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Thank You Stephon Marbury

I touched on this yesterday, but only because I knew I wanted to do more on it today.  Stephon Marbury saved the Celtics last night with an amazing 12 point burst in 6 minutes in the 4th.  The first basket was scored at 11:04.  The last point came on a free throw at 5:54, after he drove it right at Dwight Howard and drew the and-1. 

He took the shots with confidence.  He might have been the only one on the floor not wearing #34 to do so.  He did what Rajon Rondo couldn't do: make Orlando pay for its defensive strategy.

“We were trying to do a lot of helping and double-teaming off the point
guards and I thought it was pretty effective in limiting Paul Pierce a little bit, but Marbury really made us pay,” Van Gundy continued. “I think he was really the key to the game.”

For all of Rondo's progression, he's still too tentative when there's a big defensive presence in the middle of the lane and when he misses a couple of shots.  Steph taught Rondo a lesson in this one: play with confidence, and your game will come. 

“When I got into the game Paul (Pierce) had just kicked me out two
shots and I missed both so when I went back in I was locked in,” said
Marbury, who after going 0-for-4 in the first three quarters was
five-of-six during that pivotal six-minute stretch. “The timing was
right for me to go in and do what I did.

“My mindset was to try and create something to change the flow of the game.”

Stephon Marbury changed this game for the Celtics.  He deserve a lot of credit today.

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  • Am I the only one that doesnt think starbury was all that great? we were down 10+ and just started trading basketes…i guess it bought are starters a breather, but other then that, when marbury was on the floor we did not get a stop

  • I think you’re the only one. I was at the game, and most in the crowd at that point were quiet, frustrated and losing faith. Him hitting 5 shots in a row got the crowd back into it, and really bailed out the C’s. If not for that, especially the way they were covering EHouse, we may have not rallied back. Marbury was big and I hope this finally gets him where he needs to be confidence wise-this guy is a proven scorer and was due. It has to be mental because he is to talented…

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah first time you really saw his shot start to fall consistently. I’m sure this is going to help him come the rest of the playoffs because teams are going to continue to play this defense on us and marbury is going to have many easy chances to score. I loved to see him break out last night

  • rcry

    You have a point in that we were trading baskets.. but before that, we were giving them baskets and not getting any of our own. I was at the game and he really did singlehandedly get the crowd back into the game. As for myself, I was quiet and chewing out Rondo in my head even when the kid was sitting on the bench… but Stephon made me forget about Rondo’s struggles. lol I woke up this morning to a sore throat.

  • Hrvoje

    Mar bury was huge in the 4th. C’s offense that time was struggling big time and that was just what we needed.

  • Look, the magic are leaving rondo and marbury wide open, they ARENT EVEN GUARDING THEM, and dwight howard is just standing in the middle waiting for a drive…marbury finally made some shots, but that unit didnt get a single stop! the stops started once the starters came back in,and thats what won the game…marbury really just let t a those guys get a rest without orlandos lead ballooning..

  • Look- rondo is stuggling for a reason, specifically last night. whenever the celtics got a stop, pierce and allen would try to bring the ball up, which is taking away from rondo pushing the ball..and other then that, with dwight howard in the middle of the paint, playing half court basketball, there isnt a whole lot for rondo to do, honestly, its just not his game…when the celtics get stops they need to get the ball to rondo ASAP, like they did in the bulls series….too much dribbling from ray and pierce, which honestly turns into a travesty

  • Isn’t that what you expect a bench to do? Hold the fort? If Marbury isn’t making those shots, you’ve got to push your starters even harder… and who knows if they have enough left in the tank at the end.

  • I have to admit, I was wrong when I was doubting him. Starbury really changed this game for us.

  • He definitely changed the momentum. Orlando is mentally soft, so seeing Marbury score on them, a guy I’m sure most teams write off, certainly took it’s toll on them.
    I’m not ready to crown him a difference maker going forward, but he coward away from his his first few looks and then he stepped up in the clutch and got his offense going so it was a nice progression

  • From day one I have thought that the Marbury pick up was a great one. I think many people forget he has not played in a long time. I hope he continues to improve and we keep him for next year.
    So, today we do give Marbury some credit.

