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The Implosion Is Nearly Complete

Dwight howard 

I've said from the beginning of this season… check that… since the beginning of LAST season that the Magic are not built for the playoffs.  I think the world is starting to see why I say that.  Horrible shot selection when it matters most.  Lack of heart.  Suspect coaching moves.

And it's that last bit that seems to have Dwight Howard pissed off.

“I’m not going to get up here and bash or say anything about what
should happen, but I will say it’s tough to win when all season long
you play inside-out and you trust one of the people that got you off to
a good season,” he said. “I think I’m capable of scoring the post so, I
just don’t think 10 shots, I don’t want to say it’s all about offense.
You've got a dominant player, let him be dominant.”

I'm sorry to tell you this Dwight, but you can't be dominant against Kendrick Perkins.  You just can't.  You can't muscle your way to the hoop.  You can't intimidate him.  Every time you try to bull your way to the hoop, Perk steers you out so you're taking an 8 foot sweeping hook shot.  You might want to look at the game film before you start calling out your coach.

“The coach has to recognize what’s working on the floor and stick to
it," said Howard. "Even if you don’t have your starters in, the guys
you put the most trust in. You gotta have trust in everybody. When
you’re in the situation where guys got it going, you know everybody’s
moving the ball and the energy is up, you have to stick with it. You
have to stick with what works."

According to the script, Stan Van Gundy will come out today with a "oh he's just frustrated" kind of quote and tell everyone that things are fine.  Howard will say it was taken out of context.  And then tomorrow, the Magic will fold at the first hint of something going wrong and the Celtics will win big.  Then, after a week of wild second-guessing, Stan Van Gundy will be fired. 

SVG has made some really suspect decisions in this series, but the players need to look at themselves.  They're the ones taking crappy shots in clutch situations.  There's no way in hell SVG returns for another season with the Magic… but maybe one or two of these players needs to go with him.

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  • WestCoastCelt

    Um, why have I heard no discussion about Howard shoving Rondo to the ground? I didn’t see the replay to know for sure, but it looked pretty close to being above the shoulder and hitting the “head area.” It certainly wasn’t a play on the ball. It was excessive. It was unnecessary. That’s the definition of a flagrant-2, no?
    I guess it’s only en vogue to call for every Celtic player to be suspended right? Howard’s not only allowed to set illegal screens, knock down drivers to the lane, go over the back, goal tend and run into a stationary defender to get a block (no wonder he’s the DPOY then) but he’s also allowed to commit flagrants without anyone even making a peep about it? Teflon.
    Loved Danno’s new nickname for Howard, btw: Tinman. No heart, rusty looking moves. Ha ha.
    Teflon Tinman?

  • That shove was nothing. Rondo flopped and drew the call. It was stupid of Howard to even put his hands on him, but Rondo really sold it. IMO, there’s nothing to discuss about it.

  • stoolsArmy

    man i must have missed the Howard shove on Rondo, would love to see it though
    the double standard in the NBA is sickening. these refs should be re-evaluated on a year-to-year basis, but i’m sure their unions would bitch and complain and never allow that

  • This is a memorable team who has shown that statistics and pundits don’t understand the importance the fight and attitude of a team, especially a championship team. Chicago had more talent than us. Orlando has more talent than us. But we have veteran guys who can play under playoff pressure. They are battle-tested. We have grit, and we have attitude. We have a coach that might not be perfect, but is better than most in the league. Most of all, we have a team. We have a team that plays together and wants to win together. We have a team that just won’t go away.
    Everyone counted us out after Game 1 of the CHI series. Everyone counted us out after Game 3 of the ORL series. Everyone is already counting us out if we make it to the Eastern Conference Finals to see Lebron and his crew. I like being the underdogs. I like when our backs are against the wall.
    This is when the ’08-’09 Celts respond.
    People can keep telling us that we won’t win, but know that we won’t go away.

  • Dwight has publically denounced the coaching staff- not a good sign. The players are pissed. SVGundy is pissed. Everyone is pissed. But the reality is that they are all to blame. Dwight is over-rated and being shutdown by Perk and Baby. SVGundy only read the Cliff Notes version of “NBA coaching for dummies and fatties.” No one on the Magic can be trusted to take over in the 4th quarter. Look at their last 3 possessions of last night’s game… This team is self-imploding, but I still give them game 6 in Orlando (as a gift) and the Celts come home to finish it off in 7.

