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I Love Leon

RedsArmyAdmin May 14, 2009 Uncategorized 21 Comments on I Love Leon

How can you not?  The latest reason comes from Jess Camerato's piece on Leon, in which he says he's gonna try to save everybody.

“I’ve seen a lot of kids growing up in and out of foster care, in and
out of group homes, in and out of jail, and I’ve got a lot of friends
that were the same way,” Powe said. “I just thought my mentor took me
in and showed me a new way of life, and that’s not the way I was
thinking at first. At first I was thinking in a negative way and
thinking there was not place out there for me for school, just to do
something period. He had me thinking a different way, and if you put
your mind to what you wanted to do like I did in school and my grades
went from really low to a 3.8 [G.P.A]. And I never thought I could do
that, but he believed in me so I believed in myself and I just said,
this is worth a try.”

…. “I always used to help everybody and some people tell me I help too
much,” Powe said. “They tell me I can’t save everybody but I say, ‘I
will try. I will try to save everybody.’”

He should be everyone's favorite player.  He plays the game of basketball the way it should be played, and he conducts himself the way a person should conduct himself.  He truly is a role model.  I hope he stays a Celtic forever.

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  • The video makes me tear up every time.

  • I like leon the person much more then leon the player…Hes a very limited role player, who I will definetly take as a 8-10th man all day

  • rcry

    When 1 in 9 young black men in their twenties in currently in jail, and the nation could really care less about what’s happening to these communities – it’s people like Leon who make all the difference in the world. Does anyone know how fans can donate to his foundation?

  • Nora

    What an inspiration he is.

  • I couldn’t agree more. If Baby hadn’t been so clutch these playoffs we would be missing Leon badly.
    I don’t see Leon as a limited role player. When he gets more minutes and gets in the groove, he’s highly effective. He had some monster games in the playoffs last year. Get well soon Leon.

  • WestCoastCelt

    I agree his game is limited (post moves only, a little undersized). Still, those post moves. Wow. He’s an amazing post talent. Nobody can refute that. He can definitely get in grooves (racking up layups and drawing fouls) and I agree if he got extended minutes like BBD did, he could average the same 16-17 BBD does.
    Let’s put all that aside though and what do you have?
    Amazing story. Amazing person! LOVE having him on the team and if he can’t stay, I wish him the absolute best personally and professionally (as long as it’s not on the Lakers, that is).

  • He had 1 monster game in the playoffs in game 2 of the finals….why? the lakers coaching staff muffed, didnt scout or something and put LUKE WALTON ON HIM. and yes hes very limited. hes an undersized post scorer who cant pass….. great great guy, lovable player, but some fans are delusional in there thinking that hes really good…

  • His post moves are actually the worst ive pretty much ever seen…. for a highly effective post scorer, his moves suck.
    we saw it most of this season, he regressed, until he had a good week, then he got injured…but teams had him scouted better, and hes very predictable and easy to stop in the post if youre ready for it..and he cant pass out of it if his life depended on it
    hes a very good rebounder in short stints, that I love.

  • 11rings

    I will be really disappointed if Ainge doesn’t do right by Leon and give him a good offer this summer. His attitude is awesome. He sets a great example. And on top of all that he produces on the court. He’ll come back from his injury. He belongs on the Celtics.

  • Huh? ainge is suppose to give powe a good offer based on powe being a great person? seriously get real…which celtic isnt a great person, and doesnt do a ton for charity? hint : they all do. they all work hard. I dont understand why powe always gets singled out for being that guy, when everyone on this team is that guy…anyways keep BBD before powe all day as far as im concerned, keep both is possible, and that might be possible now that leon will probably be cheap

  • Bill

    Without going into the strengths and weaknesses of Leon’s game, I think the Celtics will bring him back for another year or two at small money. Or at least they should. With the position he’s in, I think both sides could reach an agreeable deal in the 1 to 2 million range for a year or two.
    Baby, on the other hand, will be getting paid. He will be a millionaire very soon. And I hope he will still be wearing green. The guy has turned out to be straight up clutch. He makes hustle plays, can score and does a pretty good job matching up bigger and “better” centers, such as Tin Man Howard. And besides, we will need bigs next year, so I don’t see parting with Baby and then going after some veteran to be the wisest move.
    On EEI someone was suggesting that the Celtics should bring Sheed in next year. I say fuck that. I’d rather see Baby and Leon both paid more than they deserve to see Sheed the Crybaby in a Celtics uniform.

  • 11rings

    How can his moves suck if he’s a very effective scorer? Who cares what the moves look like if they get you points? Style’s fine but substance is what counts.

  • Sorry Dr. Jack, I didn’t realize it was delusional to see a lot of promise in a 25 yr old, strong player who seems to step up big when needed. Nobody said he was Tim Duncan jr.

  • Which celtic doesnt step up when needed? thats the story of this team, not leon. theres promise in leon, but not if you mean upside, there is no upside in leon, he is what he is, and who knows what that will be after another knee surgery.

  • Lakerhater

    Leon is a great guy, I hope his knee heals 100% and he gets that big pay day down the road.

  • J

    you obviously don’t know basketball half as well as you think you do..
    ever play the game competitively? Ever coach it or scout it? I have.. he has an innate ability to finish and a nose for the ball that you just cannot teach most athletes… that coupled with hustle and motivation make him a decent player. certainly one I enjoy watching!
    If he only had a couple more inches( or a couple less knee surgeries on him_) he woudl be a 10 year starter in teh league.. As he stands now he still has a long career as a 7th-8th man ahead of him

  • D Stone

    Post moves are the worst you have ever seen?? Wow, that’s so far off it is not even funny. He averaged 20 and 10 in college after not playing his entire sophmore year because of a serious KNEE INJURY.(The scouts were correct. He was one of the best players in the Pac-10 PERIOD) He’s smaller than the majority of forwards and centers when he is in the game and he still puts in work. He hustles and works harder than the majority of people in the league. To dismiss him as a 9th man and the worst post player you have ever seen just shows how little you know.

  • Hey J, Leon powes post moves suck, and his inability to past from the post is a joke. hes very very good at scoring in the post, and effective, that doesnt mean his moves are nice bro, his moves arent anything to write home about, sorry.

  • Hey d stone, Leon powes post moves suck, and his inability to past from the post is a joke. hes very very good at scoring in the post, and effective, that doesnt mean his moves are nice bro, his moves arent anything to write home about, sorry.

  • D Stone

    A bucket is a bucket. No one said it had to be pretty. I guess I just don’t understand how a post move can suck if it goes in the basket. You lost me on that one.

  • D Stone

    I wish I read this before I typed my last response. Exactly my point, too.