Root for the Cavs since they’re perfect at full-strength…it’s easier for you that way.

  • NineSevenEight

    I saw that SVG post conference guy. I’ve never seen a grown man so immature. Deflecting the situation back on Dwight Howard and dragging it on. He gives so many backhanded “compliments” and criticisms to his star player I can see why Howard came out and said what he said. I can only imagine what goes on in practice.

  • Thx LakerHater-good to know I’m not the only one tired of it. If Chuck doesn’t post any cheerleaders right away, these bad boys will perk you up in the meantime: http://sportsbybrooks.com/17-year-old-simona-halep-is-shot-jaw-dropper-23512

  • Lakerhater

    I just signed up for wimbledon wire to wire coverage. Too funny!