  • DRJ

    You’re right… the shove was nothing. Kind of an offhand, “don’t bother me, gnat” move by Howard after a rebound. Stupid thing to do… helped us. But no big deal.

  • DRJ

    That’s three players that SVG has trouble with now. First it was A. Johnson, openly fighting with his coach in the middle of a game. That was very, very weird. (Can you even imagine that happening with Doc?)
    Then there’s Dwight, of course… their franchise player calling out his coach in the media.
    And finally, there’s the best of all… R. Lewis, who said yesterday: “I still think we’re the better team. Maybe not as smart…” O.M.G. Is that a RIOT or what?

  • IanD

    jontookem you are the most depressing commenter, most of your comments are backhanded and almost disrespecting our guys. How can you say that Orlando and Chicago are more talented. they are deeper but not more talent.
    Celtics starters
    2 superstar future HOFers
    1 budding superstar
    1 emerging dominate defenses player
    1 young BBD w/ 20 ppg offensive skills
    1 former multiple all star
    1 stone cold 3pt shooter
    1 goofy red head with great BBall IQ
    Orlando starters
    1 superstar low post force
    1 very good Lewis who can’t carry a team (role player)
    1 pretty good ugly Euro player who is not consistent and tends to take bad shots at the end of games
    1 decent quick point guard
    1 pretty boy duke SOB that is playing good defense and nothing else
    1 great rookie
    1 serviceable big
    1 Tony Battie (nuff said)
    1 decent veteran point guard
    Bottom line I see one depleted team that is full of REAL talent experience and heart, and one team with one real superstar and a bunch or role players. Add the coaching miss match and Orlando is just lucky KG and Leon are out. This would have been over in 5 instead of 6, even with Nelson

  • Of course we have more talent when HEALTHY, but we are the furthest thing from healthy. If not injured, our guys are tired because of the pace of the season and what they’ve had to do to win.
    If you look at our lineup, without the biased lens of a Celtics fan, the Chicago teams was much more talented than we were. Talent doesn’t equate to a better team– that’s the distinction you are failing to see. Talent simply means athletic ability and strong basketball skills… meaning individuals on the floor. If you do matchups against Orlando, they win most of them:
    Dwight v. Perk – I think Dwight is 100% overrated: no offensive skills, a good help defender but a terrible shot blocker (blocking shots don’t mean a thing unless you get the ball back to a teammate and thus cause a turnover- he prefers to knock them into row 56); nonetheless, Dwight has the upper hand in this matchup (but not by much).
    Rashard v. Big Baby/Scal – We;ve done a great job of containing him and Baby is playing OUT OF HIS MIND, but still… the matchip goes to Rashard.
    Hedo v. Peirce – Pierce has the upper hand here.
    JJ Reddick/Courtney Lee v. Ray – Ray obviously has the upper hand here, and Ray is 1000000x times the player JJ or Courtney Lee is, but Ray is struggling this series. Courtney Lee has been playing great defense on him. On paper, orlando’s off-guards are doing enough or seemingly doing enough to get Ray out of rhythm.
    Alston v. Rondo – Despite some of Rondo’s inconsistencies, this one still goes to Rondo.
    I think that Orlando does have more talent, but the Celts are the far superior TEAM. Luckily in the NBA, better tams still beat more talented individuals.

  • Lakerhater

    I for one am impressed with the Magic this year, I was certain they would choke and lose the Philly series.
    Seriously, I called this meltdown clear back in the Chicago series. It didn’t take a great deal of foresight to see coming. SVG: the Marty Schottenheimer of the NBA- Great regular season record, but can’t quite ever win the big game. And where was super Shard when the game was on the line? MIA as always. But don’t feel too bad Magic fans, Lebron is a choke artist in his own right.

