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Deal On Sox Stuff

RedsArmyAdmin May 14, 2009 Uncategorized 9 Comments on Deal On Sox Stuff

Figured I'd pass this on to the Sox fans in the house. has gotten Red's Army readers a 30% discount to the Red Sox Team Store until midnight tonight.  Just enter the Discount Code: “TRUFANSBA”. put on that "Best Blog" contest, which we lost. won best Celtics blog.  To be honest, I've never heard of them until this contest… and they're not really a Celtics blog.  They're more of an all-encompassing New England sports blog, so they probably have  ton more traffic because they attract fans of all 4 sports teams. But that's ok.  I'm not bitter or anything.

Hey, have I mentioned that I've never won a sportsmanship award in my life?

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  • What you guys lost? Weak! I visited that site and can’t believe that is the one that WON. WTF. No quality there at all.
    Sorry guys maybe next time…

  • The only 2 Celtics blogs to follow for news AND analysis are and
    Nothing else breaks news or gives quality analysis.
    No butt-kissing there, just cold hard facts.

  • Well… who am I to argue with facts?
    I appreciate the kind words. I’m sure the guys over there work hard and I’m not trying to shit on their site. I just don’t think they should be in our category.
    Even without them, we would have lost to CelticsBlog. Jeff’s got a huge audience over there. They do in a day what we do in a week. He works hard for it, though… and he’s been around forever. I’m glad we’ve been able to join that level in some regard.

  • George

    Dude that poll was rigged man. Never heard of BarstoolSports wasn’t even nominated and they dominate Boston! If you noticed RealBostonwhatever was nominated in every category. I smell a rat!

  • jay benjamin

    what is the link to the red sox team store to use the discount? I thought i was in the right place and the code is not working

  • The link is
    Promotion Code: TRUFANSBA

  • Sorry about the link guys. It’s been fixed.

  • JBS

    Congrats to They have a growing base and are worth collaborating with. They have some very interesting Celtics insight that gets a ton of hits during games.
    Keep up the good work here.

  • DK

    I don’t disagree that we probably didn’t belong in your category…but since there was no “all sports” category our readers probably just backed us in everything. You guys have an awesome site and as I mentioned before the awards I would have had no problem losing to Red’s Army. Despite what Matty said there certainly is SOME quality over on our site, as there are with all of them. No need to bash one site to support another.
    Thanks for the support JBS…and definitely keep up the good work over here.
    Go Celtics!