  • DRJ

    I’m not sure that the lack of stops in that spurt was Marbury’s fault. He’s been playing tough D. It could have been just a flow-of-game thing. Or maybe it’s just that the starting unit finally got it together defensively once they woke up (from the deep sleep of the first 3.5 quarters) to the thought that they had a chance to win the game.

  • Gabino

    yea I biting my lips in the 4th quarter.. it was staeting to look like a defeat but then orlando started missing and we started dissing!! go celtics

  • Great points about the Marbury-Rondo contrast last night. Rondo was extremely tentative – again – with the basketball and did literally nothing offensively of an aggressive nature.
    His game has progressed, but he’s still WAY too easily intimidated by failure for me to pronounce him great, as many Celtic fans seem to be falling all over themselves to do.
    The whole thing leads me to wonder: If Rondo doesn’t draw that 4th foul in the third, do we win the game? Right now, I’m leaning toward no.

  • I frankly don’t think you can blame Allen or Pierce – or Doc – for taking the basketball out of Rondo’s hands.
    When he’s aggressive off the dribble and moving the basketball, he’s the perfect point for this team.
    Problem is, in the playoffs he’s only doing that about 50 percent of the time, and he didn’t do it at all last night until he came back late in the fourth.
    Rondo’s play has been wildly inconsistent, and it’s hurt the ballclub.

  • I disagree with you Bo, sorry, but youre wrong.
    rondo has been widly inconsistent, then what has ray allen and pierce been? huh? cause its been less consistent then rondo, sorry. rondo was our most consistent player in the bulls series.
    and yes, if pierce and allen are bringing the ball up after a magic miss, thats taking from what is good to the ballclub..which is rondo pushing in transition. when the magic score and keep the celtics in the halfcourt with dwight parked in the lane, the goddamn offense is running through pierce, which is taking away from ray allen and rondo.
    pierce was wildly inconsitent in the bulls series, and allen has been drop dead awful in this series, and was also inconsistent in the bulls series. Im so fucking tired of it being pinned on rondo, its a joke. whos more consistent then him on this team…?

  • Feel free to disagree. I totally disagree with your above take. Rondo has not been consistent; quite the contrary, his play has dragged this team down frequently in the playoffs with his refusal to move the basketball, attack off the dribble and, frequently, play any degree of defense. He’s not pushing the basketball in transition nearly enough.
    To wit: He had two points and three assists last night at the half, and was a primary reason that the offense was stagnant. The Celtics don’t win the ballgame if he plays timidly through the start of the fourth quarter, as he did through the first three.
    I realize that the NBA is marketed toward individuals instead of teams, and Rondo’s the golden boy of the fanbase, but you’re not looking at his game with any degree of objectivity at all.
    Certainly, Pierce and Allen have been up and down as well, but it’s an apples to oranges comparison. Doc Rivers runs his offense through Rondo on EVERY possession.
    And when Rondo’s playing timid basketball, the offense grinds to a halt. He’s GOT to get it through his head at some point to keep the basketball moving, create off the dribble and keep his man in front of him, or we’re looking at a career plateau right here.

  • And as a postscript, it’s nice to note that this site permits profanity and belligerance to boot.
    Sorry if Rondo’s your binky, but you’re the one who’s wrong.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Regardless of Rondo’s foul situation Doc starts his bench at start of 4th. Now Sarbury may not be in as long.

  • Shawn-cvd

    To the Ruins your crazy!! Marbury was fantastic! Marbury made plays! And it was when he made them that counted. If no one in the first 6 minutes of the 4th makes baskets for us the lead would be insurmountable and/or Doc would concede the game.
    I’ll put it this way; Boston needed 33 (at least 30 technically) in the final quarter to give the C’s the win. Stephon accounted for over one third of that offensive output. Outstanding.