  • Bill

    Just heard the Dwight Howard postgame. That’s a lot of tooting his own horn. “I can score down low…I’m a dominant player who got us here.” Really? I haven’t seen anything dominant out of him offensively ever. He gets a lot of boards. He changes shots. He gets in guys heads (e.g. Rondo) and gets a lot of weak side blocks. But dominant? Really?
    I hate that team. Every last guy, every last coach. SVG sucks as a coach and a person. They all have inflated heads and by the way they talk, they think they can smoke the Dream Team by 50.
    Maybe when we’re all sick of winning championships here in Boston, we can let Doc go back to Orlando. Then those chumps can see what it’s like to be on a real team with a real coach.

  • Orb

    John Hollinger just did a good piece on ESPN calling out Howard. Gortat was a +16 and Tinman a -17 in game 5, so if you’re going to “stick with what works” Dwight should be riding the pine by his own logic. Nice props to Perk in the article too.

  • Danno

    Tin Man. The more I see it, the more I like it.
    I want that shit to catch on. I want it to spread from this blog, to the Blogosphere and beyond. I want to hear Charles Barkley use it on Inside the NBA this Thursday when they send Orlando Fishing, like he just made it up.

  • Until the Magic attain (or someone becomes) a true veteran leader, they will never win the O’Brien trophy. Never. I’m sorry, Howard is an exceptional athlete, phsyical wonder, but NOT a leader. When he is on the floor, you don’t know if he’s going to get really serious with his team, or break out in that goofy smile. Jameer Nelson was the closest thing to a veteran leader, and he’s done this year. Adonal Foyle has alot of experience, but he’s Adonal Foyle. S.I. had a great cover story about this same deal a few weeks back. Who do the Magic tunr to when they need a leader to show the way..? Exactly. That’s why they can’t close out games/series unless the other team hands it to them (as we almost did) or totally meltsdown.

  • who do the Magic *turn to

  • thetitleisours

    Well Stan “The hedgehog” Gundy can always go back to his old line of work

  • CB

    Dwight doesn’t seem to realize that while he’s a great defender and insanely gigantic, he has not proved himself as an offensive clutch performer. I think Van Gundy did what has worked for Orlando in the regular season and he shouldn’t be faulted for that. Howard is not known for his crazy offense. It’s rebounding and blocks. (Having Howard intentionally miss the free throw was numb, though, in my opinion.)
    So either Howard needs to be given the change to be a clutch offensive man and prove himself or he’s got to accept his role.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Go make an entry on Start posting it at the other Celtics blogs, too.

  • DRJ

    Magic turn to Nelson as their go-to guy, next year forward. Howard will keep improving, probably end up being the dominant force he refers to. Really, with one good summer of training (FTs and post moves), the kid would be ready. So this Magic team will be prime very soon, maybe even next year, depending on Howard’s progress.
    The only personnel change they have to make is their head coach. SVG is not communicating or getting along with his players, and since that is the most important thing a coach must do, he can’t return.

  • The Cavs have another long vacation between series. They have not been tested even slightly in the playoffs. I mean the Atlanta crowd was chanting “M-V-P” for LeBron, that’s humiliating.
    I have never seen Lebron look so possessed but I have also never seen him look so cocky. He sounds like a combination of Hubey Brown and Doug Collins with all the breakdowns of his own teams stats he is doing in his halftime and post game interviews, barely breaking a sweat. It’s getting (almost) as old as his team’s pre-game “photo shoots”…
    If we advance to the EC Finals I can sense that the Cavs will get upset in one of their first two home games. If that happens we can have an interesting series.
    IF KG held off his surgery so he can play limited minutes against LeBron then the series should be VERY interesting!

  • Al

    I hate to sound like that depressed guy bagging the C’s talent but i can’t see us winning game 6. The last 2 yrs in the playoffs we’ve been in this situation a few times – 3-2 up and away and we put up a stinker – why?? Because we don ‘t need the win as much as the other team – Now sure, I’m going for the reverse jinx but think Atlanta last yr, Cleveland last yr, Chicago this yr…….
    Only time we came good was against Detroit last yr.
    We’ve already seen this team has played totally crap at times and then hauled their asses over the line at the end thanks to will, desire, heart, experience and flat out skill. It just seems to me that when our guys know we have game 7 at home the will desire and heart aren’t in it as much as the other team which MUST win to stay alive……
    Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest – I hope KG is giving it to Rondo for his half assed performance the last game or 2 and he comes out with a chip on his shoulder bigger than SVG’s giant head.